Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sale extended to Dec. 3 (Wednesday)

FYI: I will go ahead and extend the Early Christmas sale to this Wednesday, December 3. **EDIT (12-4-08): Starting the week of Dec. 8, there will be a smaller sale on some brush sets (not Individual brushes however) as well as the Christmas Edition colors that will be up for sale in both samples & full sizes.

I've had fun getting everyone's orders from this past holiday weekend together. Most of them should be shipping out tomorrow! (Yes, I've been joyfully working ALL day on this!)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Thanksgiving Post

**Quick Reminder: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I will be out of town, so any orders placed after 7:30 a.m. Central Standard time on Wednesday, November 26 may not be shipped out until Monday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For those of you that live in the U.S. you know that this Thursday is our annual holiday of Thanksgiving. Many of us think of turkey (except vegetarians like me who eat the “veggie” versions like Tofurky or the much better tasting homemade varieties, lol), football, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, traveling to see family (which is what the DH & I always end up doing), and then of course all the great Black Friday sales going on the day after.

But I wanted to take this time to actually express my thanks because despite some of the “doom and gloom” that I end up reading on the Internet or hear on the evening news (especially with the economy), I know there is still a lot to be thankful to God for!

I am especially thankful that my little dream of starting an online MMU store has come true! I would never have imagined even two years ago that this was something I would be doing. I have been extremely blessed with the people I have met because of this venture: my testers, the different vendors I buy from, and of course, all the great customers who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to meet through your question/comment-filled emails! I’ve even gotten to know some of you on a personal level where we can email as friends where we have been able to encourage each other and offer words of advice and hope.

I know that is a big part of why I wanted to start this business. I wanted a company that could make a positive mark in this world, something that I could look back on and be proud of even if I NEVER made even a small profit. (I tell you, with the economy and this possibility of the FDA Globalization Act, it is very possible!) If I could touch even just one heart with a quote I’ve put on the back of your Invoice/ my website or encourage you with the eyeshadow label sitting on your makeup counter that says, “Philanthropic” to donate to a worthy charity—then I feel as if adorned with Grace Minerals has accomplished what I believe it was created to do—to encourage you not only be naturally beautiful in your appearance, but in your thoughts, your speech, and especially your actions. (I’ve been busy getting a few new collections out but I still promise to have “non-product” posts that offer tips and advice on natural health and beauty topics. So, no—I haven’t forgotten!)

So again, I want to thank each and every one of you for being such a blessing to me! You all have made my first few months as a new MMU company just pure joy! I hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now officially shipping to Canada!

And with the same free shipping that I give to my US customers!

I was looking at the postage charges for my US & Canadian packages, and they were actually very similar--so I feel kind of funny adding an extra charge for my Canadian friends out there. I do have to spend an extra 2-3 minutes filling out an online Customs Form, but not enough for me to want to charge extra for it.

So unless something drastic happens with our Postal system and prices go up significantly, I'll be keeping the free shipping for both US & Canadian orders.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Early Christmas/Pre-Black Friday Sale!!!

Okay, for those of you that might have possibly been trying to order something from the Ecrater site in the last hour our so and noticed that the "Buy" button was replaced with an "On Hold" button, it was because I was updating my site to include some special sale reductions on our Makeup sets & also a specially-priced lip balm set for gift-giving. (Ecrater does not have a place for me to add a coupon code unless I use Google checkout, but I know most of you prefer PayPal.)

Forgive me if this sale seems kind of early for Christmas, but I admit, I like to get a jump ahead of things and just want to pass this on to you all! (I already did half of my Christmas shopping for this year the week after Christmas last year with all the great sales, lol!) But I purposely put my already value-priced mineral makeup sets at an additional 15% discount (EXCLUDING Limited Edition sets) so that you can stock up for Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers. Most women love getting beauty products and what better way to combine getting a gift they'll like AND giving them a reminder of those positive virtues that make us beautiful on the inside?

In addition, for those that place an order for $20 or more (the $20 does not include shipping for International orders), I will include a freebie sample baggie set of my Christmas Edition colors--ALL seven of them! Three of these were formulated and named with the Christmas season in mind: Jovial (a sparkling, bright evergreen); Philanthropic (a super shimmering deep yellow gold); & Forbearing (a silver blue with a minty green overtone). The other four are my "party" colors and inspired by all the purple shades I've been seeing in beauty magazines: Regal (a bright crayola purple); Gifted (a cool plum with pink undertones); Innovative (a mauvey purple with golden shimmer); and Spectacular (a frosty lavender with blue and violet highlights). They will be available for sale (at discounted prices of course!) sometime in the next week or two once I am finished preparing them.

This sale will be available until December 1 (Monday) and after that, the sets will return to their regular price.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Products for November & other stuff...

I'm excited to tell you all that the Mascara Guard, Premium Chubby Blender, & Premium Small Pointed Face Brush have arrived, and I was able to get them photographed and added to my Ecrater store.

Also, Japan has now been added to the International shipping list! So now I am currently shipping to these countries: Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland. If you don't see your country listed, you are welcome to email me at and we'll see about doing a Test Ship to your country. I believe the only ones I cannot take are Mexico (due to shipping policies) and I believe Italy also has some issues as well? (It seems there are a few MMU companies that have had problems there.)

I have also added a *ONE WEEK ONLY* special on some customer favorite neutrals in a special set. Whether it be a super early Christmas shopping , birthday, or a "just being nice" gift, this is a great set to get them--or yourself-- as all of these colors work great on just about any skintone! They are from my regular set of eyecolors: Beloved, Romantic, Simplicity, & Devoted. You basically get a 25% discount as each 5 gram jar is worth $4.99 a la carte!

They will only be available as a set for one week (Monday, Nov. 10 will be the last day they are up). If these go over well, I may add some other pre-coordinated sets in different colors.

One more thing, I will be going out of town this weekend and will be leaving early Friday so orders that I receive after 8:00 p.m. (Central Standard time/USA) on Thursday may not be processed until Monday morning.

Edit: The Clearance Lip Balms (they were the "mess-ups that I almost just threw out) for .75 cents each is now sold out. In its place is the *perfected* "Luscious Lip Balm" (Vegan) for $3.75 with the exact same formula but with their beautiful new label and a safety seal! There is also a "2 for $5.50" set for those looking for a deal.