Friday, November 5, 2010

Sneak peak for next week!

So we've been working like crazy to try to get our new Clearance colors out and instead of Foundation & Blush as we've had this past year, we've decided to put out some Eyecolors! And not just in our regular 5 gram jars, but 10 gram jars!!! Because these are Clearance colors you likely won't ever see them again so we made sure to give you enough to last. ;)

Below is a swatch I did on my hands of the colors. You will be able to purchase them in duo set (not singly) in the following combinations:

Astute & Intellectual
Austere & Ascetic
Bountiful & Selfless
Brooding & Pensive
Fortunate & Serendipitous
Shrewd & Cunning
Soothing & Comforting
Timeless & Everlasting

We've got a few more small details to finish before we put these on sale but be expecting these up early next week along with a couple new accessories.

Just an FYI, our current LE's last day on the site will be Sunday, November 13. We've accidentally extended the time on them but luckily there was a few of you that were still ordering/wanting them. :) Also expect a Blog Special on our Premium FACE brushes next week at the same time so hold off on buying any of our those if you want to save some money.

Thanks for your patience!