Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extending Premium Brush Sale!

Yes, you read correctly...due to popular demand, we will be extending the sale we have on our Premium Brushes until November 19! Remember, all brushes (except the Premium Eyebrushes under $6) are 10% off right now!

No Blog Special for this week but all orders over $15 will get a free Eye/Lip Pencil Sharpener. (Remember, this does not include taxes or shipping so do your math carefully!) There will be no need to add anything to your cart, it will be automatically included. :) HOWEVER, this will **ONLY** be for orders that we receive by Oct. 31. If you place your order in November, we will not be able to honor the deal.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some new stuff, a Blog Special, and a Sale!

If you stalk our website, you might have noticed that we put up a new Premium brush yesterday as well as a new accessory!

Our first new offering is our Premium Mini Eye Buki. (We took a picture of it next to our full sized eyeshadow--that is about the size of a quarter--so you could get an idea of how adorable it was!)

Because of popularity of our other mini brush (Mini Dual Ended), we thought you all would also enjoy this one! What I like about it, besides its travel-friendly size, is that it has a nice fluffy bristle head that allows for great all over application or blending colors. As with our other Premium brushes, this one is 100% synthetic and assembled in the USA.

Then we also have our new Dual Eye/Lip Pencil Sharpener with Cover. It's a tool I know many of you all use if you still wear traditional eye or lip liners (I admit to still using Wet 'n' Wild 666 Lipliner, a Makeup Alley fave!) and a good pencil sharpener is a must!

This week's Blog Special is for our Blushes. Just click HERE to see this week's special deal! This offer will be good until Friday, Oct. 23.

Then, our sale for the entire week is for the winner from our recent poll: Premium brushes! With an exception of the Eyeshadow brushes that are under $5.99, they are 10% off for this week until next Sunday, Oct. 25. *Pleaes note that Sale prices are for the current stock only. Once they go out of stock, when they will return, it will be at their regular price.

Happy shopping all!

New Fall LE Eyecolors are here!

They are finally here! This was actually a good week to release these; the weather has finally turned cooler here in the normally hot and humid state of Mississippi. I think it was actually 48 degrees early this morning, lol! It was a welcome change though. ;)

You'll find them here at our Limited Edition page. As with our other collections, make sure to act fast as there are very limited quantities of these (especially of the full-size complete set) and will no longer be stocked once they are gone!

A brief rundown on all the colors:

Enchanting - A grayed plum with colorful highlights; Inspiring's purple sister.
Endearing - A stone colored beige; great for those with more neutral skintones as a highlighter.
Enigmatic - An intense blue-grey; similar to Placid but more mysterious!
Enthralling - A bright mustard gold; not for the color shy. ;)
Enthusiastic - A bright and shimmery light golden yellow; great highlight or base color.
Enticing - A rich shimmer purple; complements well with Enthralling for a bold look.
Feisty - A shimmery dark taupe; reminds me a lot of an old tester color I called Shimmery Dark Taupe.
Mesmerizing - A milk chocolate shimmer; natural and goes well with anything!
Remarkable - A soft silvery light green; made to go with Enigmatic.

So which ones are my personal favorites and what I would wear everyday? I adore Enthusiastic, Enchanting, Mesmerizing and Feisty--these are very natural colors I could wear to the office, and I suspect if any sell out first, these would be it!

Word of caution to those that try Enthralling however--I'd say this is one **bright** Fall color; it definitely has the golden tones you would recognize with this season and you don't have to worry about this one not showing up on you!

But we hope you like these colors and enjoy wearing them this season! They'll be available until they sell out or mid-December, whichever comes first.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Columbus Day, About Fall LE, & Vote in Poll!

Before I close up for the weekend, I do want to give you all a heads up that it will be a "long weekend" for awG in that any orders that we receive from now (about 6 p.m. Central Time Friday, Oct.9 to Tuesday, Oct 13) will likely not be shipped until Thursday, Oct 14. Partly because Monday, Oct. 12 is a Postal Holiday and there will be no mail that day, but also since we will be going out of town and not be back to do anything with orders until Wednesday afternoon. So just be aware of that as you know I like to send orders out super fast, but it just won't happen this weekend, lol...

Also, I have decided I won't release my LE Fall Colors until the week of Oct. 19. Mostly because I want to release them the same time as my next Blog Special, and there will not be one until that week since next week will be out. Also, it still feels like Summer weather here in the state of Mississippi as today was 80 degrees and it's so hard to get in the mood for Fall, LOL! I'll also have a few small new eye accessories to add along with the new LE eyecolors. :)

Finally, I'd love for everyone to vote in the poll to your right about what items you would like to see next on Sale. Just trying to see what direction I should go in with my next sale/Blog Special!

Have a great weekend everyone!