Monday, June 29, 2009

Earlier than usual...

Thought I'd get an early start this week on the Blog Special!

From June 29 (Monday) to July 3, 12.00 p.m (Friday) ONLY we will have the following Blog Special:

For EVERY Ingenue and/or Premium Custom Trio set you buy, you get four free baggie samples!!!

So for example...

If you buy one Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush set, you'll get four samples of your choice---

If you buy two Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush sets, you'll get eight samples of your choice---

If you buy two Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush sets and one Premium Trio Eyeshadow Brush set, you'll get twelve samples of your choice! (You get the picture!!!)

Make sure to type in your color choices in the box near the "Add to Cart" button so we know what samples to send you. **As with our other sampling rule, no more than two of the same sample eyecolor allowed per customer.

CLICK HERE to get to the hidden listing. :)

Oh, and as an FYI, I may *not* have a Blog Special next week. If all goes well, my plan is to put up some of my inexpensive "'Grab Bag' Baggies Samples" and also some pre-selected full-sized LE eyeshadow trios/duos of colors that have been discontinued for a Clearance price--so that will actually be the special of the week if the other thing I have ordered to complement that gets here in time.

Just wanted to let you all know in case you were one of the unlucky ones that always seem to miss the "Grab Bag" sales as they usually go fast. I think last time, I sold out in about 1-2 days? So stay on alert for those either next week or the week after next!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Special: June 23-26

From June 23 (Tuesday) to June 26, 12:30 p.m (Friday) we will have the following Blog Special:

Orders $17.00 or more: Get one mini Spritzer bottle. This is perfect for applying your favorite hydrating facial spray, especially for traveling due to its petite size. You can also put body spray, cleansers, or whatever you can think of!

Orders $33.00 or more: The Spritzer and your choice of one eyecolor (you'll choose in the drop down menu) WITH vegan lip balm OR a single Microfiber washcloth.

Orders $50 or more: The above deals and a 10% off Coupon on your next order! We'll send you a postcard with your very own discount code (non-transferable) in your order.

Just make sure to click HERE to add the Blog Special to your cart. Choose in the drop-down menu which eyecolor you want OR if you want the Microfiber washcloth.

As a reminder for International customers, your Order total to qualify for the Blog Special does NOT include your shipping charges so please keep that in mind.


Also, don't forget to check out our new Summer '09 LE Eyecolors on our Limited Edition page along with our LE Custom Brush & Makeup Sets!

Have fun shopping!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sneak Peak: Summer 2009 LE

Before I close up for the weekend, I wanted to leave you all with a quick pic of swatches I did of the upcoming Summer LE! These colors will likely be on the website for sale by Tuesday afternoon (along with a Blog Special!) unless I have Internet issues or similar emergencies.

**Of course, these are much prettier in person--you see more of the "glow"
which my pathetic camera just does not seem to capture. :P


Auspicious: A rich metallic brownish red. A striking eyeliner and made to pair with Conscientious.
Chivalrous: A neutral beige highlight or base color.
Classy: A sheer neutral golden tan shimmer.
Clever: A plummy taupe similar to our color Romantic but less pink and has more of a wet-sheen.
Confident: Optimistic's shimmery sister--has lots pretty golden highlights!
Conscientious: A beautiful metallic pink.
Heroic: A shimmery copper brown.
Intriguing: MY FAVORITE! It's like looking a a dark chocolate fudge with mint sparkles. I love wearing with over black eyeliner. I'm sure it would look stunning as a crease/contour look if you want a rich color. The picture above does not do it justice, as with all the others, but this one in particular.
Invincible: Inspired by my favorite MAC Fluidline, Blitz and Glitz. It is a soft black with light golden shimmer. A good switch from your typical "very black" eyeliner shades for the summer since it will look much softer; it may take on a more intense look though if wet-lined.
Perceptive: A color for a sun goddess! A bronzey terracotta made to pair with Sympathetic.
Sagacious: An antiqued deep golden brown. Another favorite of mine.
Sensible: A baby doll pink with golden undertones.
Sympathetic: A peachy pink with golden undertones.

FYI, I crafted these colors around my own makeup habits for the summer. I tend to wear a little less makeup partly because I do tend to have more color (the sun is strong here in Mississippi!) and I like colors that are more of a complement--hence all the bronzey, sultry, and golden-tinged shades-- than anything noticeably colorful as you saw with my Spring LE. You'll find these colors can be multi-purpose and use them for eyes, cheeks, and lips (with an exception of Chivalrous with has trace amounts of Ultramarines which the FDA requires us to label a product as "Not Lip Safe").

Unlike my other collections, this is actually two sets--one set is from my regular formula (Classy, Clever, Intriguing, Perceptive, Sensible, & Sympathetic) and the other is made with my Premium formula (Auspicious, Chivalrous, Confident, Conscientious, Heroic, Inspiring, & Sagacious). Some colors turned out better with a certain formula and what can I say--I just got carried away formulating these as I did NOT mean to make this many ha ha!!! So there will be a price difference a la carte (i.e. if you buy only one) but if you get my famous duo sets or the whole collections sets, it will still be a pretty good savings.

**So don't forget, check these out June 23/24 and if you want anymore of the Spring 2009 LE colors, grab them this weekend as I will take them off the site around the time I put up the Summer LEs! Some of these colors will be gone for GOOD as we'll be unable to replicate them!

Have a good weekend everyone! And don't forget this is Father's Day weekend; make sure to shower the special man in your life with lots of love and attention!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

No Blog Special, BUT...a Special Article!

Believe It or Not: Words & Their Effect

When I was a child, there was a show that my family and I loved to watch called, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” where it showcased scientific marvels, interesting facts in history, and, sometimes, just fun, outrageous stories to excite and amaze its viewers. Well, I recently read an article that I thought would have fit right in with this show called, “Miraculous Messages from Water: How Water Reflects Our Consciousness.” It’s about an experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist where he tested to see the effect of words/thoughts on water. Sounding crazy already, lol? Well, read on as it gets even more interesting as he’s got pictures to prove it…

To give a VERY general overview of his experiment (*Click here to see the entire article), he has done experiments on the effect of spoken AND written words on water as well as music. I’m just going to share with you some of the pictures of what I found most interesting of the resulting images of the water crystals formed from this exposure to both negative and positive stimuli.

Before I go any further, please know that I am NOT here to debate the validity or go into the full scientific and spiritual nature of this experiment so don’t worry about sending any emails to tell me I’m wrong/nuts, lol! Although I would love for the data in this experiment to be wholly true, I would have to see the experiment in person myself to really be a believer. I just think this is interesting "food for thought" and something we can all ponder and take with us the positive message that I hope it conveys.

In this first picture, the words spoke to the water were
“You make me sick, I’m going to kill you.”

Hmmm…I think that would be a picture of how I would feel on the inside if someone were to tell me that!

The next picture had “Thank You” written on a card placed onto the bottle containing the water:

A fluke you may say? Well here is one that I found most interesting; this is a picture of water crystals before it was prayed over:

Here is the picture of the same water crystals AFTER it was prayed over:

Pretty fascinating, huh? Those are only a few photos from his experiment. (Again, click on the article above to see more and to get more of the scientific explanation as it is quite a lot of info and I’m trying to keep the info here as succinct as possible.)

So how does this relate to our Defining True Beauty blog? Well, for you customers who have shopped our products before, you know that all the eyeshadows, blushes, and foundations are named a positive trait that helps to remind us of that inner beauty we possess.

But…WOW…what if it can also have a physical effect on us and truly transform us into something more harmonious and attractive like the ice crystals above? After all, our bodies are 90% water, right? It also makes you think twice about putting on a color with a less than positive or risqué name—unless that is the attitude you are going for, lol!

I know for me, the main moral of this story is just the importance of positive and beautiful thoughts and prayers, especially those of love and gratitude (which Dr. Marumo said has the most significant effect on water). Even if all this turns out to be some scientific scam or an overly biased research project, I don’t think anyone can argue the effects on our own hearts and minds when we hear or feel things that are encouraging and optimistic. For me, I love that our foundation names are virtues like Grace or Peace; if your face is literally covered in one of those virtues, it makes a good reminder to stop yourself from saying something rash before you get angry with someone. I know for me, just naming my company “adorned with Grace” reminds me every time to extend that same blessed grace to my own customers and to treat you all with as much love and fairness as possible.

Although this isn't the usual "Blog Special" I usually post here around this time (the Blog Special will be back next week, we're taking a break from them this week) I hope you all still found it "special" and enjoyed my thoughts for the day! I hope to follow it up with more interesting and informative articles I the future!

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 9-12 Blog Special

Sorry, this is up a little later than I wanted but I'm trying to finish up my Summer LE that will be available this June 22! I'd tell you more about them but I'd prefer to keep you all in suspense...

First off, I wanted this week's special to be pretty good since I will NOT be having a special for the week of June 15 (next week). As with my special from last week, you will need to click HERE to get to it!

So from June 9 (Tuesday) to 12:30 p.m. June 12 (Friday):

Orders $14 or more get: ONE FREE Regular Eyecolor
Orders $22 or more get: TWO Free Regular Eyecolors
Orders $30 or more get: THREE Free Regular Eyec0lors

Sorry, this is only for Regular Eyecolors, not any of our Premium Colors or LE's. (We are on the verge of going Out of Stock with a couple of the LE colors so that is one of the reasons we are holding off on those.)

You must use this listing and "Add to Cart" to get the Special! You can always email us later *if* you forgot (as long as the order is within our time frame from the 9th to the 12th) BUT you must do it quickly BEFORE your order ships out or we will not be able to send them out since we do have a fairly quick turnaround shipping time. Sorry, I told you all I can be OCD when it comes to shipping out orders ! I guess that is not too bad of a trait to have as an online company though, lol.

In addition, I wanted to promote my new Ingénue Synthetic Flat Top. It is my replacement for the Kabuki I was carrying as I know most of you prefer something with a handle. On that note, I know the Premium brushes, like the Jumbo Buffer & Flat Top, may be too bulky for travel and carrying around in your purse so I really wanted to carry a short-handled flat top brush for you all. The head is a little bit smaller than our Premium Flat top and not quite as dense, but is still luxuriously soft and velvety. I've been using this brush the last three weeks and still love it!

So this will be a part of the Blog Special! For everyone that buys this brush (from June 9-12 only) you get to choose ANY three baggie samples of your choice! You just type in the three choices in the box on the same page as the Ingénue Synthetic Flat Top (I added that box specifically for this Blog Special!) So once the "Notes" box is gone so will the special!

The cool thing is if you get two Flat Tops, you'll get six samples! The only problem we might encounter is if I run Out of Stock on these brushes and it will be at least two months before I can restock. However, I ordered plenty so I will be rather shocked if that happens this week. I may run out of the LE Baggie samples (actually Honorable is now Out of Stock in the sample size), so if the Spring LEs happen to be one of your choices, list a back-up color.

Have fun all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

This week's Blog Special

As I mentioned before, the new website has all sorts of new features that I didn't have on Ecrater but it is missing the "Notes" section when you checkout so you all don't have a place to write in "Blog Special" and/or colors of products when applicable.

However, I did come up with something that I *think* will work: I added a Secret Listing entitled Blog Special where you simply "Add to Cart." The only downside is I had to add a one cent charge to it since it does not allow me to add items with a FREE price tag but I'm thinking one cent is still a pretty good deal? What is good about it is if you are borderline--like where you have $16.99 or $33.99, this penny will count toward your Blog Special total so you don't have to worry about adding a $1 item just to meet the requirements.

So our Blog Special this week is:

For orders $17.00 or more you get: One full-sized regular Blush/Shimmer Blush of your choice.
For orders $34.00 or more you get: The above blush deal AND one Microfiber Washcloth.
**As always, your Shipping Charges do NOT count toward your total.

I decided on these items as my site tells me what items are getting a lot of "hits" so I'm trying to choose those items that seemed rather popular over the weekend. This won't ALWAYS be the case so don't try to sway my vote for future Blog Specials (LOL!!!) by continuously clicking on a certain item, since I usually go with my intuition but hopefully this will be a good special for some of you!

As a little advertisement for the Microfiber Washcloth, I did not start carrying this item due to customer request--it just happens to be one of those products I absolutely LOVE and wanted to pass on to my customers. I mainly wash my face using the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) but like to use the Microfiber for extra exfoliation to help with fine lines and blemishes. I have bought other brands but this particular one has been my favorite!

This Blog Special listing will be up from June 1 (Monday) to June 4 (Thursday) and once the listing is gone so will the special. The only way you can get to it is by clicking HERE! I'm doing this specifically as a special treat to those that follow my blog--since you all are very special to me! (FYI, I do hope to post more health and inner beauty articles in the near future for you all to read and hopefully benefit from, but I've had so much on my plate with the new site it's hard to sit down and write one and have it edited and perfect for me to post.)

Have a great Monday everyone! Enjoy the special...