Tuesday, May 18, 2010

About our New Website!

It has taken about a month of hard work to get this together but I think the majority of you will be very happy with the changes! Here’s a run-down on the ones I am most excited about…

1. Account Log-In: My other website required you to do that but it was simply to ease checkout. It did not allow you to check on orders and its status. It also keeps record of things like Wish Lists, previously viewed items, past orders, etc.

2. Customer Testimonials: You can now submit your Testimonials for the products you love (or maybe not so love, lol) and rate them to help others in their shopping experience.

Just know that we will monitor them and won’t publish Testimonials that are super short (e.g. “Hated this product!” or “Would never buy again!”) because if you write something less than flattering, the Customers reading them would like to know exactly why (wrong for your skin, too bright, bad texture, etc.)—it is only fair. ;)

3. Compare feature: You can compare up to four items on one page and decide which you like best. Very helpful for deciding on the color of minerals you want.

4. Added Shopping helps: Shop By Price, Top Sellers list, New Products list for those that need those features to help enhance your shopping experience.

5. Organization: This may be our opinion only, but since we are able to adjust the menus with a subcategory, you can get to products much easier than on the old website.

We also prefer our Shop By Color feature as it is MUCH easier to add New or Limited Edition colors than the old way (we had to make a Table and add the item, make hyperlinks, etc. which was a rather complex process so you can see we did not always have time to update the old one) and some colors actually fit in more than one category (like LE Furtive is both a gray and purple tone).

6. Gift Certificates: We did not really have these on our other site as we did not like how the previous company had it set up: you could basically only use it one time and it did not appear you could keep a balance—which I thought was not fair. But this will allow you to use the GC and if you have a remaining balance you can still get to it and even check on it in case you ever forget the exact amount through your Account.

So feel free to go ahead and shop but do note that we will have a Grand Opening Sale starting next week (the week of May 24) but we’ll also post a Blog Special with some great deals for you all sometime tomorrow.

Have fun with the new site!