Friday, January 1, 2010

Continuing with the Sale next week!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we will put up the continuation of our Christmas/New Year sale the week of January 4 (most likely be up around Jan. 4/5). We would have liked to have put that up this week but due to the surprising amount of orders we got while we were out of town (Thank you everyone! Esp. to my paying customers who I suspected Blogged and/or YouTubed about us!) we have been a tad behind and we do need to catch up on updating Inventory before putting more items up for sale. :)

FYI, if you placed an order before Dec. 29, your order should have already shipped out but if you did not get a Shipping Notice, you most likely might have had the issues as noted in our last Blog entry, esp. if you have a Yahoo account. We made sure we got caught up with our shipping as we know the joy of getting items shipped quickly! And of course, no orders were shipped out today (Jan. 1) since this is considered a holiday for the U.S. Postal service but we will resume sending them out Monday!

Thanks again, and keep tuned into our Blog or our Facebook page for notification of our upcoming sale!