Thursday, September 8, 2011

See you in 2012!

So we are now officially closed in preparation for the move! This means that we will have very limited Internet access the next month or two due to the amount of work we have to do packing and traveling so if we are slow to answer, it is not that we are ignoring you, but that we just are unable to.

If there are any problems with orders, please understand that we will have everything packed up and cannot ship any items until the move is complete. We would like to remind those that place International orders, we cannot do anything about it anyway unless you purchased Shipping Insurance. For those that did purchase it and have an issue, again it will be at least 1-2 months before we can do anything anyway as we ask you to wait about 60 days from the time your order ships out before we can do anything.

As of right now, we are still processing orders but we expect them all to be shipped out by early next week. We are actually pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of orders that came in and has actually put a halt on some of our packing so we are rather behind on getting these out in our normal 24-48 hour timeline. Because the Customs number on International orders does not help you track it outside of the US, you will simply get a Shipping Notice; U.S. orders will be sent the Tracking number along with the Shipping Notice.

Other than that, I believe that is all for now. We will try to blog to give updates on where we are at just in case we run into "snags" and detours in trying to restart the business in our new city. Thank you everyone for being so supportive and your wishes of good luck during our move! We are excited and think this will be a wonderful thing for adorned with Grace as well! :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coupon Code

The coupon code for orders $15 or more is:


You will get 30% off your total order (not including Shipping/Shipping Insurance). This will be good until September 7, Wednesday and then our store will be temporarily closed until we finish moving. Thanks everyone!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Less than a week before closing!

Just reminding everyone that our store will be temporarily closing this Thursday, Sept. 8 with the last day to shop on Sept. 7. We have added some new Clearance items such as Grab Bags of the discontinued both sample and full-size of Blush & Eyecolors as well as Blush & Eyecolor bundles. Most of these items are going fast so if you would like to get them act soon!

However, you may also risk it and wait to save more as we are going to be issuing a discount code either Sept. 4 or 5, so definitely check back here then. As with our other coupon codes, though, because it is a rather large percentage (more so than any other time we've issued them) this will only be for orders $15 or more, so go ahead and order if yours is less than $15 not including shipping.

Our powders and foundations and some of the Clearance items are going pretty fast out of stock though so if you don't want to risk running out of inventory, definitely order soon! We want the last couple days to move fast since we need to pack up the remainder of whatever we do not sell.

As we noted in the previous entry, please allow for increased shipping time since we are in the midst of some very hectic packing (as well as traveling this and next weekend!) but trust that your orders should ship out no later than Sept. 12-13. We refuse to move unless we finish processing all orders!

In other clarification since we are getting a few emails asking, if there is an item that has gone Out of Stock, assuming it is a regular item, not something in our Clearance section, it will be Out of Stock until we reopen in early 2012. We have packed up our blending equipment and cannot make anything else, nor have reordered brushes/accessories. There will be a handful of foundation colors that may not make a return but that is all to be determined during the hiatus.

Remember, we will likely be increasing our prices (not a whole lot but a fair percentage to make a difference over the last two years we have been open to account for our increasing rates for the raw materials we use) and our shipping rates as well due to the constant rising of prices every year/six months. Although this is more of a hobby business, it is still a business and may be hard to maintain its quality if our rates continue as they are.

Again, we'll be back with a very short but quick blog giving you all the awesome coupon code for orders $15 or more either on Sunday or Monday!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Explanation: Where did the sets go???

Because we are trying to keep track of the inventory so that you know for sure whether or not the item is in stock, we did readjust the way we have listed our products on the site. Instead of using the drop down menus or simply writing in your choices, you just go to the single listing for a full size item and add the product as many times as you need.  There will be adjustments made in price according to how many you buy and if there is a difference within the products (e.g. regular eyecolors vs. premium eyecolors).

We did this for the foundation and powders, the eyecolors, the blushes, as well as the Ingenue/Premium Eyeshadow brush sets. Unfortunately, we could not keep up the single listing that had a specific description/photo for each item because the inventory check does not work that way. Basically, this is really set up for prior customers to adorned with Grace and we are assuming most of you know exactly what items you need. I think this would really only pose a problem for the brushes, but luckily, the brushes will take up less room in the move so whatever does not get sold will be easy to transport.

Hope that makes sense to you all! :)

Not the end...

So if you have stopped by the home page of our website at, you may have read the note at top that says we will be...MOVING! In fact, it may be happening rather quickly here and for that reason, we will have to close awG temporarily on September 8 to give us time to move and get settled in.

As of this time, we have no idea exactly when this will be. I want to caution everyone that it may not be until January 2012 before we get things rolling again, depending on how well the move will go and the kind of place we will be living in. Since we will be trying to whittle down our inventory so that there will be less to move, it may take a while to make up more products to have ready for sale, especially foundations/powders/popular blush & eye colors that we may run out of before we shut it down.

We also would like time to be able to revise our website and how the products are listed as well as make needed changes such as pricing (products and shipping). In addition, we will also be looking at simplifying our line even more which means discontinuing unpopular products (some foundation colors literally sit on the shelves!) and other possible additions/subtractions in our process.

This change may seem to come rather too quickly--I know, it most definitely is for me and I do apologize if it causes any inconvenience to anyone. We were not sure of our move until about one and a half weeks ago, and all we could do was prepare for a possible change, which was VERY difficult to do!

The store has now been reopened until September 8 (September 7 will be the last day of shopping). I would recommend that if you are low on your favorite foundation/powder/blush/eyecolor, you may need to order before then to guarantee you will receive the product assuming we have that item in stock. Since we will be having to pack up our things these next two weeks, it will be impossible to mix up more colors.

Then whatever items we do not sell by September 4, we will be issuing a coupon code here at to ensure a quick sale as we want to move as little items as possible. We are still attempting to add more Clearance items before the week is over so make sure you stay tuned to that as well!

One last thing, because it will be very hectic here the next few weeks, do allow for an increased shipping time *possibly* should we fall behind. You all know we try to get these orders out ASAP, but give us grace should it take 3-6 days longer than usual.

Thank you all again for your support of awG and pray for us that this move goes smoothly so we can get awG back up and running once again!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming Vacation & Explanations

So sorry for the very quiet absence everyone but this has been one full and very busy summer! And we believe our schedule is about to get busier...

From August 16-28, we will be going out of town and temporarily closing the store; the first part is an Out-of-Town trip for my Birthday (Yipee!) and then the last part is for a VERY special mother-in-law's! Rather than fall behind as we usually do when we keep our store open, we are going to close it down.

You may have noticed that the Samples & Foundation/Powder sets have been removed from our site? Right now, there are several factors (which we chose not to disclose at this time) that are preventing us from manufacturing more products so we are trying to keep a closer check of our Inventory. Because of that, we have to sell what items we do have and because it is difficult to track inventory for the sets/samples (our website is not equipped to track inventory when purchased in sets, unfortunately).

However, you can still purchase at discounted prices as we added an automatic percentage off with multifple purchases of Foundation/Powder. Just play with the cart and you'll see there will still be at least 15% off when buying more than two foundations/powders, and a little bit more when buying three or more (either 20-25%). The pricing will be somewhat similar to what the previous sets offered.

But in case you all were wondering, the issues are NOT due to any legal issues or government regulations. We wish we could disclose more but for now this is all we can say. We have gotten emails from many of you asking about the Samples, but if you just stay tuned to our Blog, we'll let you know as soon as we can about the status.

Also, we did change our Shipping Insurance rates. Sadly, it seems International mail has not been quite as careful lately, and especially with our very low prices and current shipping rate, we are losing money. :( Rather than quit shipping to International countries altogether, we decided to increase the rate. See new choices here: Shipping Insurance

Please also remember, that we ask you to wait exactly eight weeks or more from when we shipped your order before contacting us.  As stated in our terms in the Product Description, we will not address emails if they are sent sooner. Obviously, if you do not purchase Shipping Insurance, we cannot resend/refund your order; you can email us, but there will be nothing we can do. :(

Lastly, the single eyecolors and blushes that are in the Clearance section? What does not sell by August 15 (before the temporary closing) will be placed in "Grab Bag" sets when we return--so if there is a color that you wanted specifically, make sure to get it before then, or you can risk it and hope it ends up in one of our Grab Bag sets. We would PLEASE like to ask you NOT to email us and ask us to try to include certain colors or set aside specific ones; we will not reply to any emails regarding these Clearance colors. 

Understand that the Grab Bags are priced very inexpensively and that is part of the reason why--also, that is excitement of Grab Bag are surprised at what you get!

So, that is it for now! Thanks for your patience everyone!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Discontinued colors, Clearance items

We are officially back online! We got most of the stock back up; however, we actually have quite a few more out of town trips this Summer that might get us behind again, but we'll deal with that when it actually happens.

You'll also notice we have discontinued quite a few eye colors & blushes/Shimmer blushes as well; many of the colors included pigments our supplier no longer carries so we are unable to make up more of them. There will be a few we can try to recreate; however, we are very limited on time these days and not sure how quickly that will be able to happen.

Also note the Clearance coupon on the Clearance page; it will be good until June 12 and is only for items that are on Clearance. can buy $40 of total items (non-Clearance/Clearance) but it will only take the percentage off on the Clearance items.

Thanks for your patience everyone!