Thursday, March 25, 2010

Website fixed AND Blog Specials!!!

First off, the Error is finally fixed! PayPal had to rewrite some codes and they have it finally working okay for everyone! (I was not the only site that was having issues yesterday!) Sorry again to anyone that may have been inconvenienced by this.

Okay, guys, this has been a long time coming! We've been so busy restocking our samples and full-sized jars that we haven't even had a chance to think up a great Blog Special! So at the promptings of a few of our customers, we've come up with this one:

Just CLICK HERE to get to the "secret link" on our Website

To give you a hint, if you buy our 10 for $29.99 Eyecolors set, one Blush/Shimmer Blush, our Premium Retractable Kabuki or buy a certain amount of items (from $22, $44, $66, or $88) you'll get specific free (and very popular) products!

Check it out at the link above and Happy Shopping! This Blog Special will last until March 31 or while supplies last. Please forward any questions to should there be any issues.

Thanks everyone on your patience on the website glitch and the long wait on a Blog Special!