Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Notice: Shipping Delays for December

Due to the holidays, please expect a minor delay (like 24-48 hours longer) processing time of most orders. For example, if you made an order today, it will likely not go out until Thursday/Friday this week. We wish we could work faster but it seems nearly impossible at this time of the year without killing ourselves, LOL!

Also, make sure to place your orders by December 16 to guarantee they will ship out before we leave for the Holidays. Orders placed between December 17-27 will not ship out until December 28 at the VERY earliest, but expect they will likely ship out before the end of the year.

Thanks everyone! Hope your holiday season is going well! Can't believe Christmas is almost here already. It still feels like early November to me!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Special: Bringing back a favorite coupon code: PREMIUMFACE25

Yep, we had the 25% off Premium Face Brushes a few weeks ago and due to it's HUGE popularity, we will be bringing it back for Cyber Monday!


You'll be thrilled to know that we did add the Premium Trio Eyeshadow Kit this time (sorry, not the a la cart eyeshadow brushes) but you do have to spend $15 or more (shipping/taxes not included) to make the coupon code even better!

Hurry though as this deal ends at 12:00 midnight tonight!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Special on Premium FACE Brushes & new items!

So today's Blog Special is specifically on our Premium Face brushes (sorry, this means no eyeshadow brushes nor the sets) for 25% off! We have NEVER marked them down this low! The only catch is you do have to spend a minimum of $15 total (not counting shipping for you International folks) because we would otherwise be at a profit loss due to our low markup and free/inexpensive shipping. You can simply add about four $1 makeup samples or maybe some accessories you are eyeing--but this coupon code is mainly for you all who are wanting our very popular Flat Top or buying multiple brushes.

Code will expire November 14 (Sunday).

Then we have added some new Clearance items that were mentioned in last week's blog which you can find here on our Clearance page. Don't forget, these are not the 5 gram jars, but the 10 gram like our Blushes & Color Correctors!

But our favorite new item is our closable sifters!

We are not adding them to our actual jars, but making them available in sets of three so you can add them to what you are using now. The larger one will fit most 30 & 20 gram standard mineral foundation jars & the smaller one most 10 gram jars.

But in addition, for those of you that spend $20 or more, we will be including one of our Luscious Lip Balms, just in time to help you moisturize those lips for this upcoming cold season. No coupon code needed BUT you will have to type us a note in our comments sections when you checkout that you would like one.

Happy shopping!

P.S. Don't forget, our current LE will be gone by this weekend also, so if you wanted any of them, order before then!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sneak peak for next week!

So we've been working like crazy to try to get our new Clearance colors out and instead of Foundation & Blush as we've had this past year, we've decided to put out some Eyecolors! And not just in our regular 5 gram jars, but 10 gram jars!!! Because these are Clearance colors you likely won't ever see them again so we made sure to give you enough to last. ;)

Below is a swatch I did on my hands of the colors. You will be able to purchase them in duo set (not singly) in the following combinations:

Astute & Intellectual
Austere & Ascetic
Bountiful & Selfless
Brooding & Pensive
Fortunate & Serendipitous
Shrewd & Cunning
Soothing & Comforting
Timeless & Everlasting

We've got a few more small details to finish before we put these on sale but be expecting these up early next week along with a couple new accessories.

Just an FYI, our current LE's last day on the site will be Sunday, November 13. We've accidentally extended the time on them but luckily there was a few of you that were still ordering/wanting them. :) Also expect a Blog Special on our Premium FACE brushes next week at the same time so hold off on buying any of our those if you want to save some money.

Thanks for your patience!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's up with awG!

Though we have been rather silent via Blogging & Facebook posts, don't think we've forgotten all about you all! On the contrary, we have been busy getting some of the new items together such as some Clearance eye colors and photographing/editing some new accessory items (which we'll leave as a surprise since we like to do that, lol). In addition, we are running a low stock on certain shades of foundation, powder, eye colors/blushes that we are busily making/jarring/labeling so that there are no delays when processing your order.

We are running behind schedule due to our out-of-town trips and other unexpected personal detours that have come up. In addition, we discovered non-makeup items out of stock upon our return and needed time to reorder from our suppliers. So when we are behind, we'd prefer to hold off on any Blog Specials to have plenty of time to get caught up.

However, we *hope* we'll be caught up by the middle of next week so if you have a suggestion for a Blog Special, especially an original one (like a Custom brush and/or makeup kit) let us know and we may just implement it! Either email us at adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com or post on our Facebook pages to let us know!

Well, let us get back to work and hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Notice: Shipping Delays Oct. 1-12 & BLOG SPECIAL!!!

Bad news first: I will be in a Leadership Conference in Atlanta in the first part of October and since it is still a "one woman" company, there will be no one available for me (who could do the job as perfect as I want it anyway, lol!) to take care of Orders and Shipping so if you find you are running low on some of your awG favorites, please order by Sept. 30 or your order may not ship out until Wednesday, Oct. 13.

To clarify further, expect that if you place an order between Oct. 1 - 12, your order will likely not ship until Wednesday, Oct. 13 at the earliest!  So even if you don't place an order and you happen to be talking to someone in a forum about how they haven't gotten a Shipping Notice from awG yet, then let them know as not everyone follows our Blog.

On that note, EVERYONE should follow our Blog! And "Why?" you may ask...because of our Blog Sales! In fact, we do have one more Blog Special before I go out of town. In an effort to make room for a slew of new items, we are trying to clear out an almost empty stash of Clearance & Limited Editions!

So for orders $33 and over, you will get 15% off on any item you see on the Clearance & Limited Edition pages from our website. You just use the code "CLEARANCE" in the Coupon Code box when you checkout. You don't have to buy ONLY Clearance/LE items. If fact, you can buy $30 worth of brushes and only $3 worth of Clearance/LE and get 15% of the $3 you spend. Of course, it is a better deal if you get $33 worth of Clearance/LE but we may not have enough inventory left at the end of the sale for you to do that so we thought it would be more fair this way.

This Coupon Code for this Blog Special will run until Wednesday, Sept. 29.

P.S. We hope to have the new items, along with some new accessories mid-late October for you...

Monday, September 13, 2010

FAQ: What's your makeup routine like? Do you use a lot of awG?

This will be a fun question to answer as I'll have to stop and analyze myself as it has become so "auto-pilot" I don't think I can just quickly type this out, lol...

Well, the first thing I like to do is moisturize my face. I have some old lotions I am still using up but my preferred moisturizer is a mix I made for myself using shea & cocoa butter, then also coconut oil (my favorite) with a little bit of Edelweiss extract. I need literally a teeny smudge of it as it can get very greasy but find that it softens my skin so well and naturally. After testing it for a little longer, I may consider tweaking the recipe and selling it at awG, more than likely as an LE during the winter months since I am concerned about it melting during shipment in the warmer months. I'll also apply some of my Vegan Lipbalm because my lips tend to chap and this helps significantly with that and provides a smoother base to my lip liner.

After that, I go straight to the eyes. Since using my own loose eyeshadows, I got tired of applying that after my foundation and having to fix some fallout underneath my eyes so I've learned that doing my eyes first is more efficient. I will use an eyeshadow base like UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) if I need an all day look (like more than eight hours) but if I am just going out for nothing special, like the grocery store, I leave that off and just apply a base shadow with my favorite all purpose brush, the Ingenue Large Chisel Fluff. My favorite eyeshadow base colors I use from my line are Honesty, Natural, & Trustworthy from the Regular line and then Phenomenal from my Premium colors. Then I like to finish off my eyes with a (non-awG) gel liner, usually a dark brown (daytime) or soft black (evening) using my Ingenue Fine Liner since it seems foolproof in getting a perfect thin line since I'm usually in a hurry as I get ready. Then I find a loose eyeshadow to soften the line such as Devoted, Genuine, Noble, Exquisite, Tenacious, Ingenious, Romantic, Intuitive (Regular) or Marvelous, Introspective, or Admirable (Premium); my brush of choice for that job is the Premium Smudger. Then I apply my favorite mascara, Maybelline's Full and Soft Waterproof.

From here, I apply my under eye concealer, Merciful Color Corrector in Yellow Tint, assuming the area under my eye is clean and there is no need to wipe off any extra loose eyeshadow. Then I apply either my Celestial Silkening or Supreme Smoothing Powder in Golden Tint with a powder puff as a base to make sure my foundation has a smooth surface (good-bye fine lines!!!).

With my Premium Small Pointed Face Brush, I apply my Foundation (Grace 4.0). It make take a hair more time that a kabuki or larger powder brush but I really like how I can easily apply foundation to areas around my nose, eyes, and mouth evenly. It reminds me of a foundation brush but is thicker and has the pointed head. If I have any blemishes (like I was bad and had too much sugar, lol!) I will spot conceal with the foundation using either the Ingenue Oval Camouflage or Premium Pointed Sculptor.

From here I line my lips and either apply a lip gloss or use a clear gloss and mix in the blush I wear that day for extra color. Occasionally, I will wear a (non-awG) lipstick but I like a more transparent, natural look. Another FYI, awG does not have any current colored lip products--still in testing and development. I mainly use e.l.f. lip glosses that I bought in bulk a few years ago.

Then, finally, I add a blush to the apples of my cheeks with my Premium Small Dual Fiber. My most favorite to wear are Felicity, Gentleness, Curious blushes and then Sensational, Lovely, Glamorous Shimmer blushes. But my "go-to" color is Gentleness since it is very soft and natural on my skin and seems to go with everything!

And the finisher: either Heavenly Rice Powder or Supreme Smoothing applied to my face, again with the powder puff rather liberally but this time I carefully "press" it on my T-zone area where I sometimes get shine later in the day (esp. in the MS heat!) and wait about five minutes and then whisk it off lightly with either the Ingenue Large Dual fiber or Premium Large Rounded Face.

So there you have it! I basically depend on other companies right now for mascara and colored lip products but lean heavily on my own line for everything else--I don't even want to think about if I was not able to make my own makeup anymore; I would not only lose my creative outlet but be out my favorite colors, lol! It really is a blessing and an enjoyable one at that, to have adorned with Grace in my life. Hope you all have had as much fun with my makeup and brushes as I have!

As a Blog Only Special, if you order $7 or more of any of the items** mentioned in this blog, you will get 7% off! Just enter MYFAVES when you checkout.

**If you get a Brush, Eyeshadow, or Blush kit (sorry, offer not extended to Foundation or Powder) that happens to include ALL the colors, like the "2 for $13.49" Blush Set with Gentleness and Glamorous, we can give you 7% off for that. However, we will have to do it as a refund after you have placed your order, likely within 24-48 hours from your order. Just make sure to note this and remind us in the Notes/Comments section that this is due to the Blog Special. We will not give the 7% off unless you have either the code "MYFAVES" in the Notes/Comments box or used as a Coupon Code. This Coupon Code will be good until Sunday, Sept. 19.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Extending Blog Special Sale!

Since I know many of you are still waiting on payday OR distracted by the Labor Day holiday due to family or other sales OR you just simply did not know about our Blog Special, we are extending it until next Sunday, Sept. 12! So click HERE and get to shopping at our secret sale!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Special & Clearance Foundies & Shimmer!!!

Today's Blog Special

Then, we also have more Clearance items up! Mostly Oops Foundation and some all purpose shimmers. The all purpose shimmers are made from a basic base similar to our foundation ingredients that we tweaked to make into popular colors you can use for glows/blushes, eyelid washes, or body shimmer (like mix in with your lotion or sunscreen for an extra special glow!) They aren't quite Limited Edition as we did not make them intentionally (as we have creatively planned our other LE Collections) but made colors with extras of what we had and suspected we weren't going to use up anytime soon and a couple were Oops Shimmer Blushes. (Reserved was an Oops for Tenderness Shimmer Blush which is why it isn't quite as sparkly as the rest of them).

As with the previous Oops foundies, they will come in a baggie with about 8 grams of product. The Shimmers (not Shimmer Blush because they are made to really use as "all purpose") will be full sizes in our 10 gram jars with about 2 grams of product in them. There are a limited number of these in the pre-selected sets and singly. We also have some in samples ALTHOUGH they are only in sets of six (not individually) and do not include Pleasant, a color we did NOT make sample sizes of. The cool thing about the samples is they each contain about 3x more product that our usual sample sizes so you are getting more!

As a Bonus, you have the option to add our extremely popular Premium Small Dual Fiber brush if you happen to purchase any one of these Shimmers whether singly, in a set, or even a sample for $13.99! It is the ideal brush to apply such bright shimmer!

Here is an arm swatch of the Shimmers:

And just for fun, I thought I post up a picture I did not realize I'd have but thought you'd like to see anyway. Well, I did a workout yesterday afternoon and forgot to wash off the swatches I did before my workout. For anyone familiar with TurboFire by Chalene Johnson of Beachbody fame, it was the Fire 45 workout which is one of the major calorie burners and, most importantly, a *SUPER* sweat inducer, LOL. (You know the kind where you are literally snorting up your sweat and drowning...sorry, tmi!) I have a heart rate monitor and it stayes in the 78-85% range sometimes peaking at 93-95% during the Fire Drills.

I was amazed to find that despite my sweating profusely and toweling off everywhere, this was still left:

Darling, Reserved, Classic were meant to be more "clear" Shimmers with just a hint of color which is why you can see they blended right into my skin especially, since they are lighter shades anyway. However, you can't see this quite as well, but the shimmer was still pretty noticeable though not quite as "disco ball-y" as before. Even when I took a shower, it was still hard to get rid of the pigment and sparkles until I got out my now discontinued Microfiber washcloth out to rub the rest off...

So maybe a little extra info in case you are looking for something with color or just shine!

So the Blog Special will be on until Sept. 6, Labor Day, but the Clearance items will be there until they are gone. So happy shopping all!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update on our Internet Issues & upcoming Blog Special

So it looks like our Internet issues are resolved!

Our service was actually performing back to normal about Wednesday last week and we were very close to putting up a Blog Special but then we got notification that our website builder was upgrading our website this weekend and that our site might be unavailable for 10-30 minutes.

Because a different website builder has said the same thing and actually taken 24 hours (why I am not with them now!), I decided not to take the chance and make sure the upgrades went well. After all, you never know how smoothly these things go and didn't want to find my website all in a jumble in the midst of a sale where there is usually an increase in order volume!

Well, the good news is it truly is even more awesome than ever! More of it is on my end but one of the benefits for you all, my prized customers, is it is now Mobile friendly! So if you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, or Android based device, you'll get a screen like you see on the left side that will make ordering much easier if you are "on the go!" So cool!!!

You can still switch to the Standard view, FYI, you just scroll to the bottom and click on "Standard View" if that is what you prefer

Thanks everyone for being patient with your Internet issues last week. We are crossing our fingers that we can get up our Clearance items up before the weekend is here; we are working as hard as possible to get them done and up on the site. At the very least, we'll get up a Blog Special (hint: brushes) by the middle of this week. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BLOG ONLY Birthday Special!!!!

Until Sunday, August 22 (or while supplies last), awG is running a Birthday BLOG ONLY special kit of Franchesca's favorites!

Why, you may ask??? Well, today (the 18th) is her birthday! And like the Oil of Olay commercials say, she'd like to "grow old Gracefully" by offering you a special price on some of her top favorites. This is what she makes sure is packed before leaving on any overnight trip:

Premium Small Dual Fiber brush ($16.99 value) - For the best blush/glow application!
Premium Flat Top brush ($9.49 value) - For a super smooth foundation application!
Ingenue Round Contour ($4.27 value) - For applying color to the crease with ease!
Ingenue Fine Liner ($4.11 value) - The best brush for eyeliners, esp. if you love the "cat-eye" look!
Ingenue Oval Shadow ($4.63 value) - For the best all over eye application!
Blush/Shimmer Blush of your choice (7.99 value) - For all day color with the most natural colors!
Premium Eyecolor of your choice ($5.49 value) - The most velvety eye shadows ever!
Foundation of your choice ($13.49 value) - The ultimate base!
Luscious Lip Balm ($3.49 value) - To keep your lips hydrated throughout the day!

Get all the items listed above for: $41.97 (40% off Regular Prices)!!!

CLICK HERE to see BLOG ONLY Custom Birthday Kit.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slight shipping delays this weekend and early next week!

Just a heads up that if you are getting low on any of your awG items, make sure to make your order by this Thursday night to guarantee that it will ship out before this weekend. We'll be unavailable to ship until Wednesday at the earliest, which is really not that long to wait BUT we just had to let you know if you were needing your order in a hurry or were expecting our usual super-fast turnaround.

Tentatively,we *might* also be unavailable for the same days the week after, but we'll let you know ASAP when we know for sure. (If we don't post anything between now and then, assume all is "as usual," fyi.) Summertime seems like such a busy month for many of us and awG in not excluded in that!

We are currently working on some more Clearance items to put up for sale so make sure to look out for those. If we work really hard, we're hoping to have those on the site for sale around the middle or later part of the week of August 22.

Thanks all!

P.S. Graceful Coach (a subcompany of awG related to Beachbody of P90x/Insanity fame) is now on Twitter! You all are welcome to follow to share in my fitness journey! If you are interested, click HERE to follow.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Naturally beautiful skin

Perfect skin.

It seems like that is one of those coveted things I've noticed many ladies want and one of the reasons the search for the perfect foundation continues for many. I'm so glad that many of you have found and love using adorned with Grace's mineral foundation to help achieve your goal of smooth and clear-looking skin.

However, wouldn't it be great to just not wear makeup at all? To wake up in the morning and be like, "Wow, my skin sure glows! I think I could just skip the foundie and blush this morning!" when you look in the mirror? Well, there are a few things that I've found from personal experience and in my own search for perfect skin that I know definitely help.

Here is my list:

1. Water: Surely you all knew that would be my first! Hydration is very important and they say to figure out your needed amount, take what you weigh (let's say its 150 pounds) and divide that in half (so 75) and to drink that amount in ounces. So seventy-five ounces would be equivalent to about 9-10 cups of water and that would be your minimum to drink for the day.

An easy way to see how hydrated you are is to do the Pinch Test. Take the skin on your hand and literally pinch it and see how quickly it springs back. If it doesn't spring back *immediately* you need some water! I've done this test on patients before and I've had some that did not spring back for as long as 7-8 seconds--which is a long time if you see it--and they were definitely needing more water!

2. Eating right: Sadly, this is one that is hard for me as one of my weaknesses is sugar especially from yummy temptations such as cookies (call me the Cookie Monster!), or ANY processed/refined sweets and candies. I notice that when I eat highly sugary treats, my breakouts seem to increase.

I know for a fact that when you have sugar, especially refined white sugar, it wrecks havoc on your immune system. Did you know that an average soda will have about 6-12 teaspoons of sugar! And I believe that if you have about twenty-four teaspoons of sugar in a 24 hour period, you have killed all your white blood cells. And since some breakouts are bacteria related (why many ladies do not like powder with cornstarch as they believe it can "feed" the bacteria), I imagine that is why I seem to break out more often when I indulge in the sugar too much.

Of course, some ladies may be lucky in this and not notice anything at all since we have different chemistries but its worth the experiment if you aren't one of them to see if it might be the culprit.

So what should you feed your skin?
I bet most of you already know the answer to this: more fruits, vegetables, and nuts! This is because they just contain most of the healthiest minerals and vitamins that our skin needs to be its best.

Here is a basic list of some of the most important nutrients, what it helps with, and foods you can find it in:

Vitamin A: (Skin repair/acne control) Low-fat diary products, spinach, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and yellow fruits and veggies.

Vitamin C: (Collagen production/Counteract sun damage) Greens/dark leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, pineapples, and tomatoes

Vitamin E: (Wrinkle prevention/Counteract sun damage) Greens/dark leafy vegetables, avocadoes, nuts, seeds, olives, and wheat germ

Selenium: (Antioxidant/Cancer prevention) Garlic, whole wheat bread, Brazil nuts, wheat germ, eggs, and brown rice

Biotin: (Hair, nail, & skin production) Eggs, nuts, wheat germ, oatmeal, and rice bran

Zinc: (Controls oil production/acne control) Eggs, whole grains, and legumes

Essential Fatty Acids:
(Skin lubricant & protection) Walnuts, flaxseed oil, and extra virgin olive oil

Sounds like you could make some fresh salads, smoothies, or creative sandwiches with some of those ingredients! So let's get to cooking and see if we can eat our way to beautiful skin!

3. Cleansing, Exfoliating, & Moisturizing: Again, this may not be everyone's solution, but my previously oily, acne-prone skin--now normal!-- has done *awesome* with the Oil Cleansing Method (Click on this link for more info). As with the makeup I make for adorned with Grace, I like to use the most basic, natural ingredients as possible on my face. I actually only use my beloved Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to take off makeup and cleanse my face and my skin has never looked better. I use so much for beauty and cooking I buy in bulk at Nutiva.com so check it out there if you are interested.

Exfoliating is my mother's beauty secret that she passed on to me. Sadly, my supplier did discontinue my extremely popular facial microfiber washcloths but if you look on eBay or other online shops if you do a Google search, you might find some that are comparable. (Here is one at drugstore.com.) But getting rid of dull, old skin cells gently will expose the brighter, smoother layer of skin and you'll find your makeup applies even more smoothly. Fine lines also seem to be erased as well as old blemish scars fading faster! I speak this from experience not as a promo; obviously, I no longer have a product at awG to promote nor another product anywhere that I am getting compensated for, lol...


In the meantime, in conjunction with this blog post, how about we run a Blog Coupon Code on two very popular products from awG that can give your skin a quick "pick-me up" since it does take a while for the nutrition to kick in, lol...

Use Coupon Code "HEALTHYSKIN" to get 7% off until next Tuesday, August 17 for our Smoothing Powder (any tint) and Blushes/Blush Sets**. You MUST use this Coupon Code to qualify for the discount and cannot honor any orders made without the discount code.

We've also added back per request our Entire Collection of Shimmer Blushes + a FREE Premium Small Dual Fiber brush that qualifies for the 7% off discount!!! But it's only under this special BLOG ONLY LINK.

**LE Shimmer Blushes not included in discount code. Sorry!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Starting a separate Health & Fitness Blog!

When I first started this Blog, I was wanting it to be an adjunct to my online store for announcements regarding our products/sales/etc. but also a place where I could write beauty and health-related articles to go with our theme of "defining true beauty" and that we see it from a holistic aspect.

Sorry to say that I have not written as much as I would like but I've recently rediscovered my passion and determination to share what I know especially in regards to fitness/health so I have a new Blog that will focus on that HERE that I am calling Graceful Coach as I have recently signed up to become a Beachbody Coach of P90x & Insanity Workout DVDs fame. I would have just kept it all in one Blog but for those of you who follow and are Subscribers that only have awG in your interest, I did not want to Spam you with any fitness related posts should that not be your thing and vice-versa.

I guess since hitting my mid-thirties, I've become rather focused on living at my optimal fitness level and been really getting serious about being the best I can be physically, mentally, & spiritually! So this is going to be a bit of a public journal/diary of reviews and experience with things I've tried (not just Beachbody products) that I want to share that I think some might find informative and beneficial. But I also hope to get more "on the ball" about writing more beauty related articles here at the awG Blog as I've promised since the start of my online minerals store.

**As an FYI, my Beachbody online store is done in my name only--I actually do not handle the Customer Service in regards to Orders/Status of Orders AND International orders are not accepted there at this time, unfortunately.

However, I still extend the invitation to ALL to be your source of advice for any fitness needs without any financial charge as I love to help people get healthy! Any questions you have on programs and where to start. I've done P90x, Insanity, and currently doing TurboFire & ChaLean Extreme from Beachbody, but also have done non-Beachbody DVDs like TaeBo, Cathe Friedrich, Windsor Pilates, Jillian Michaels--she's my favorite, actually!--and then my own workouts I do with the general population at my job as an Occupational Therapist.

Even if you just need an accountability partner to check in on you to make sure you are keeping up with your workouts or advice on eating (I am currently a vegetarian!), I'd love to help with that too. You are welcome to direct any questions directly to my email adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com.

And for those of you wondering, this will not take away from my time from awG. If anything, I think it will help me focus more and be able to Blog more often--and not just about Sales (although I know many of you love those posts the most, LOL!). This is really just an extension of what awG wants to do for you--keeping you naturally beautiful!

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to follow our new Fitness blog check it out HERE. We don't have many posts right now since it is so new but it will change in the future!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Sneak Peak at the Summer 2010 LE

We are still not quite done getting the new Summer 2010 LE out, but we thought you'd like to get a sneak peak of what's coming!

In formulating these colors, I was yearning for the beach so you could say I had the "sea and the sand" as my inspiration for these colors, lol. Yeah, not too original for a Summer theme, but I really did want to add some more blues (especially FUN blues!) and I can never seem to get enough gold-toned eye shadows for myself!

Flamboyant: A bright teal/sea blue that reminds me a an oasis paradise. My favorite blue of the three and MUCH prettier in person!
Munificent: A light robin egg blue/sea foam green. Funny, they were just talking on the Today show this week about Beyonce's Robin Egg Blue Nail Polish being a makeup trend right now--you could mix this color in with some clear and possibly get something similar--maybe???
Emotive: A deep blue with light blue highlights. Similar to Inspiring, but more blue highlights than purple.
Forthright: A rich orangey gold with golden sparkle. Definitely for you bolder ladies, but would also work great with those who have darker golden-bronzed skin as an all over lid or blush color.
Candid: A creamy lemon yellow with tiny flecks of gold. More shimmer that past LE yellow shades like Optimistic or Enthusiastic.
Outstanding: My everyday, wearable shade! It is a golden brown with brassy hints and looks great on olive tones.

Then, I wanted to add more Shimmer Blushes as many ladies, like myself, don't like to wear a lot of deeply pigmented blushes and find that glows/light shimmer seems to show off a tan better anyway.

Spellbinding: Made for the fair neutral/cool-toned. A very light pink with bright silver sparkle. Best used as a highlight.
Avid: A well-pigmented peach that turns rosy. I've worn this almost everyday since making it, so its safe to say its my favorite as it complements my skin tone but gives a healthy glow to my face. (FYI, I wear Grace 4.0/4.2.)
Astounding: A light neutral apricot that would look good on most skin tones as a glow.

These should be up on the site early next week so make sure to watch out for them!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Premium Brush: Refillable Powder!

Per request of our customers, we have brought in a new Premium Brush that works great for "on-the-go!" It is our new Premium Refillable Powder Dispensing Brush:

As with our other Premium Brushes, this is 100% synthetic and made with the same super soft velvety bristles from the collection. But that is not the only reason to love this brush--it also has an adjustable dial so you can control the amount of powder flow. You may want to set it on 1 (I) for a lighter dusting light a touch up powder (our Heavenly Rice Powder?) or on 3 (III) to offer more product dispensing for foundations.

The brush head is a medium density; nothing like a kabuki so don't expect to apply foundations that you prefer heavy coverage, but it is ideal for face powders, luminous all over face colors, and light foundation touch-ups. It is no doubt the softest refillable brush we've come across--and we've tried quite a few on the market! And with our coupon code ("IMBACK") that will be good until July 25, 2010 you can grab one of these for $15.29. (This brush is usually priced at $16.99; don't forget, US & Canadian customers this includes your shipping!)

So check out the newest member of our Premium Brush family!

Coupon Code!!!

For those of you that follow our Blog & Facebook page and have been patiently waiting on us to return from our out-of town trip, here is the coupon code:


This coupon code is good for 10% off any purchases $10 or more and the last day you can use it will be Sunday, July 25. This coupon is good on in-stock items only but you may use it as many times as you like and are welcome to post it on your own blog or preferred social media.

This will be a great time to stock up on our minerals but especially our brushes like our MAC 188 dupe, Premium Small Dual Fiber or our very brand new brush, the Premium Refillable Powder Dispensing Brush. (See upcoming post for more info.)

As a side note, we are sad to note that our very popular Microfiber washcloths are being discontinued by our supplier and we have searched and searched for a suitable replacement, but cannot seem to find one even remotely similar. We will continue to keep our eyes open for it but for now, it will no longer be sold at adorned with Grace. Sorry all! :(

Thanks again for choosing adorned with Grace!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to normal!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it has been over two weeks since I had to go on vacation from awG (though my trip was not a vacation exactly, but a conference I was hard at work at!) and I must say that I very much missed my time at work and getting to interact with all you wonderful customers!

I've spent the last day and half catching up on rest (I think I slept 4-5 hours each night--a far cry from my usual and much healthier 7-8 hours) as well as catching up on the orders while I was gone and answering the emails I could not get to the latter part of my trip. I am thrilled to say I am caught up with both! All I have to do is update the tracking info (maybe later this p.m.) and get to any orders that were placed this morning.

As promised, I will be putting up a new sale next week, likely Tuesday/Wednesday so check back either here or Facebook for updates on that! I hope to introduce a new brush (a 100% synthetic refillable dispensing brush) around then as well that many of you have been requesting.

Again, so glad to be back! I missed you all! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't forget!!!!!

Since we will be out of town from June 19-July 6, all orders received then will be taken, but not shipped until July 7 at the earliest. So if you want to make sure to get your order in before we leave please do it by Friday morning, June 18. (Central Standard time)

If you happen to post a lot on a forum and notice anyone asking about turnaround time for shipping, do let them know our situation for those dates--we are known for our rather quick shipping times but this will be the exception as we do not have anyone to help us manage our store (at least the way I like it, LOL!) while we are gone.

Also note that we may not have a lot of Internet access/time to answer any questions that come in so please also be aware of that as well. You know your questions and issues that arise our very important to us and try to get back with you as soon as we are able.

Until then, enjoy the remainder of the time left on this Blog Special (over tomorrow, June 18) and when I come back we'll have another sort of Sale as a "Thanks" to everyone's patience for waiting on us for two weeks, the longest we've ever been gone. FYI, I do not run sales very often as we already have free/inexpensive shipping as well a a low profit margin our most of our items--so start stocking up your Wishlists while we're gone as it will likely be a while before the next one!

Thanks all!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Special for 6-10 (Thurs) to 6-18 (Fri)

Check out our new Blog Specials at this link: Blog Special for 6-10 (Thurs) to 6-18 (Fri)

You'll find some deeply discounted full-sized set deals with brushes. However, if you are NOT interested in any of those and plan on buying $30 or more AND want some Brushes/Accessories, use our Blog-only announced discount code "BLOGBRUSH15" and get 15% off all Brushes/Accessories.

With this discount code, you will get 15% of any Brush/Accessory BUT you *must* spend $30 or more per order. Your $30 total does not have to come from just the Brushes/Accessories (so you can spend $25 on minerals and just $5 on a Brush) but it will ONLY discount Brushes/Accessories, not any makeup items or other products.

Also, make sure to use the code at Checkout--otherwise, you will not get the discount!

This will be our last Blog Special before we leave for our two week trip**. Keep that in mind when placing an order--but also know that we will hopefully have some new items (definitely more Clearance items) and another little sale the second or third week in July after we get back and settled for our wonderfully patient customers!

**See Blog Entry HERE regarding our leave of absence and how it will affect shipping/turnaround time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Reminder & some other news...

First off: just a reminder that the 10% Grand Opening Sale will be ending this weekend. June 6 (Sunday) will be the last day to place an order using the code "GRAND." Remember, you *MUST* use the code at checkout to be get the discount!

But if you happen to forget, no worries. Our company will be gone at the end of June/early July (June 19-July 6) and orders will be taken, but not shipped until July 7 at the earliest. However, we WILL have another great Sale then and will be taking requests on our Facebook pages to see what items you all would like to see on Sale! Click here to add your request!

What we put on sale will depend on what we have on stock at the time but the sooner you let us know what you like, we can beef up our Inventory before that time! We'll try to honor the most popular requests as well as ones we notice from the trends on our website.

We also hope to post some new items (maybe some new & old LE's) as well as more Clearance Items that second week of July. But until then, we will be running some great Blog Specials the next two weeks before we leave so definitely tune in for that!

One last thing: our current LE Collection will also be taken off the site before we leave for our trip--so make sure to grab those while they are still in stock! The full size set and maybe even singles of the eyeshadows may be gone by the time you read this!

Everyone have a great and fun weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Grand Opening Sale - 10% off Entire Store from May 24-June 6!

To officially kick off our new website (thank you for all the rave reviews by the way!) we have started our 10% off sale, which is rather rare for awG since we do already offer very low prices and free/inexpensive shipping. This sale will run from May 24 (today) to June 6 (Sunday) All you do is type in the word "GRAND" when you checkout and the discount will apply to your order. Please make sure to use the Coupon Code above or we will not apply the discount to your order.

Make sure to spread the word as one of the reasons we have switched to a new website is our hopes to grow even more! One of the awesome features of our new site is that if you look closely at each product, (note our screen shot below) there is a link there where you can link an specific product to post to your favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. It's sharing made much easier!

There will be no Blog Special while this sale is running but we'll likely be back to posting one up the week of June 7. Thanks all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog Special & Exclusive opportunity to try our new Premium Small Dual Fiber!

Click to get to the secret link of our new Blog Special:

Blog Special for May 19 (Wednesday) to May 23 (Sunday)

One of the specials we told you about is a chance to exclusively* try out our new Premium Small Dual Fiber. It's kind of a mix of our Petite & Sleek. The bristles are more like the Petite BUT 100% Synthetic but has a longer handle like the Sleek and matches our other Premium brushes.

This brush does cost more than our Ingenue line but as with our other Premium brushes, this is of the best quality and you will find that there is very minimal shedding/bleeding and with proper care, could last you lifetimes! You'll find it worth the price! We are offering it for $14.77 as an introductory price and will increase it to $16.99 when it debuts on our store next week. The manufacturer's recommended price is between $19-$25 and if you compare with brushes like the MAC 188 (which is about $32-34 and NOT 100% Synthetic) it is still a good deal!

Thanks all and happy shopping! If nothing peaks your interest with this week's Blog Special, tune in next week sometime for our Grand Opening Sale!

*This brush is currently not sold on our website publicly. This is only for our Blog subscribers and FB Fans/Friends!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Shipping Policies

We have made a couple changes in our Shipping Policy since we had a chance to redo our website and they are as follows:

1. We will no longer accept orders that have different Billing and Shipping Addresses UNLESS you are a Customer who has made at least one purchase before using your Billing Address.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some very dishonest people take advantage of our previous policy in the last several months and cannot afford to do that anymore since they were fraudulent orders. PayPal normally has safeguard checks when you pay but for some reason, these crooks got past them! Should we get an order with varying addresses, we will cancel the order immediately, but also notify you via email AND by a written letter via your Billing Address the reason why.

2. Also, our International Shipping charges have changed:

$15 or less: $1.50 USD
$15.01-$35.00: $2.50 USD
$35.01-$55.00: $3.50 USD
$55.01-$100.00 or more: $4.50 USD
***All orders $100.01 or more will be charged $5.25

Overall, we believe most of you will spend less on Shipping but we did need to make adjustments. In comparison with other companies, however, you’ll still find our rates very reasonable especially since we have not raised any of our rates in two years we have been open and there have been about three postage increases since then.

(FYI, No change, on US & Canadian Shipping--you all will still get Free Shipping since rates only go up about 10-25 cents an ounce whereas shipping for International packages goes up at least $1-2 per added ounce!)

About our New Website!

It has taken about a month of hard work to get this together but I think the majority of you will be very happy with the changes! Here’s a run-down on the ones I am most excited about…

1. Account Log-In: My other website required you to do that but it was simply to ease checkout. It did not allow you to check on orders and its status. It also keeps record of things like Wish Lists, previously viewed items, past orders, etc.

2. Customer Testimonials: You can now submit your Testimonials for the products you love (or maybe not so love, lol) and rate them to help others in their shopping experience.

Just know that we will monitor them and won’t publish Testimonials that are super short (e.g. “Hated this product!” or “Would never buy again!”) because if you write something less than flattering, the Customers reading them would like to know exactly why (wrong for your skin, too bright, bad texture, etc.)—it is only fair. ;)

3. Compare feature: You can compare up to four items on one page and decide which you like best. Very helpful for deciding on the color of minerals you want.

4. Added Shopping helps: Shop By Price, Top Sellers list, New Products list for those that need those features to help enhance your shopping experience.

5. Organization: This may be our opinion only, but since we are able to adjust the menus with a subcategory, you can get to products much easier than on the old website.

We also prefer our Shop By Color feature as it is MUCH easier to add New or Limited Edition colors than the old way (we had to make a Table and add the item, make hyperlinks, etc. which was a rather complex process so you can see we did not always have time to update the old one) and some colors actually fit in more than one category (like LE Furtive is both a gray and purple tone).

6. Gift Certificates: We did not really have these on our other site as we did not like how the previous company had it set up: you could basically only use it one time and it did not appear you could keep a balance—which I thought was not fair. But this will allow you to use the GC and if you have a remaining balance you can still get to it and even check on it in case you ever forget the exact amount through your Account.

So feel free to go ahead and shop but do note that we will have a Grand Opening Sale starting next week (the week of May 24) but we’ll also post a Blog Special with some great deals for you all sometime tomorrow.

Have fun with the new site!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


adorned with Grace is in the process of making some changes in the next few days to a week so there is the chance the site may be down this weekend (May 15-17) and *maybe* a few days after that. Just be aware of this in case you needed to place a much needed order or were making a YouTube video as the links you post may not work.

As soon as we are finished with the changes, we will post here first to give you an overview of what we've done! We'll likely also post up a good Blog Special and/or Sale just for your patience!

P.S. I just have to let one cat out of the bag: In around 2-3 weeks, we hope to have a 100% Synthetic Long Handled version of our beloved Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber for sale on the site. We'll be offering a special Introductory price the first week of its sale, so you'll want to stay tuned for that!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Inspired Eyeshadow Sale!

With the air of Springtime and the beautiful colors popping up all around, we were inspired today to put our Eyeshadows on Sale for 10% off!
This means all Single eyeshadows (Regular and Premium formulas) and Sets are marked down. Please note that this does NOT including our Limited Edition, however; also, it does not include our single Sample sizes. If you put one of the LE colors in the boxes that require you to write in the name of the eyecolor, it may delay your order as we'll have to email you and ask that you request a different color.

This Eyeshadow Sale will run until Sunday, May 9th.

P.S. For my subscribers and FB followers, in case you were wondering, there will be no Blog Special this week.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Special: 4/28 to 5/02

New special up for my loyal following! As always, this will be up while supplies last or until May 2, whichever comes first! Please make sure to read the Terms and if there are any questions, let us know at adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little Blog Special and some Clearance Items added!

Our Blog Special this week is just a little one in honor of Earth Day, April 22. Check it out HERE. These were so popular last year (and we are still getting tons of hits for it at our old Ecrater store!) we thought we'd bring them back for this special occasion.

As indicated in the listing, you must spend $15 or more (NOT including Shipping & Handling for my International Customers) to qualify and, of course, go to the "secret link" above to add to your cart.

Also, FYI, we have added some "Oops" foundations; as we made up more batches the last couple of months, not every batch passes our comparison swatch test and/or we occasionally read the recipe wrong or reach for the wrong ingredient; but instead of throwing away the mistaken batches (which would be totally wasteful and NOT in the spirit of Earth Day, lol!) we thought we'd make these available to you for a very inexpensive price.

If you have already sampled our foundations, you might also find these "Oops" batches might be somewhat similar as minerals can be pretty forgiving; they just don't meet our specifications (either too neutral or peachy or golden to our eye) and cannot sell them as the original color.

F2: Most similar to Grace 4.0-4.2 & possibly Kindness. (Medium-Medium Tan Golden Olive tones)
F3: Most similar to Faith 4.2 (Golden Peachy tones)
F4: Most similar to Hope 3.0 (Yellow Olive, more neutral than the original)
F5: Most similar to Peace 3.5 (Neutral Olive, more neutral than the original)

Again, please note the "most similar" description noted above. We cannot guarantee (and cannot take returns) these colors will work for you if you already wear those; they just fall in close to the same family.

If you find you might need to correct them, you can use our Color Correctors/Concealers (scroll down to see the different listings) to improve the looks although it may lighten them depending how much you use. As a general rule:

...Pink if you need more of a cool tone...
...Apricot if you need more peachy, or disguising bluish discolorations, like bruises or some under eye circles...
...Yellow if you need more golden, or disguising more purplish discolorations such as under eye circles. Some also recommend to use with blemishes or areas of redness...
...Green if you need to neutralize a cooler, pink tone whether it be foundation or red areas like rosacea...
...Blue if you need to neutralize an overly peachy/orangey foundation. Especially helpful worn underneath base for foundations that seem to turn orange during the day...
...Lavender if you need to tone down an overly golden/sallow skintone or foundation...

Hope that helps out! Thank you all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Special: 4/12 to 4/18 & New LE Eyecolors!

Yes, we have a new Blog Special for you all this week! Check out our "secret link" HERE. Remember, to qualify for these items, you must use the listings on this page and this sale will last until next Sunday, April 18 OR while supplies last as we might sell out sooner.

Also, we have some new LE eyecolors for you all! Find them here on our Limited Edition page. For those that love violet-tinged neutrals, you'll love this set of colors. I have to be honest in saying that the pictures, even the swatches below, do not capture the beauty of the colors--we just apologize for not being more talented with our photography!

While the photo above makes the colors look very plain and neutral, what you don't see is the beautiful violet highlights with most of the colors. I actually made these over a month ago when I found out a very old friend from college had passed away and creating colors was one of my ways to heal so these colors are almost an interpretation of what I was feeling then: subdued and melancholy , yet filled with hope for tomorrow, if that makes any sense. . .

Hope you all like them!

P.S. Our LE Wedding colors will be available only until Friday, April 16 unless they sell out sooner. Make sure to grab them now if you want them as they will not be available in the future!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No foolin'!!!

...with an exception of the $22/$44/$66/$88 Blog Special deal, we've decided to continue with the other Blog Special sales until Sunday, April 4! These are some of the most popular listings yet and we'd like to give those who did not get a chance to order them another several days to do so. The only exception would be if we run out of stock on our brushes, but the Premium Mini Eye Buki would be the only one that would apply to as that one is going very fast!

If you aren't interested in the current sale, stayed tuned the next week or two where we hope to put up a new set of Blog Special deals in conjunction with our new April Limited Edition Eyecolors!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Website fixed AND Blog Specials!!!

First off, the Error is finally fixed! PayPal had to rewrite some codes and they have it finally working okay for everyone! (I was not the only site that was having issues yesterday!) Sorry again to anyone that may have been inconvenienced by this.

Okay, guys, this has been a long time coming! We've been so busy restocking our samples and full-sized jars that we haven't even had a chance to think up a great Blog Special! So at the promptings of a few of our customers, we've come up with this one:

Just CLICK HERE to get to the "secret link" on our Website

To give you a hint, if you buy our 10 for $29.99 Eyecolors set, one Blush/Shimmer Blush, our Premium Retractable Kabuki or buy a certain amount of items (from $22, $44, $66, or $88) you'll get specific free (and very popular) products!

Check it out at the link above and Happy Shopping! This Blog Special will last until March 31 or while supplies last. Please forward any questions to adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com should there be any issues.

Thanks everyone on your patience on the website glitch and the long wait on a Blog Special!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Website issue

Sorry all, but instead of the Blog Special I had all ready to post up for this morning, I need to warn you all that there is an Error Message that shows up when you Checkout and does not email either you, me, or my website the actual Order so while we receive your Payment, we have no idea what you ordered!

I have contacted my Website Builder in regards to this extremely inconvenient matter and hoping the situation will be fixed ASAP. As soon as the matter is resolved, I will post up our Blog Special as I know many of you have been waiting for one!

If there was something you needed to order ASAP, let me know and I may just have to send you a manual invoice OR you can order through the my website, but before you Submit your Order, do a "Cut & Paste" of your Order, with your Shipping Address, and email that to me at adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com.

The main issue is just that our Shipping Department has no idea what to send you since we need that Order Confirmation page to know WHAT you ordered and WHERE to send it.

So so sorry for the inconvenience! Will post ASAP the matter is resolved!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing green...

Just a quickie post to let you know that our green eyecolors (Benevolent, Enduring, Tranquility, & Glorious) as well as a single jar of our Merciful Green Color corrector are specially discounted for this St. Patrick's Day just for the next 24 hours from this post!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're back and caught up!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we had a wonderful time at my sister's wedding and were able to get back into the swing of things and have mailed out all the orders made while we were gone.

FYI, there are some of you that may have trouble getting out notices (Order Confirmation & Shipping Notices) especially those with a Yahoo email account (they have strangely strict privacy settings) so if you believe you placed an order from Feb. 9 - 23, and have not received ANY notices, you are welcome to email us to check. We apologize for that but some email servers don't always recognize our Automatic Response emails from out website.

We had quite a few orders--much more than expected and even pleasantly overwhelming!--but we worked hard to make sure you all didn't have to wait too long as we like to follow the Golden Rule in that matter! ;) We had so many sample orders we are busily making more products to replace our stock as well as reordering other items (brushes, shipping supplies, etc.) so once we get all those in order,we'll be back to our usual posting on the blog with our unique blog specials.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to spread the word about adorned with Grace Minerals! This is especially for those of you who have bought products from us and were kind enough to spread the word via blog, YouTube, or just verbally telling a friend or two; to keep our costs down, we rely solely on word of mouth for our advertising so the more of you out there sharing about us, the most likely we are to stick around (especially in this economy) and also have the money to get a broader range of products!

Well, back to work for us!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A special Wedding Collection!

If you have been to our site in the last few days you may have seen the Notice at the bottom of our website right above the footer: We'll be unavailable to ship orders received from Feb. 9 - Feb. 21 because we will be out of town and that orders will likely not be shipped until Feb. 23 at the earliest.

Why is this you may ask? Well, we have a very important wedding to go to in Florida and will be out of town and unable to take care of things as usual. My little sister is getting married (Congrats, Sis!) and being the maid of honor, we just could not miss such a special occasion! Since we are a small company, we do not have additional staff that can help with the processing while we are gone so we just hope you will either submit your order before the 9th or after the 21st or be willing to wait a little longer that our usual shipping time.

However, in honor of her special day, we have a special Wedding LE Collection; there are two eye colors, Incomparable & Exceptional and then two Blushes/All Over Face Colors, Resplendent & Effervescent.

You'll find them here on our Limited Edition page.

Please note that you'll be able to get samples of these if you get the 15 or 30 Sample Set but due to the very limited number, we can only sell them a la carte or in the special Wedding Eyecolor or Blush Duo Sets. They will NOT be available in the 3 or 10 Eyecolor and/or 2 or 4 Blush Sets.

Also available on this page is a rainbow selection of Color Correctors! This is something that was requested by a few customers, especially the Yellow & Apricot concealer. If any of these prove to be popular, we can make them a permanent addition to our line!

We've also added a new synthetic Ingenue foundation brush, Clearance Items, & a special duo brush set. Make sure to check these out! But again, try to get your order in before Feb. 9 or it likely will not be shipped for another week and a half!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Day of Sale

Actually, I should say this is the last night of our current sale, lol...

We just wanted to remind you all that the current prices we have on our brushes and makeup sets will be tonight, January 18. We may leave up the Limited Edition sets as those have continued to be very popular and we still have plenty in stock. But this is just a reminder in case you have forgotten and you should have until tomorrow afternoon/early morning to get any last minute deals.

FYI, we were not able to ship out any orders today since this is a U.S. Postal Holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) so many of the orders we received Friday late afternoon and early evening will not ship out until tomorrow (Tuesday) January 19. Also due to the higher volume of orders this weekend (many last minute customers taking advantage of the last weekend of our sale!) there may be a 1-2 day delay in our usual shipping times. For example, if you ordered today, it may not ship out until Wednesday.

But we do thank you all so VERY much for continuing to support awG and telling others about us. It is the only way little companies like me can grow and we are so honored to have you all as our customers!

Stayed tuned in the next week or two for some new LE items---always check back here for new info! Good night all--back to work getting your orders processed and answering emails!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Sale!

As noted from our last blog entry, we have continued our Christmas Sale as a New Year's Sale! We have the same select makeup & brush sets on sale for those of you that missed or may not have had the money to get the items last time. This sale will run until January 18 OR when items goes Out of Stock.

The only exception is our Powders; these are probably our #1 best selling product and these went FAST during the Christmas Sale. We still have all the powders in stock right now (but just a few jars of certain ones) and we also have more ingredients coming, but due to the holiday rush were unable to get those ordered and back fully stocked in time to have them ready by today's Sale. So rather than delay the Sale another day, we just want to forewarn you that if you happen to order a Powder/Makeup set that includes a powder that might have gone out of stock, it might delay shipment of your items by a week.

Also, we have just a handful left of our Fall 2009 LE Eyecolors and January 11 will be the last day to get them if you are interest in them! So check them out here on our Limited Edition page along with some other great LE sets!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Continuing with the Sale next week!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we will put up the continuation of our Christmas/New Year sale the week of January 4 (most likely be up around Jan. 4/5). We would have liked to have put that up this week but due to the surprising amount of orders we got while we were out of town (Thank you everyone! Esp. to my paying customers who I suspected Blogged and/or YouTubed about us!) we have been a tad behind and we do need to catch up on updating Inventory before putting more items up for sale. :)

FYI, if you placed an order before Dec. 29, your order should have already shipped out but if you did not get a Shipping Notice, you most likely might have had the issues as noted in our last Blog entry, esp. if you have a Yahoo account. We made sure we got caught up with our shipping as we know the joy of getting items shipped quickly! And of course, no orders were shipped out today (Jan. 1) since this is considered a holiday for the U.S. Postal service but we will resume sending them out Monday!

Thanks again, and keep tuned into our Blog or our Facebook page for notification of our upcoming sale!