Sunday, March 29, 2009

Limited Stock Eyeshadow sets & FREE brushes

First of all, I am extending the Limited Edition colors until Monday, April 6. I intended on having my new Spring collection out by this week but lets just say I got carried away and ended up with more colors than I intended so I'm still getting those together but should have them ready to sell by next week. But make sure to grab any LE colors this week as they will no longer be available Tuesday, April 7 OR should they become "sold out" this week which is very possible. FYI, I am running really low on the sample baggies of Ambitious so if you plan on listing that as one of your choices, have a back up in case the samples baggies are all gone.

The 6, 8, & 10 piece blush sets are still up so take advantage of those as well. You may also wait as I'll have three new blushes introduced next week--especially if you like matte blushes!

But my favorite special this week is with my 10 piece Eyeshadow set. For a limited time, while supplies last, I'm offering this dual-ended eyeshadow brush free with the purchase of this particular listing for the 10 piece set:

It is a fairly petite ("skinny") size and has one end that is an oval fluff for all around application and the other a smudger--great for "smoking out" your mineral eyeliners and softening sharp edges or for fine detail application of lid colors. I haven't listed this up on my site yet but when I do it will be at least a $4.99 or more value! This will be listed on my site in the Limited Edition page as I did the the "5 for Eyecolor Set with the LH Round Contour" so I can manage inventory because once I'm out of the brushes--they won't be available anymore!

Let me also clarify that ONLY regular eyecolors can be chosen for this set--NO Premium Colors as there is a difference between them (Premium Colors made with more expensive ingredients so I can't allow them to be substituted in this set, sorry!)

But my "Blog Only" special is you will get a SECOND Eyeshadow brush of your choice! You may choose from the following brushes we currently carry:

Ingenue Mini Liner
Ingenue Crescent
Ingenue Oval Shadow
Ingenue Angle Fluff
Ingenue Oval Camoflage
Ingenue Round Contour
Ingenue Deluxe Crease

***We are currently extremely low on our Bent Liner due to its popularity so we cannot offer this as one of the choices. Also, requests for other brushes cannot be taken.

So if I do not get a note for the "Blog Only" special along with your brush choice, you won't get the second brush! Also, please list at least two "backup" choices just in case we do happen to go out of stock of a particular brush.

My other special has to do with the Premium Dual-Ended Eyeshadow brush. I first have to state that I will still continue to carry this brush, but I will be changing the price to $4.99 as I have left it at its Introductory Price much longer than I intended. Remember how I specially priced the Face brushes? I meant to adjust this one but for some reason just kept forgetting to do it with the mini brush. I think it will still be very competitively priced especially since I offer the free shipping to U.S. & Canada and the cheap shipping to my International Customers.

So if you want one at the $3.99 price you may want to grab this brush while you can! I only have a handful left of them as I've taken the other small handful for my other Website Special, 4 Premium Eyecolor Set for $16.49 with a Free Premium Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush. With this set, you may choose to substitute a non-Premium eyecolor but do the math first to see if you are saving money, FYI...

Again, I've got to reiterate that if the listing is no longer there in the Limited Edition section, the deal is no longer available since I have a very limited stock. Once this brush returns after it has gone Out of Stock, they will be at their regular price of $4.99.

Just as a little bit of trivia, I wanted to come up with a special deal for the eyecolors as I noticed that I was getting a lot of large eyecolor sample orders a few weeks ago, specifically from Japan--so this sale was kind of inspired by you all and it's a "thank you" for giving adorned with Grace a try!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Super Sampler kit, Blushes in "Bulk," & Today's Blog Special...

Today, I've added a PERMANENT addition to my online store for a "super" sampler kit: 30 baggie samples for $19.99! I don't know how popular this set will really be, but I've had a few customers asking for a special sale on samples but since we really don't plan on doing a whole lot of sales, I thought this would be a good permanent addition for those that want to buy in bulk.

Speaking of buying in bulk, I've also had quite a few of you telling me you love ALL of the Shimmer Blushes and how you'd like to collect all ten of them so I have come up with a special price for those that want to purchase all ten. I've also added a six & eight piece Blush set just in case you didn't necessarily want every single one of them. (Of course, it is cheaper per jar the more jars you get.)

**However I'll only have these sets are for a limited time only available until April 6th (Monday). Check them out here at the Limited Edition section. After that, they'll be taken off the site. Oh, and as an added note, this does include both the regular Blushes and Shimmer Blushes so you'll have a total of twenty-seven blush colors to choose from as I know not everyone likes a shimmery finish.

Finally, for my "Blog Only" special this week, until Thursday, March 26 if you buy one full-sized jar foundation, you will get one free eyecolor of your choice.
You may choose from the Premium, Regular, or Limited Edition colors. This is for those of you who were wanting a special deal on the single jars of foundation (since you did not need the "2 for" or "3 for" sets). It's not quite a sale but you do get a full-sized freebie which is *always* fun! This is ONLY for the single jars and not the sets.

As with my other "Blog Only" specials, just leave me your eyecolor choice in the "Notes" section when you check out and mention my blog. If you don't write me that note, I won't put the eyecolor in since this is something that is just for those who keep up with us at Also, if I get the order on or after March 27 (Friday), I won't be able to honor your request.

Happy shopping and stay tuned! I hope to have my first Natural Health & Beauty article sometime this week/weekend where I can blog about something useful to keeping you the healthiest and most beautiful you can be.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first health & beauty article!

This has been a long time coming!

When I first started out this blog, I mentioned that besides the sales and updates to my adorned with Grace Minerals store, I wanted to also have articles that helped promote health and healing as I think that is vital to being naturally beautiful so I apologize that its taken me so long to get these out. Well, here it goes...

As some of you have noticed me comment here before, I am cold-natured so I am totally excited about the Springtime and having warmer weather. I especially can't wait to start seeing the flowers bloom and get going on my vegetable garden this year. But along with that comes the pollen that can give me the "snifflies" if I'm not too careful. And with this change in weather--esp. in the state of Mississippi where you never know what temperature its going to be--I can have a tendency to get sick with a cold or sinus infection much easier.

I know I'm not alone in this. In fact, I'm sure many of you suffer from allergies and sinus issues. I mean, how miserable is it to have a head stopped up and have the sneezing/sniffling/coughing and general uncomfortableness that comes with these things? I know I *feel* less than beautiful and don't like to face the world that way. Sure you can take medicine to give you a little bit of relief, but in my experience, it just makes the whole things worse!

Well, I've found that one of the must-haves for those that suffer from allergies or sinus troubles is a Neti pot. Have you all ever heard of it? I actually never even knew they existed until a couple of years ago when I was watching Dr. Oz (from the Oprah show) demonstrate with an audience member how to use one.

So what exactly is a Neti pot? Well, here's a photo so you can get an idea :

Kinda looks like a mini, elephant-shaped teapot--but trust me you won't be drinking from this, lol! Basically, you fill this pot with a saline solution and use it to perform a nasal rinse. "Ew" you may say? Don't worry, that is what I thought too when I saw it demonstrated on TV that day; I found it so strange seeing the water go in this lady's nostril and flow out the other! They said it was excellent for those that had frequent sinus infections and/or cleansing out super-stopped up nasal passages and helping prevent infection so my curiousity was peaked and had to get my hands on one of these to try.

So I ordered this ASAP and when it arrived I had to try it immediately and I could not believe the difference it made! I did not even have a sinus infection or cold at the time but just wanted to try it just to *see.* I remember having to step outside for a minute to let the dog out right after I did it and then realizing how much better I could smell--I could smell "outside smells" like the grass and dirt AND THEN when I came back inside I remember walking into the bedroom and smelling my husband's dirty socks, LOL!

Then during those times I could tell I was starting to get a sinus infection (headache, sore throat, snifflies) I would use my Neti pot and I can honestly say I have not had the issues to the extreme as I did previously where it would just hang on for weeks or where it would get so bad it would trickle down to my throat and I'd get laryngitis--I haven't had that once since I started doing this! Also, one Christmas I did catch a bad cold bug but it did not hang on more than ten days (my other relatives were fighting it for almost six weeks--and even got a bad case of bronchitis!). Now I do have other lifestyle habits that I think contribute to my mostly good health but that is a post for another month...

Not sure if that convinces any of you all to try it--I'm thinking many of you already do this wonderful treatment and swear by it just as I do so feel free to ignore the next few paragraphs. But for those of you that are interested in trying this out, here is a video link so you can get a visual picture of how it works: The Offical Neti Pot Demo Video

If you want to read more about it and see the detailed instructions on how to use it, click on this link: Neti Pot For Sinus Health

As far as where to buy one, I got mine at for $14.99 (+ shipping) for the pot and premeasured saline packets. FYI, I have ordered many times from them before for many of my beauty products like e.l.f. or Jane that aren't available in the stores here in MS (you can also buy from their "sister" store where I think they combine your order total and they sell many faves like Urban Decay Primer Potion, Philosophy products, NARS, etc. and you can get free shipping for orders over $25 if you are a new customer, over $49 if you have ordered before.)

I have also found them at my local Walgreen's but notice they stay "Out of Stock" but if you can get your hands on one, they are truly worth it! I recommend it to my patients all the time and one couple I was seeing loved it so much they bought each of their family members one the following week!

Anyway, I hope this has been informative for at least one person out there! I do give a disclaimer and ask to proceed with care as I'm not an expert on any of these things that I write about but I can at least share with you my own experiences and knowledge on the subject in hopes someone can find it useful. Feel free to research more on your own and ask around for other opinions!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a Small "Giveaway"....

After one of the busy weeks I had, I realized I was getting dangerously low my stock of brushes. So late at night I started to take down inventory and leaf through my catalogs and notes to make up a new order to send to the various suppliers I buy from. Well, in my fatigue and haste, I accidentally wrote down the wrong product number on my short-handled Round Contour Brush--and got the long-handled Round Contour instead! And I did not realize this until too late when I opened up my package the day it came.

Since I admit that I am a little bit of a perfectionist and felt this long-handled version seemed out of place with the set I sell now, I thought that instead of selling this alongside my other Ingenue Eyeshadow brushes, I would just offer the small handful I have (about six of them to be exact) with anyone who places an order for my "5 for $19.99 Eyecolor Set" as a FREEBIE giveaway. You just have to be super quick and click on this link: "5 for $19.99 with one Freebie Long Handled Round Contour Brush" and order!

FYI, it is identical to my current Round Contour but is about two inches longer. It's one of my best selling eye brushes and one of my personal top three favorites in my Ingenue line that I literally use everyday so its a great addition to anyone's collection! Here's a pic if you all are wondering what it looks like in comparison to the shorter version:

Just remember that in the regular "5 for $19.99 set" you can't substitute any of the Premium Colors, but you can include any of our Limited Edition Colors. Speaking of, those will be available until April 1, about two more weeks and I don't plan on marking them down anymore. I always feel bad for those "early birds" who end up paying more so I'm keeping the prices the same for these LE colors. I am getting low on the Sample Baggies of these colors so you all may want to grab those while you can if you were just wanting to sample.

Oh, and about the Giveaway, when the brushes are gone, the Listing will hide itself so if you click on that link above or go to the LE section and it is not there, that means they are gone. **DON'T** use the regular listing in the Eyecolor section as that will only get you the eyecolors, but no freebie; this listing will specifically say "with Freebie Round Contour Brush."

But don't feel bad if you miss out on this one; I'm going to plan one for the "10 for $29.99" sometime in the near future with a new Ingenue Eyeshadow brush I'm thinking about adding to the collection--but that's all I'm saying for now! Just tune in next time...

**EDIT: Due to the many emails I am getting, I wanted to say that we are Out of Stock of the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber brush although I do have some pending orders that if they fall through, I may have a few to put back up for sale later this week. Unfortunately, my next shipment will not be in for another month or more but just keep up with our blog and we'll announce it here first when it's fully stocked once again. Sorry all! I tried to stock up on these myself but they are so popular, I really cannot keep them in stock for long.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Supreme Smoothing Powder: Does it work?

So this is a question I have gotten from some of you so I thought I'd do a post about it with a photo just so you can see the difference:

If you notice how the "After" picture looks so much smoother and "soft focus" than the Before picture! Because silica is spherical shaped, it fills in those pores and spaces very well and allows your foundation to have a much smoother finish, both to touch and appearance; especially if you find you wear a high coverage foundation that has a lot of titanium dioxide it it, it can "drag" as you buff it on but this will also help to apply it more evenly.

Besides as a primer, you can also use our Smoothing Powder just as a very light finishing powder to kind of blur those pores or fine lines--most notably helpful any time you are getting your picture taken. Of course, it won't hide deep wrinkles or very large pores (it's "supreme" not "magical" lol...) but does diminish them enough so you may be less self-conscious about them.

And the best way to apply? I personally apply it the way I do all my powders:

I first like to press it on gently with a powder puff (which is why all the powders adorned with Grace sells except for Celestial, comes with them) as if I was "spackling" it in; then I take a large fluffy powder brush (maybe like our Large All Over Face brush) and very lightly whisk away the excess. (You definitely don't want to buff it off as you can buff them out of the fine lines they have just filled!)

And for those of you wondering, our Smoothing Powders works best with oily/combination skin but can also work with dry skin if you use in smaller amounts. As with anything, some may find they have a sensitivity to it but you are always welcome to try our samples if you are unsure and maybe do a skin test just to check.

Speaking of samples, for those of you that were going to order something anyway and have been interested in our Smoothing powder and would like to test it out for yourself, here is a "Blog Only" special just for you: Until this Thursday, March 12, when you order $10 worth of products (not including shipping for International Customers and must be $10 or more, not $9.99 or less) get a sample set of all four of our Smoothing Powders so you can see which of the four tints we currently carry looks best on you: Peach, Golden, Neutral, & Untinted. If you don't want any of the Smoothing Powders, feel free to substitute any one of our powders: Divine Oil Control, Celestial Silkening, or Heavenly Rice Powder.

You've got to mention "Blog Only" Powder sample special though in the notes section or we won't remember to add them! Again, you'll get to sample each of the Supreme Smoothing powders (four samples) but you can substitute any of our other powders. No other substitutions allowed with our other products--sorry!

So don't forget, this will only be available until Thursday, March 12--if we get your request on the 13th, we won't be able to honor your request!

Hope this has been helpful!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A St. Patty's Day Eyeshadow Duo set: $7.49: Choose two greens!!!

To kick off a new month (yes, it is already March!!!) we wanted to start off with a special St. Patrick's "Choose Your Own" Green Eyeshadows Duo set for $7.49. Here in the U.S. we have this funny (and somewhat painful, lol) tradition of pinching those who aren't wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. So to help you all prepare for this occassion, this set will allow you to choose any two of the following green eyecolors: Tranquility, Enduring, Benevolent, or Glorious. Because we still have a handful left in stock, you may also choose the following LE's that are no longer on our site but are bringing back just to give you all more choices for this Duo set: Exuberant, Jovial, and Altruistic. HOWEVER, because we have very few of these colors, please make sure to list your second and third choices should Exuberant, Jovial, & Altruistic become unavailable. *You also cannot choose Wondrous which is a Limited Edition Premium Eyecolor from this Winter collection.

The St. Patricks Duo Eyeshadow set will be available until March 17.

of the Grab Bag Samples as of March 4. SORRY! *

And, as a treat to those of you who follow, subscribe, or simply check out our blog regularly, we have a special deal just for you until Thursday, March 5. If you happen to buy any TWO eyeshadow brushes (from our Ingenue or Premium line) you get a free full sized (5 gm jar) of eyeshadow! You just need to write in the Notes section when you comment what eyecolor you want.

Now if you happen to get our 8-piece Ingenue set or our 4-piece Premium set, you will get four eyecolors or two eyecolors respectively! Also, we will count the Mascara Guard and Metal Eyelash comb in this too--any of the brushes and accessories made specifically for using with your eyes! If you are unsure, feel free to email us at to inquire.

Now in case we become Out of Stock of the eye brushes you want before March 5, we'll take your name down as a backorder, but you have to either have placed an order or notified us by March 5 to qualify, no exceptions please. So if get an order or hear from you March 6 that you wanted in on this deal, we won't be able to honor your request. Sorry! We just have to draw the line somewhere...

Since this is a "Blog Only" special, you MUST mention this in the Notes section when you checkout. You'll have to list your eyeshadow colors anyway so it will be kind of hard to forget! I won't be mentioning this at my online store so this is truly an exclusive sale! It is just my way of showing my appreciation to those of you who have been wonderful supporters of awG!