Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clearance items/Coupon code up & a Dilemmas!

I've just put up some Clearance items on this page. There is also a special Coupon Code to use for ONLY Clearance items. If you order $20 or more, you will get 10% off those Clearance items. Remember, this will only be on Clearance items; if you put other regular priced items in your cart, there will be no discount off of that. We will run this coupon code until May 7. 


I do apologize for the lack of photos on these new items. Most of the eyecolors do have a swatch photo from our Blog so you will at least be familiar with the general color. I recently switched to a Mac computer last year as our HP kept crashing on us despite being less than a year and a half old but my photo editing program that I usually use is not available on my Mac (???) and I think my HP finally crashed for good a few weeks ago.

In addition to that, the label maker for our jars was also on that HP computer and the new one for Mac in not as readily customizable for our round labels. I do have Mac Parallels (will run Windows on a Mac) on my current computer, but for some reason, I cannot get the printer to talk to it!

I am in active search for a solution but, in preparation, I believe I will need to close my store down to revamp my packaging along with the restocking/mixing up the foundation/powders I mentioned I was behind on a blog post ago.

Also, upon examining my current stock of basic supplies of colored oxides/micas, I have been dismayed to learn many of my colorants have been discontinued by my suppliers as I made a list for my shopping list--many of these for popular awG blush/eyecolors colors, too!

So in the next few weeks, be expecting some changes: I will have to start transferring colors to the Clearance page and redoing the Color Comparison charts and possibly redoing how I sell samples/full size sets. Also, if I run out of my current labels for my jars, I may just have to let the product run "Out of Stock" until I can get the label dilemma resolved.

In hopes this will give you enough time, be expecting the store to close around  May 20 for the revamping of our line; this would mean if you think you may run out of foundation or a powder around or after then, go ahead and order since it may take us up to a month to implement the changes.

I thought about just letting the store continue to be open for business as I did this but am afraid the turnaround time to ship orders may put me behind, and I personally would work best focusing on one task at a time. If you have noticed, I am around 36-48 hours later than previous years getting orders out since I am budgeting my time a little more conservatively due to other commitments in personal & non-awG related issues, so it might put us a even more behind, which I don't like to do!

Don't forget, I also need this extra time since it does involve a lot of computer work; I am still trying to rest my tendinitis arm like I should--don't want to end up with pain again after working so hard (rather not working, lol) to get rid of it! I am hoping it will not take more than a month to do it, but if it does, don't be surprised. It is way too much fun having adorned with Grace in my life, and to only be working on the technical aspects is not the most fun thing for me. I look forward to coming up with more Limited Edition colors each season as I was in the past and be back to blogging regularly--but most of all, serving my sweet and loyal customers!

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorry for disappearing!

I know this is way overdue!

I believe I have some of the sweetest customers around as I have started getting emails the last few weeks asking if everything is okay since I haven't blogged very much or done many sales. If anything, things are actually pretty great! So great especially at awG that the pile of Clearance items I have yet to place on my website have been placed on the back burner so I could mix up more stock (specifically foundation and powder) and fill orders as they come in.

It just seemed that every time I would get a free moment thinking I would have time to blog or get the Clearance stuff up, either a large block of orders needed to be filled or I would have something going on with my non-business life that would take up my time considerably that I could not attend to awG. In handling awG,  I always want to make sure orders are filled first above anything else so that is actually what is taking up my time.

So just let me take this time to thank you all for continuing to support adorned with Grace--so much so that I suspect there are quite of few of you that are blogging about us and keeping us on our toes!

I do want to note that I am still behind on mixing up some of my stock so if I ever fall way too far behind, I *might* have to close the store down for a little while (hopefully not more than 2-4 weeks) to get caught up sometime this summer so if you are a regular customer who orders products from us, make sure to get your order in by mid-May 2011 just to make sure you have what you need should we have to temporarily close down early this summer.

As far as my own health, my arm is actually (dare I say or jinx it, lol) better and what I believe to be 100% now! The other thing that has kept me busy is taking full charge of my health which has included switching over to a 90% raw vegan diet, getting my cardio in for optimal circulation along with adding back in my strength training as my arm has healed, and attempting to REST more--the best recovery remedy of all!!!--that I think I am in even better health than when I left for Christmas! If things slow down in the near future, I may blog about this at my Graceful Coach Blog. I haven't been active there much either, but I do post to Twitter every other/couple days when I remember to since I am forced to keep it short and sweet over there, lol.

So that is what has been up with adorned with Grace! Hope all is well for every one of you!!!