Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Notice: Shipping Delays Oct. 1-12 & BLOG SPECIAL!!!

Bad news first: I will be in a Leadership Conference in Atlanta in the first part of October and since it is still a "one woman" company, there will be no one available for me (who could do the job as perfect as I want it anyway, lol!) to take care of Orders and Shipping so if you find you are running low on some of your awG favorites, please order by Sept. 30 or your order may not ship out until Wednesday, Oct. 13.

To clarify further, expect that if you place an order between Oct. 1 - 12, your order will likely not ship until Wednesday, Oct. 13 at the earliest!  So even if you don't place an order and you happen to be talking to someone in a forum about how they haven't gotten a Shipping Notice from awG yet, then let them know as not everyone follows our Blog.

On that note, EVERYONE should follow our Blog! And "Why?" you may ask...because of our Blog Sales! In fact, we do have one more Blog Special before I go out of town. In an effort to make room for a slew of new items, we are trying to clear out an almost empty stash of Clearance & Limited Editions!

So for orders $33 and over, you will get 15% off on any item you see on the Clearance & Limited Edition pages from our website. You just use the code "CLEARANCE" in the Coupon Code box when you checkout. You don't have to buy ONLY Clearance/LE items. If fact, you can buy $30 worth of brushes and only $3 worth of Clearance/LE and get 15% of the $3 you spend. Of course, it is a better deal if you get $33 worth of Clearance/LE but we may not have enough inventory left at the end of the sale for you to do that so we thought it would be more fair this way.

This Coupon Code for this Blog Special will run until Wednesday, Sept. 29.

P.S. We hope to have the new items, along with some new accessories mid-late October for you...