Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update on our Internet Issues & upcoming Blog Special

So it looks like our Internet issues are resolved!

Our service was actually performing back to normal about Wednesday last week and we were very close to putting up a Blog Special but then we got notification that our website builder was upgrading our website this weekend and that our site might be unavailable for 10-30 minutes.

Because a different website builder has said the same thing and actually taken 24 hours (why I am not with them now!), I decided not to take the chance and make sure the upgrades went well. After all, you never know how smoothly these things go and didn't want to find my website all in a jumble in the midst of a sale where there is usually an increase in order volume!

Well, the good news is it truly is even more awesome than ever! More of it is on my end but one of the benefits for you all, my prized customers, is it is now Mobile friendly! So if you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, or Android based device, you'll get a screen like you see on the left side that will make ordering much easier if you are "on the go!" So cool!!!

You can still switch to the Standard view, FYI, you just scroll to the bottom and click on "Standard View" if that is what you prefer

Thanks everyone for being patient with your Internet issues last week. We are crossing our fingers that we can get up our Clearance items up before the weekend is here; we are working as hard as possible to get them done and up on the site. At the very least, we'll get up a Blog Special (hint: brushes) by the middle of this week. :)