Monday, May 24, 2010

Grand Opening Sale - 10% off Entire Store from May 24-June 6!

To officially kick off our new website (thank you for all the rave reviews by the way!) we have started our 10% off sale, which is rather rare for awG since we do already offer very low prices and free/inexpensive shipping. This sale will run from May 24 (today) to June 6 (Sunday) All you do is type in the word "GRAND" when you checkout and the discount will apply to your order. Please make sure to use the Coupon Code above or we will not apply the discount to your order.

Make sure to spread the word as one of the reasons we have switched to a new website is our hopes to grow even more! One of the awesome features of our new site is that if you look closely at each product, (note our screen shot below) there is a link there where you can link an specific product to post to your favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. It's sharing made much easier!

There will be no Blog Special while this sale is running but we'll likely be back to posting one up the week of June 7. Thanks all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog Special & Exclusive opportunity to try our new Premium Small Dual Fiber!

Click to get to the secret link of our new Blog Special:

Blog Special for May 19 (Wednesday) to May 23 (Sunday)

One of the specials we told you about is a chance to exclusively* try out our new Premium Small Dual Fiber. It's kind of a mix of our Petite & Sleek. The bristles are more like the Petite BUT 100% Synthetic but has a longer handle like the Sleek and matches our other Premium brushes.

This brush does cost more than our Ingenue line but as with our other Premium brushes, this is of the best quality and you will find that there is very minimal shedding/bleeding and with proper care, could last you lifetimes! You'll find it worth the price! We are offering it for $14.77 as an introductory price and will increase it to $16.99 when it debuts on our store next week. The manufacturer's recommended price is between $19-$25 and if you compare with brushes like the MAC 188 (which is about $32-34 and NOT 100% Synthetic) it is still a good deal!

Thanks all and happy shopping! If nothing peaks your interest with this week's Blog Special, tune in next week sometime for our Grand Opening Sale!

*This brush is currently not sold on our website publicly. This is only for our Blog subscribers and FB Fans/Friends!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Shipping Policies

We have made a couple changes in our Shipping Policy since we had a chance to redo our website and they are as follows:

1. We will no longer accept orders that have different Billing and Shipping Addresses UNLESS you are a Customer who has made at least one purchase before using your Billing Address.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some very dishonest people take advantage of our previous policy in the last several months and cannot afford to do that anymore since they were fraudulent orders. PayPal normally has safeguard checks when you pay but for some reason, these crooks got past them! Should we get an order with varying addresses, we will cancel the order immediately, but also notify you via email AND by a written letter via your Billing Address the reason why.

2. Also, our International Shipping charges have changed:

$15 or less: $1.50 USD
$15.01-$35.00: $2.50 USD
$35.01-$55.00: $3.50 USD
$55.01-$100.00 or more: $4.50 USD
***All orders $100.01 or more will be charged $5.25

Overall, we believe most of you will spend less on Shipping but we did need to make adjustments. In comparison with other companies, however, you’ll still find our rates very reasonable especially since we have not raised any of our rates in two years we have been open and there have been about three postage increases since then.

(FYI, No change, on US & Canadian Shipping--you all will still get Free Shipping since rates only go up about 10-25 cents an ounce whereas shipping for International packages goes up at least $1-2 per added ounce!)

About our New Website!

It has taken about a month of hard work to get this together but I think the majority of you will be very happy with the changes! Here’s a run-down on the ones I am most excited about…

1. Account Log-In: My other website required you to do that but it was simply to ease checkout. It did not allow you to check on orders and its status. It also keeps record of things like Wish Lists, previously viewed items, past orders, etc.

2. Customer Testimonials: You can now submit your Testimonials for the products you love (or maybe not so love, lol) and rate them to help others in their shopping experience.

Just know that we will monitor them and won’t publish Testimonials that are super short (e.g. “Hated this product!” or “Would never buy again!”) because if you write something less than flattering, the Customers reading them would like to know exactly why (wrong for your skin, too bright, bad texture, etc.)—it is only fair. ;)

3. Compare feature: You can compare up to four items on one page and decide which you like best. Very helpful for deciding on the color of minerals you want.

4. Added Shopping helps: Shop By Price, Top Sellers list, New Products list for those that need those features to help enhance your shopping experience.

5. Organization: This may be our opinion only, but since we are able to adjust the menus with a subcategory, you can get to products much easier than on the old website.

We also prefer our Shop By Color feature as it is MUCH easier to add New or Limited Edition colors than the old way (we had to make a Table and add the item, make hyperlinks, etc. which was a rather complex process so you can see we did not always have time to update the old one) and some colors actually fit in more than one category (like LE Furtive is both a gray and purple tone).

6. Gift Certificates: We did not really have these on our other site as we did not like how the previous company had it set up: you could basically only use it one time and it did not appear you could keep a balance—which I thought was not fair. But this will allow you to use the GC and if you have a remaining balance you can still get to it and even check on it in case you ever forget the exact amount through your Account.

So feel free to go ahead and shop but do note that we will have a Grand Opening Sale starting next week (the week of May 24) but we’ll also post a Blog Special with some great deals for you all sometime tomorrow.

Have fun with the new site!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


adorned with Grace is in the process of making some changes in the next few days to a week so there is the chance the site may be down this weekend (May 15-17) and *maybe* a few days after that. Just be aware of this in case you needed to place a much needed order or were making a YouTube video as the links you post may not work.

As soon as we are finished with the changes, we will post here first to give you an overview of what we've done! We'll likely also post up a good Blog Special and/or Sale just for your patience!

P.S. I just have to let one cat out of the bag: In around 2-3 weeks, we hope to have a 100% Synthetic Long Handled version of our beloved Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber for sale on the site. We'll be offering a special Introductory price the first week of its sale, so you'll want to stay tuned for that!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Inspired Eyeshadow Sale!

With the air of Springtime and the beautiful colors popping up all around, we were inspired today to put our Eyeshadows on Sale for 10% off!
This means all Single eyeshadows (Regular and Premium formulas) and Sets are marked down. Please note that this does NOT including our Limited Edition, however; also, it does not include our single Sample sizes. If you put one of the LE colors in the boxes that require you to write in the name of the eyecolor, it may delay your order as we'll have to email you and ask that you request a different color.

This Eyeshadow Sale will run until Sunday, May 9th.

P.S. For my subscribers and FB followers, in case you were wondering, there will be no Blog Special this week.