Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Starting a separate Health & Fitness Blog!

When I first started this Blog, I was wanting it to be an adjunct to my online store for announcements regarding our products/sales/etc. but also a place where I could write beauty and health-related articles to go with our theme of "defining true beauty" and that we see it from a holistic aspect.

Sorry to say that I have not written as much as I would like but I've recently rediscovered my passion and determination to share what I know especially in regards to fitness/health so I have a new Blog that will focus on that HERE that I am calling Graceful Coach as I have recently signed up to become a Beachbody Coach of P90x & Insanity Workout DVDs fame. I would have just kept it all in one Blog but for those of you who follow and are Subscribers that only have awG in your interest, I did not want to Spam you with any fitness related posts should that not be your thing and vice-versa.

I guess since hitting my mid-thirties, I've become rather focused on living at my optimal fitness level and been really getting serious about being the best I can be physically, mentally, & spiritually! So this is going to be a bit of a public journal/diary of reviews and experience with things I've tried (not just Beachbody products) that I want to share that I think some might find informative and beneficial. But I also hope to get more "on the ball" about writing more beauty related articles here at the awG Blog as I've promised since the start of my online minerals store.

**As an FYI, my Beachbody online store is done in my name only--I actually do not handle the Customer Service in regards to Orders/Status of Orders AND International orders are not accepted there at this time, unfortunately.

However, I still extend the invitation to ALL to be your source of advice for any fitness needs without any financial charge as I love to help people get healthy! Any questions you have on programs and where to start. I've done P90x, Insanity, and currently doing TurboFire & ChaLean Extreme from Beachbody, but also have done non-Beachbody DVDs like TaeBo, Cathe Friedrich, Windsor Pilates, Jillian Michaels--she's my favorite, actually!--and then my own workouts I do with the general population at my job as an Occupational Therapist.

Even if you just need an accountability partner to check in on you to make sure you are keeping up with your workouts or advice on eating (I am currently a vegetarian!), I'd love to help with that too. You are welcome to direct any questions directly to my email

And for those of you wondering, this will not take away from my time from awG. If anything, I think it will help me focus more and be able to Blog more often--and not just about Sales (although I know many of you love those posts the most, LOL!). This is really just an extension of what awG wants to do for you--keeping you naturally beautiful!

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to follow our new Fitness blog check it out HERE. We don't have many posts right now since it is so new but it will change in the future!!!