Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Notice: Shipping Delays Oct. 1-12 & BLOG SPECIAL!!!

Bad news first: I will be in a Leadership Conference in Atlanta in the first part of October and since it is still a "one woman" company, there will be no one available for me (who could do the job as perfect as I want it anyway, lol!) to take care of Orders and Shipping so if you find you are running low on some of your awG favorites, please order by Sept. 30 or your order may not ship out until Wednesday, Oct. 13.

To clarify further, expect that if you place an order between Oct. 1 - 12, your order will likely not ship until Wednesday, Oct. 13 at the earliest!  So even if you don't place an order and you happen to be talking to someone in a forum about how they haven't gotten a Shipping Notice from awG yet, then let them know as not everyone follows our Blog.

On that note, EVERYONE should follow our Blog! And "Why?" you may ask...because of our Blog Sales! In fact, we do have one more Blog Special before I go out of town. In an effort to make room for a slew of new items, we are trying to clear out an almost empty stash of Clearance & Limited Editions!

So for orders $33 and over, you will get 15% off on any item you see on the Clearance & Limited Edition pages from our website. You just use the code "CLEARANCE" in the Coupon Code box when you checkout. You don't have to buy ONLY Clearance/LE items. If fact, you can buy $30 worth of brushes and only $3 worth of Clearance/LE and get 15% of the $3 you spend. Of course, it is a better deal if you get $33 worth of Clearance/LE but we may not have enough inventory left at the end of the sale for you to do that so we thought it would be more fair this way.

This Coupon Code for this Blog Special will run until Wednesday, Sept. 29.

P.S. We hope to have the new items, along with some new accessories mid-late October for you...

Monday, September 13, 2010

FAQ: What's your makeup routine like? Do you use a lot of awG?

This will be a fun question to answer as I'll have to stop and analyze myself as it has become so "auto-pilot" I don't think I can just quickly type this out, lol...

Well, the first thing I like to do is moisturize my face. I have some old lotions I am still using up but my preferred moisturizer is a mix I made for myself using shea & cocoa butter, then also coconut oil (my favorite) with a little bit of Edelweiss extract. I need literally a teeny smudge of it as it can get very greasy but find that it softens my skin so well and naturally. After testing it for a little longer, I may consider tweaking the recipe and selling it at awG, more than likely as an LE during the winter months since I am concerned about it melting during shipment in the warmer months. I'll also apply some of my Vegan Lipbalm because my lips tend to chap and this helps significantly with that and provides a smoother base to my lip liner.

After that, I go straight to the eyes. Since using my own loose eyeshadows, I got tired of applying that after my foundation and having to fix some fallout underneath my eyes so I've learned that doing my eyes first is more efficient. I will use an eyeshadow base like UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) if I need an all day look (like more than eight hours) but if I am just going out for nothing special, like the grocery store, I leave that off and just apply a base shadow with my favorite all purpose brush, the Ingenue Large Chisel Fluff. My favorite eyeshadow base colors I use from my line are Honesty, Natural, & Trustworthy from the Regular line and then Phenomenal from my Premium colors. Then I like to finish off my eyes with a (non-awG) gel liner, usually a dark brown (daytime) or soft black (evening) using my Ingenue Fine Liner since it seems foolproof in getting a perfect thin line since I'm usually in a hurry as I get ready. Then I find a loose eyeshadow to soften the line such as Devoted, Genuine, Noble, Exquisite, Tenacious, Ingenious, Romantic, Intuitive (Regular) or Marvelous, Introspective, or Admirable (Premium); my brush of choice for that job is the Premium Smudger. Then I apply my favorite mascara, Maybelline's Full and Soft Waterproof.

From here, I apply my under eye concealer, Merciful Color Corrector in Yellow Tint, assuming the area under my eye is clean and there is no need to wipe off any extra loose eyeshadow. Then I apply either my Celestial Silkening or Supreme Smoothing Powder in Golden Tint with a powder puff as a base to make sure my foundation has a smooth surface (good-bye fine lines!!!).

With my Premium Small Pointed Face Brush, I apply my Foundation (Grace 4.0). It make take a hair more time that a kabuki or larger powder brush but I really like how I can easily apply foundation to areas around my nose, eyes, and mouth evenly. It reminds me of a foundation brush but is thicker and has the pointed head. If I have any blemishes (like I was bad and had too much sugar, lol!) I will spot conceal with the foundation using either the Ingenue Oval Camouflage or Premium Pointed Sculptor.

From here I line my lips and either apply a lip gloss or use a clear gloss and mix in the blush I wear that day for extra color. Occasionally, I will wear a (non-awG) lipstick but I like a more transparent, natural look. Another FYI, awG does not have any current colored lip products--still in testing and development. I mainly use e.l.f. lip glosses that I bought in bulk a few years ago.

Then, finally, I add a blush to the apples of my cheeks with my Premium Small Dual Fiber. My most favorite to wear are Felicity, Gentleness, Curious blushes and then Sensational, Lovely, Glamorous Shimmer blushes. But my "go-to" color is Gentleness since it is very soft and natural on my skin and seems to go with everything!

And the finisher: either Heavenly Rice Powder or Supreme Smoothing applied to my face, again with the powder puff rather liberally but this time I carefully "press" it on my T-zone area where I sometimes get shine later in the day (esp. in the MS heat!) and wait about five minutes and then whisk it off lightly with either the Ingenue Large Dual fiber or Premium Large Rounded Face.

So there you have it! I basically depend on other companies right now for mascara and colored lip products but lean heavily on my own line for everything else--I don't even want to think about if I was not able to make my own makeup anymore; I would not only lose my creative outlet but be out my favorite colors, lol! It really is a blessing and an enjoyable one at that, to have adorned with Grace in my life. Hope you all have had as much fun with my makeup and brushes as I have!

As a Blog Only Special, if you order $7 or more of any of the items** mentioned in this blog, you will get 7% off! Just enter MYFAVES when you checkout.

**If you get a Brush, Eyeshadow, or Blush kit (sorry, offer not extended to Foundation or Powder) that happens to include ALL the colors, like the "2 for $13.49" Blush Set with Gentleness and Glamorous, we can give you 7% off for that. However, we will have to do it as a refund after you have placed your order, likely within 24-48 hours from your order. Just make sure to note this and remind us in the Notes/Comments section that this is due to the Blog Special. We will not give the 7% off unless you have either the code "MYFAVES" in the Notes/Comments box or used as a Coupon Code. This Coupon Code will be good until Sunday, Sept. 19.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Extending Blog Special Sale!

Since I know many of you are still waiting on payday OR distracted by the Labor Day holiday due to family or other sales OR you just simply did not know about our Blog Special, we are extending it until next Sunday, Sept. 12! So click HERE and get to shopping at our secret sale!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Special & Clearance Foundies & Shimmer!!!

Today's Blog Special

Then, we also have more Clearance items up! Mostly Oops Foundation and some all purpose shimmers. The all purpose shimmers are made from a basic base similar to our foundation ingredients that we tweaked to make into popular colors you can use for glows/blushes, eyelid washes, or body shimmer (like mix in with your lotion or sunscreen for an extra special glow!) They aren't quite Limited Edition as we did not make them intentionally (as we have creatively planned our other LE Collections) but made colors with extras of what we had and suspected we weren't going to use up anytime soon and a couple were Oops Shimmer Blushes. (Reserved was an Oops for Tenderness Shimmer Blush which is why it isn't quite as sparkly as the rest of them).

As with the previous Oops foundies, they will come in a baggie with about 8 grams of product. The Shimmers (not Shimmer Blush because they are made to really use as "all purpose") will be full sizes in our 10 gram jars with about 2 grams of product in them. There are a limited number of these in the pre-selected sets and singly. We also have some in samples ALTHOUGH they are only in sets of six (not individually) and do not include Pleasant, a color we did NOT make sample sizes of. The cool thing about the samples is they each contain about 3x more product that our usual sample sizes so you are getting more!

As a Bonus, you have the option to add our extremely popular Premium Small Dual Fiber brush if you happen to purchase any one of these Shimmers whether singly, in a set, or even a sample for $13.99! It is the ideal brush to apply such bright shimmer!

Here is an arm swatch of the Shimmers:

And just for fun, I thought I post up a picture I did not realize I'd have but thought you'd like to see anyway. Well, I did a workout yesterday afternoon and forgot to wash off the swatches I did before my workout. For anyone familiar with TurboFire by Chalene Johnson of Beachbody fame, it was the Fire 45 workout which is one of the major calorie burners and, most importantly, a *SUPER* sweat inducer, LOL. (You know the kind where you are literally snorting up your sweat and drowning...sorry, tmi!) I have a heart rate monitor and it stayes in the 78-85% range sometimes peaking at 93-95% during the Fire Drills.

I was amazed to find that despite my sweating profusely and toweling off everywhere, this was still left:

Darling, Reserved, Classic were meant to be more "clear" Shimmers with just a hint of color which is why you can see they blended right into my skin especially, since they are lighter shades anyway. However, you can't see this quite as well, but the shimmer was still pretty noticeable though not quite as "disco ball-y" as before. Even when I took a shower, it was still hard to get rid of the pigment and sparkles until I got out my now discontinued Microfiber washcloth out to rub the rest off...

So maybe a little extra info in case you are looking for something with color or just shine!

So the Blog Special will be on until Sept. 6, Labor Day, but the Clearance items will be there until they are gone. So happy shopping all!