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 I had no idea it would be so challenging. You would think that I could just “pick up” where we left off with adorned with Grace, but the market has changed pretty significantly in 10 years! I do not remember having to work so hard making the products and on the website many years ago. The latter has been especially difficulty—but…I think I had a bit of writer’s block when trying to get everything jump started. I realized that in continuing adorned with Grace, I felt important to clarify to myself what adorned with Grace would be. Back then, it started as a creative outlet for me, to make cosmetics for hard-to-match skin tones like mine, and to promote true beauty ideas for a positive influence in the world. All still true, of course! But before I could go any further, I felt impressed to elaborate on our values and mission, so this is what I wrote down last week: *To be a light to those in darkness who are held down from their true identity in God. *To unite women and model how we can
Recent posts
  Where have we been you may ask? Yes, for a while there were were great at posting to our social media on Instagram & Facebook ! However, the last few weeks have been super busy as we have been producing the new Foundations, Powders, Blush, and (starting today) our Eyeshadows. And at the beginning of the month, Texas has its worst snowstorm in 20 years so needless to sale we were quite a bit distracted then! However we have not forgotten about you all and hope you all have been able to Share and purchase some of this older stock on Clearance prices.😀 Remember, if there was a certain color you liked from our prior store, try to grab one now as we are not only repackaging our products but having to reformulate most of it! Being almost 10 years away, some colorants are no longer available OR have gone up considerably in price, causing us to find a substitute to make a color most similar to the prior.   And speaking of price, we desire to still price fairly but know that we will hav

Clearance Store Officially Open!

It is official! We have reopened with our previous stock! Some important things to note: *For a “fuller” view of the website (as in picture below) you can choose the Desktop version vs. Mobile version if you are in your phone. *We have set our site to accept  USA orders only .  HOWEVER, if you are from another country that we used to ship to email us @ and we may be able to work something out. *There is a shipping charge for USA orders depending on weight. However, if your order totals over $35 we will manually refund your shipping charge! If you do not see it refunded, please email or message us so we can take care of it. *Unfortunately, although you may read in some of the separate Product Description to try our $1 samples, since this is the Clearance stock, we will not have samples you can try before you buy since we do not really have additional stock to make up any more samples. We also cannot take any refunds should you not be happy. Sorry!  😣   * Kn

This has been a LONG time coming....

A little over nine years in fact! I first have to start out with my deepest apologies. When we packed up to move to another state, I had every intention of getting adorned with Grace up and going again, even choosing a house that would allow me to have the space & work area to do so. I even prepared new stock ready so all I had to do was package the items. I even filled out all the Business license, sales tax, and permit forms I needed. But life happened and it got me so sidetracked,that awG got left by the wayside.😢 To make a very long story short, we moved again rather unexpectedly two years later and then have been in jobs and other endeavors that continued to keep me occupied. But I NEVER lost my love for making makeup and, of course, all my loyal & beautiful customers! I knew I would somehow get back on track but never did I ever think that it would be in 2020 that I would begin to do so, when the whole world seemed to turn upside down! But for me personall

See you in 2012!

So we are now officially closed in preparation for the move! This means that we will have very limited Internet access the next month or two due to the amount of work we have to do packing and traveling so if we are slow to answer, it is not that we are ignoring you, but that we just are unable to. If there are any problems with orders, please understand that we will have everything packed up and cannot ship any items until the move is complete. We would like to remind those that place International orders, we cannot do anything about it anyway unless you purchased Shipping Insurance. For those that did purchase it and have an issue, again it will be at least 1-2 months before we can do anything anyway as we ask you to wait about 60 days from the time your order ships out before we can do anything. As of right now, we are still processing orders but we expect them all to be shipped out by early next week. We are actually pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of orders that came in

Coupon Code

The coupon code for orders $15 or more is: MOVING30 You will get 30% off your total order (not including Shipping/Shipping Insurance). This will be good until September 7, Wednesday and then our store will be temporarily closed until we finish moving. Thanks everyone!