Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Special: 4/28 to 5/02

New special up for my loyal following! As always, this will be up while supplies last or until May 2, whichever comes first! Please make sure to read the Terms and if there are any questions, let us know at


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little Blog Special and some Clearance Items added!

Our Blog Special this week is just a little one in honor of Earth Day, April 22. Check it out HERE. These were so popular last year (and we are still getting tons of hits for it at our old Ecrater store!) we thought we'd bring them back for this special occasion.

As indicated in the listing, you must spend $15 or more (NOT including Shipping & Handling for my International Customers) to qualify and, of course, go to the "secret link" above to add to your cart.

Also, FYI, we have added some "Oops" foundations; as we made up more batches the last couple of months, not every batch passes our comparison swatch test and/or we occasionally read the recipe wrong or reach for the wrong ingredient; but instead of throwing away the mistaken batches (which would be totally wasteful and NOT in the spirit of Earth Day, lol!) we thought we'd make these available to you for a very inexpensive price.

If you have already sampled our foundations, you might also find these "Oops" batches might be somewhat similar as minerals can be pretty forgiving; they just don't meet our specifications (either too neutral or peachy or golden to our eye) and cannot sell them as the original color.

F2: Most similar to Grace 4.0-4.2 & possibly Kindness. (Medium-Medium Tan Golden Olive tones)
F3: Most similar to Faith 4.2 (Golden Peachy tones)
F4: Most similar to Hope 3.0 (Yellow Olive, more neutral than the original)
F5: Most similar to Peace 3.5 (Neutral Olive, more neutral than the original)

Again, please note the "most similar" description noted above. We cannot guarantee (and cannot take returns) these colors will work for you if you already wear those; they just fall in close to the same family.

If you find you might need to correct them, you can use our Color Correctors/Concealers (scroll down to see the different listings) to improve the looks although it may lighten them depending how much you use. As a general rule:

...Pink if you need more of a cool tone...
...Apricot if you need more peachy, or disguising bluish discolorations, like bruises or some under eye circles...
...Yellow if you need more golden, or disguising more purplish discolorations such as under eye circles. Some also recommend to use with blemishes or areas of redness...
...Green if you need to neutralize a cooler, pink tone whether it be foundation or red areas like rosacea...
...Blue if you need to neutralize an overly peachy/orangey foundation. Especially helpful worn underneath base for foundations that seem to turn orange during the day...
...Lavender if you need to tone down an overly golden/sallow skintone or foundation...

Hope that helps out! Thank you all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Special: 4/12 to 4/18 & New LE Eyecolors!

Yes, we have a new Blog Special for you all this week! Check out our "secret link" HERE. Remember, to qualify for these items, you must use the listings on this page and this sale will last until next Sunday, April 18 OR while supplies last as we might sell out sooner.

Also, we have some new LE eyecolors for you all! Find them here on our Limited Edition page. For those that love violet-tinged neutrals, you'll love this set of colors. I have to be honest in saying that the pictures, even the swatches below, do not capture the beauty of the colors--we just apologize for not being more talented with our photography!

While the photo above makes the colors look very plain and neutral, what you don't see is the beautiful violet highlights with most of the colors. I actually made these over a month ago when I found out a very old friend from college had passed away and creating colors was one of my ways to heal so these colors are almost an interpretation of what I was feeling then: subdued and melancholy , yet filled with hope for tomorrow, if that makes any sense. . .

Hope you all like them!

P.S. Our LE Wedding colors will be available only until Friday, April 16 unless they sell out sooner. Make sure to grab them now if you want them as they will not be available in the future!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No foolin'!!!

...with an exception of the $22/$44/$66/$88 Blog Special deal, we've decided to continue with the other Blog Special sales until Sunday, April 4! These are some of the most popular listings yet and we'd like to give those who did not get a chance to order them another several days to do so. The only exception would be if we run out of stock on our brushes, but the Premium Mini Eye Buki would be the only one that would apply to as that one is going very fast!

If you aren't interested in the current sale, stayed tuned the next week or two where we hope to put up a new set of Blog Special deals in conjunction with our new April Limited Edition Eyecolors!