Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Special for 6-10 (Thurs) to 6-18 (Fri)

Check out our new Blog Specials at this link: Blog Special for 6-10 (Thurs) to 6-18 (Fri)

You'll find some deeply discounted full-sized set deals with brushes. However, if you are NOT interested in any of those and plan on buying $30 or more AND want some Brushes/Accessories, use our Blog-only announced discount code "BLOGBRUSH15" and get 15% off all Brushes/Accessories.

With this discount code, you will get 15% of any Brush/Accessory BUT you *must* spend $30 or more per order. Your $30 total does not have to come from just the Brushes/Accessories (so you can spend $25 on minerals and just $5 on a Brush) but it will ONLY discount Brushes/Accessories, not any makeup items or other products.

Also, make sure to use the code at Checkout--otherwise, you will not get the discount!

This will be our last Blog Special before we leave for our two week trip**. Keep that in mind when placing an order--but also know that we will hopefully have some new items (definitely more Clearance items) and another little sale the second or third week in July after we get back and settled for our wonderfully patient customers!

**See Blog Entry HERE regarding our leave of absence and how it will affect shipping/turnaround time.