Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A special Wedding Collection!

If you have been to our site in the last few days you may have seen the Notice at the bottom of our website right above the footer: We'll be unavailable to ship orders received from Feb. 9 - Feb. 21 because we will be out of town and that orders will likely not be shipped until Feb. 23 at the earliest.

Why is this you may ask? Well, we have a very important wedding to go to in Florida and will be out of town and unable to take care of things as usual. My little sister is getting married (Congrats, Sis!) and being the maid of honor, we just could not miss such a special occasion! Since we are a small company, we do not have additional staff that can help with the processing while we are gone so we just hope you will either submit your order before the 9th or after the 21st or be willing to wait a little longer that our usual shipping time.

However, in honor of her special day, we have a special Wedding LE Collection; there are two eye colors, Incomparable & Exceptional and then two Blushes/All Over Face Colors, Resplendent & Effervescent.

You'll find them here on our Limited Edition page.

Please note that you'll be able to get samples of these if you get the 15 or 30 Sample Set but due to the very limited number, we can only sell them a la carte or in the special Wedding Eyecolor or Blush Duo Sets. They will NOT be available in the 3 or 10 Eyecolor and/or 2 or 4 Blush Sets.

Also available on this page is a rainbow selection of Color Correctors! This is something that was requested by a few customers, especially the Yellow & Apricot concealer. If any of these prove to be popular, we can make them a permanent addition to our line!

We've also added a new synthetic Ingenue foundation brush, Clearance Items, & a special duo brush set. Make sure to check these out! But again, try to get your order in before Feb. 9 or it likely will not be shipped for another week and a half!