Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Website issue

Sorry all, but instead of the Blog Special I had all ready to post up for this morning, I need to warn you all that there is an Error Message that shows up when you Checkout and does not email either you, me, or my website the actual Order so while we receive your Payment, we have no idea what you ordered!

I have contacted my Website Builder in regards to this extremely inconvenient matter and hoping the situation will be fixed ASAP. As soon as the matter is resolved, I will post up our Blog Special as I know many of you have been waiting for one!

If there was something you needed to order ASAP, let me know and I may just have to send you a manual invoice OR you can order through the my website, but before you Submit your Order, do a "Cut & Paste" of your Order, with your Shipping Address, and email that to me at

The main issue is just that our Shipping Department has no idea what to send you since we need that Order Confirmation page to know WHAT you ordered and WHERE to send it.

So so sorry for the inconvenience! Will post ASAP the matter is resolved!