Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Sneak Peak at the Summer 2010 LE

We are still not quite done getting the new Summer 2010 LE out, but we thought you'd like to get a sneak peak of what's coming!

In formulating these colors, I was yearning for the beach so you could say I had the "sea and the sand" as my inspiration for these colors, lol. Yeah, not too original for a Summer theme, but I really did want to add some more blues (especially FUN blues!) and I can never seem to get enough gold-toned eye shadows for myself!

Flamboyant: A bright teal/sea blue that reminds me a an oasis paradise. My favorite blue of the three and MUCH prettier in person!
Munificent: A light robin egg blue/sea foam green. Funny, they were just talking on the Today show this week about Beyonce's Robin Egg Blue Nail Polish being a makeup trend right now--you could mix this color in with some clear and possibly get something similar--maybe???
Emotive: A deep blue with light blue highlights. Similar to Inspiring, but more blue highlights than purple.
Forthright: A rich orangey gold with golden sparkle. Definitely for you bolder ladies, but would also work great with those who have darker golden-bronzed skin as an all over lid or blush color.
Candid: A creamy lemon yellow with tiny flecks of gold. More shimmer that past LE yellow shades like Optimistic or Enthusiastic.
Outstanding: My everyday, wearable shade! It is a golden brown with brassy hints and looks great on olive tones.

Then, I wanted to add more Shimmer Blushes as many ladies, like myself, don't like to wear a lot of deeply pigmented blushes and find that glows/light shimmer seems to show off a tan better anyway.

Spellbinding: Made for the fair neutral/cool-toned. A very light pink with bright silver sparkle. Best used as a highlight.
Avid: A well-pigmented peach that turns rosy. I've worn this almost everyday since making it, so its safe to say its my favorite as it complements my skin tone but gives a healthy glow to my face. (FYI, I wear Grace 4.0/4.2.)
Astounding: A light neutral apricot that would look good on most skin tones as a glow.

These should be up on the site early next week so make sure to watch out for them!