Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kinda' bad news.... :(

I know many of you have been waiting for the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber to go back in stock this week but I just got off the phone with my supplier and they apparently don't have them ready to ship to me yet until next week, which means it may not be on my site until two weeks or so from today.


Yes, I am pretty disappointed as well as I was REALLY hoping to have these ready to go for you all this week along with another "Blog Special" brush that has been highly requested but that will have to be put off until I can get these brushes in hand. So no, there won't be a Blog Special this week...

But to take your mind off the BAD NEWS, let me at least share some good news with you all: I will be moving from Ecrater to my very own website (hopefully--please no more delays, LOL!) in mid to late May! Once I move over there, I will actually be adding a whole slew of new Ingenue & Premium eyeshadow brushes which I can't wait to share with you all!

FYI, this site has been my "little project" I've been working on the last couple of months. I have a basic template, but I've designed & organized the whole thing myself. It is very simple as I am not a professional web designer by any means, lol, but I think it is functional and finally fits with the personality of my company. The only thing I need now is to add the payment processing which I ran into a glitch with PayPal this afternoon so if there are any delays, it will be due to that.

I've loved being on Ecrater but I kind of get the idea awG is not taken quite as seriously there since it's not like having your own site, and I also feel like my company's personality does not reflect well on Ecrater since I am extremely limited in the amount of text/photos I can put on the site. I also find it hard to keep my products organized like I want and this allows me to add features that Ecrater does not let me do such as "Shop By Color" with my blushes and eyecolors.

One favor I would like to ask: Please make sure people are directed to NOT when you all are helping me advertise awG in your blogs, forums/forum posts, YouTube videos, etc.

Right now I have directing you to the Ecrater site automatically but after a while, I may be closing down Ecrater after a few weeks of successfully launching the new site since it will be difficult to do inventory control trying to keep up with two sites, so if people are still using the Ecrater address, they might find a "Seller Not Available" message. I will still have but it will be for my real website.

Once I get the payment processing added and get the new Ingenue & Premium brushes in my hands (they aren't set to deliver for another 2-3 weeks as well, more supplier delays---ahhh!) and the website has been tested out successfully by some close friends, I'll be opening this up before May is over.

Anyway, I apologize again for the inconvenience on the wait, but this is one of those things that is out of my control and am at the mercy of what I am told by my supplier. I hope the wait will be worth it though once it is finally here! Thanks all!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day Blog Special

I knew the UPS man wouldn't let me down--so here is the special giveaway as promised!

In celebration of Earth Day which is April 22 (and I believe this whole week is Earth Week) I got this freebie giveaway for those of you that spend $15 or more; you will automatically get one of these with your order!

It is the cutest eco-friendly brush with interchangeable tips; the handles are made from bamboo and all the bristles are make of taklon, a synthetic bristle. It probably won't replace your best eyeshadow brushes but it makes a fun travel tool and can be thrown in your purse when you need to touch up colors in a pinch!
I got enough of these that I believe I should have enough for every order that comes in until Friday, April 24--you won't even need to put in the "Notes" section that you want this! This is my little gift to all my customers for this week. If I were to sell it on my website, I would sell it for at least $4.49-$4.99.

However, if you spend at least $22, you can mention in the "Notes" section you would like a FREE Vegan Luscious Lip Balm with your order! And if you spend $29, you get a FREE jar of our Illuminated Blush! I chose Illuminated because we can all make the world shine bright with the care we put into this beautiful world God created for us! No, we may not be quite perfect yet in "going green" in our daily habits but every little thing we can do helps and does make a difference! So think about it not just this Earth Week, but from here on out on what you can do to make our Earth a better place to live!

For my International customers, always remember that the Get With Purchase totals do NOT include your shipping charges, so shop accordingly if you want those freebies. :) EDIT: I also forgot to note that this Blog Special (with the lip balm & blush) will end this Thursday, April 23. So if you place an order on Friday, April 24, you'll be considered too late! :(

Happy testing to those who were
quick enough to try one!!!**

Last thing, I was cleaning out the pics in my folders on my computer and realized I never posted my arm swatches of the new blush colors that came out a couple of weeks ago---so here they are:

Caring & Enarmored are both a matte finish with no shimmer whatsover. Enamored isn't quite that peachy (remember, I stink at arm swatches, lol) but it's like a rich strawberry peach and great for more golden-toned ladies. Caring is cooler dusty pink that I found myself wearing a lot this last week as I like the brightening effect it has on my warmer complexion and looks very complementary with the brighter Spring 2009 LE eyecolors I just released.

And, Zealous? Do I need explain why I named this color what I did? It is a super bright, nicely pigmented color that you will HAVE to get a dual fiber brush to apply but it sure looks great for creating a bright rosy look! If you put on too much, you will certainly look over-zealous! :)

That's all for now! Have a great rest of your week everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update before the weekend...

Hey, all! (Or should I say "y'all" since I've technically a Southern gal, lol?)

Yes, this week has been silent with no Blog Special this week but I have been busy with a "little" project that has kept me occupied so I didn't get a chance to think up a good Blog special and I was rather limited on time anyway--there is usually a pretty good spike in orders when I have those!

I mainly wanted to just give you all a few updates:

*Celestial Powder: I will still be carrying this but I have decided to switch to the 30 gram jar vs. the 25 gram tall profile jar. Part of it is that it is much easier to find the 30 gram jars but also, it's kind of an awkward shape and doesn't package as neatly and organized with the other products like the 30 gram jar does. But having this change will allow me to start putting in those cute little powder puffs with them, so that will be an added plus! You'll STILL get 4 grams and it will still be the same price at $4.99.

*Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber Brush: I am still waiting on this brush as I know many of you all are! I haven't heard any delays as of yet from my supplier, so I am still hoping to have them back in stock at the end of the month. To prevent this from happening in the future, I did put in a rather huge order for them this time around so I'm hoping the long wait time won't happen again. I will be shocked if I run out of this batch very quickly, but you never know!

*I do plan to have a Blog special toward the early/middle of next week for orders over $15. So...just a little heads up in case you were wanting to put one in this weekend. I would go ahead and do the Blog special this weekend, but I actually don't have the items in my possession yet as I bought these specifically for the giveaway. Of course, if something goes wrong and the UPS man accidentally sends it to Alaska or something, there may not be a Blog special, but they haven't let me down yet, lol (knock on wood).

*Just keep in mind the ongoing specials (see posts below or go to the LE section on my website) that will be expiring sometime next week. I'm literally down to a handful on the free brushes with eyecolors so take advantage of that while you can and the blush sets will be gone next week as well. I think I set the date for April 20 for the blush sets, but I may extend it until April 23 so if you want the "Get With Purchase" item(s) I'm giving away next week, you can still get them.

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arm swatches on Spring '09 LE Eyecolors

I know there are a lot of you that usually like to see arm swatches before buying, so this is for you! (You may need to click on the photo to see a larger image, FYI.)

I had trouble fitting them on my arm so sorry for the not so perfect picture taking, but I hope this kind of gives you an idea of what they look like. Thoughtful is probably the sheerest and may not show up on medium/medium tan skin or darker as a *color* but does give eyes that extra sparkle. I actually like to wear Optimistic--which is a rather strange looking pastel yellow swatched, but sure perks up tired eyes!--with Thoughtful applied to the crease and up to the browbone. Then I'll pair it with Resolute worn like a super thick eyeliner on my upper eyelid with one of the brighter colors like Dignified or Dedicated foiled as an thinner eyeliner along rims of my eyes. So that it doesn't looks so "crayola" I do wear a soft black or dark brown eyeliner around just to pull the look together.

Here are some other ideas for each color:
*Sensitive: As a contour/crease with either Beloved or Virtuous as an all over wash for a monochromatic pink look.

As an all over lid color with one our our neutrals like Devoted or Captivating. It's got just enough pink to add a little more color for springtime.

*Thoughtful: You can go with just about anything, use your imagination! My favorite way is the one noted above.

Again, as noted above or it or even under the eyelid (just use a very small amount though) for those dark areas under your eye or in the corner. Or be bold and pair it with Dignified and Amusing for a striking look!

Would look great with our LE from last Summer, Exuberant if you have it, but would also match well with
Carefree and your favorite highlighter (mine would be Amiable or Phenomenal from my Premium Collection).

arefree: A very matchable color with any of our Greens or Blues. Use as a color you can blend with Tranquility, Enduring, Loyal, and/or Placid.

My favorite blue I've ever made! I don't think this color is quite as pigmented as Tranquility or Placid, but this shade describes my favorite shade of blue. I personally never wear blue on my entire lid or even an outer color portion of my lid, but I LOVE to line my eyes with a smokey charcoal eyeliner with the blue peeking out behind it, kind of like a halo effect! Colorful, yet still subtle enough no one thinks or says, "Now that's some
BLUE eyeshadow you've got on!"

They wear well together and would likely match well with any of our other pinks like Demure or Virtuous, or if you want something more neutral, Simplicity since it has a very slightly pink tone. Dignified makes a great eyeliner when foiled. It reminds me a little bit of Regal but much more subtle and sheer; I feel I could actually wear this on my lid whereas Regal I've only dared to wear as an eyeliner.

I think this color is Fearless' more tame little sister; it is more a shiny silver vs. the glittery charcoal of Fearless. This color has a great metallic sheen but not so over the top I can actually wear it in the daytime hours in small amounts. I also found I can wear this at nighttime as an lid color while I hold back to the outer lid only for Fearless. I like this color so much I might keep it around as a permanent addition to my line, we'll see...

Because they are made with our Premium formula, you might find that these do wear a little bit sheerer than our regular eyecolor formula but as noted in the previous blog post, we intended that since we still want the focus of beauty and color to be YOU, not your makeup!

Hope that offers some inspiration!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Spring '09 Colors & Sets & new Blushes are here!

Before I start, many apologies as I think Ecrater, the site that handles my store, was down for maintenance last night but it is back up and running as of this morning! There are still a couple glitches as I'm having trouble adding my new blush collage photos for the Blush sets as well as the Spring '09 LE collages but those will be updated soon hopefully--so feel free to add the new items where they are appropriate. If you are unsure, email me at

Just a quick glimpse of them!
I've been checking out fashion magazines, clothing stores, some customer requests, and even nature itself for the inspiration for these. Even though I love and usually prefer neutrals, I've found these colors to be quite wearable and pretty. Maybe later this week or next, I can put together some combinations that some of you might find inspiring...

As with the last LE set, I will be keeping the prices the same (meaning no sales) on these the whole time they are available so no one feels bad if they buy the whole set only to find them on deep discount a few weeks later. But I do have my quantity-discounted sets in the LE section you can get if you want to save money.

All single jars are $5.49 each as they are made with our Premium formula which is made with more expensive and ultra-top notch, silky ingredients. You'll find they might run a little sheerer in pigment than our regular colors but for Springtime, it is expected! I imagine this line to be a lot lighter and fresher than the last LE and wearable even for daytime. These will not be bright and "day glo" like the clothes you've been seeing around in the stores but are still colorful and pigmented enough to add some fun to your look. Like I said, great for those who like more subdued looks like I do!

You can get 2 Spring LEs for $8.79, a special set price we came up with for this set and then a "Get all TEN set for $24.99" which is an exceptional deal, almost half price of their a la carte price AND cheaper than our regular "10 for 29.99" Eyecolor set.

As with our other specially priced LE sets is you cannot substitute any other colors, regular or Premium. However, you may use the "4 for $16.49 Premium Eyecolor Set" that is in our regular eyecolor section (or even the one with the free brush *IF* there are any left) if you wanted to get 4 LE colors or a couple of the LE colors along with some of our regular OR the "2 for $8.99 Premium Eyecolor" set which is only twenty cents more expensive than the LE Duo set but you'd be able to choose a non-LE color along with it.

The LE Spring 2009 Collection will be available until they are "Out of Stock" or June 22, 2009--whichever comes first.

Next up are three new blushes: Caring, a matte dusty pink formulated for those with fairer skintones and like cooler tones; another matte, Enamored, a rich peachy strawberry that would look great with medium to dark golden skintones; and Zealous, a pearly-shimmery purple-tone fushcia that is truly bright and eyecatching! They are all permanent additions to our line. I'll be leaving up the 6, 8, & 10 blush sets in the LE Section (just scroll down) for at least two more weeks (until Monday, April 20) so you can add these to your list of choices!

If the matte blushes go over well, I'll hopefully be adding more colors later this Summer or Fall!

As far as Blog special, since I still have a few sets of the "10 for $29.99 sets with free Oval Fluff/Smudger" I'm going to continue with the getting a second brush free until Thursday, April 9 or until supplies last. (See post below for list of brushes you can add as a second brush.)

Don't forget to write in the note your second brush choice or we won't include it! As additional clarification, the second brush is only for the $29.99 set, not for the Premium "4 for $16.49 set with Free Mini Dual Ended brush" which I also still have a handful of sets left of.

I hope to post some arm swatches later this week or weekend so check back here later on for those! Happy shopping--or adding to your "wishlist" lol...