Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Shipping Policies

We have made a couple changes in our Shipping Policy since we had a chance to redo our website and they are as follows:

1. We will no longer accept orders that have different Billing and Shipping Addresses UNLESS you are a Customer who has made at least one purchase before using your Billing Address.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some very dishonest people take advantage of our previous policy in the last several months and cannot afford to do that anymore since they were fraudulent orders. PayPal normally has safeguard checks when you pay but for some reason, these crooks got past them! Should we get an order with varying addresses, we will cancel the order immediately, but also notify you via email AND by a written letter via your Billing Address the reason why.

2. Also, our International Shipping charges have changed:

$15 or less: $1.50 USD
$15.01-$35.00: $2.50 USD
$35.01-$55.00: $3.50 USD
$55.01-$100.00 or more: $4.50 USD
***All orders $100.01 or more will be charged $5.25

Overall, we believe most of you will spend less on Shipping but we did need to make adjustments. In comparison with other companies, however, you’ll still find our rates very reasonable especially since we have not raised any of our rates in two years we have been open and there have been about three postage increases since then.

(FYI, No change, on US & Canadian Shipping--you all will still get Free Shipping since rates only go up about 10-25 cents an ounce whereas shipping for International packages goes up at least $1-2 per added ounce!)