Monday, May 25, 2009

New website!

Before you get click happy and rush over to the new site, I do want to give you the "heads up" that this is not anything super fancy or loaded with all sorts of high-tech features, so forgive me ahead of time if it is not what you're hoping for. ;) I am not a professional by any means!I used a website builder and a basic template although I pretty much had to organize everything myself and figure out the tables (like in the "Shop By Color" page).

Yes, the colors are a bit tame (maybe even plain & boring, LOL!) and the layout is super basic but I had to create a website that reflected my love for simplicity and that understated elegance that I think adorned with Grace stands for.

I am also limited in what kind of features I can have. For example, I can't add Customer Reviews to each product OR more than three drop down menus per item OR have a "Notes" section at the end of checkout much like Erater had so this will kind of affect my Blog Special method. I'll think of something so don't anyone worry about the Blog Special issue, we'll still have them every 1-2 weeks!

BUT, the things I am excited about is the drop down menus I do have so for some of the smaller Custom Kits there will be a lot less typing! The checkout is always much less confusing in that you see exactly where to input your information for credit card orders. I can't tell you how many people emailed me, some angry, asking why I didn't take credit cards! (Although I do, you just have to do it through Pay Pal, but I am not allowed to add Text with directions on that; I just have to trust you read my FAQ section.)

Overall, I am glad that I can finally organize the site like I want it! I have the colors alphabetically and the brushes more in order of price (from least expensive to most). I can add tutorials and articles to help answer questions a little better. It is just more organized and easy to deal with, at least I think so!

I did stock the brushes fairly well BUT I never know how fast they will go especially when I am blogged or YT'd about so just bear with me in case I do run out of stock. You'll see old favorites like the Premium & Ingenue brushes BUT with a handful of ones not available before like the Large Pointed Face Brush & Multitasking which will be on sale until this current set goes out of stock.

I've also added the blog brushes and a new short-handled Synthetic Flat Top that is also on sale. I have what I think is a lot of the new Flat Top but once it sells out, it may not be available again for another 6-8 weeks, FYI. If you found our Premium Buffer and/or Flat Top nice but its handle too bulky and price too expensive, you might just LOVE this one! The head is about 2/3 the size of the Premium Flat top, fyi, but just as velvety soft!

So as far as Blog Special? Well, I won't have anything *too* spectacular, lol, since this is the first week and I want to make sure I have a handle on the system before I process loads of orders. But I will include my Eco friendly Interchangeable Eyeshadow Brush feature in my Earth Day special with each order of my 3 for $12.49 Eyecolor Set. Just type in Blog Special in the box that says "Special Notes" underneath the three drop down menus on that same page and I'll be sure to include it. I was going to add it to the site, but thought it would be much easier giving it away again, Lol! It really is more of a giveaway brush than a "buying" brush. This is good, though, only until supplies last so once that empty box disappears, it will be gone for good.

Well, you can now click on and go see! Be sure if you are pretty new to adorned with Grace to read out FAQ & Shipping/Terms sections so you know what to expect!

Thanks all!

Friday, May 22, 2009

About the upcoming website switch

Hey, all! As I have mentioned, this Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day) I will be posting the link to my new website here! I really cannot wait as it will be much more functional and I think will be less confusing as far as Checkout AND there will be quite a few new brushes and accessories to choose from!

I plan on redirecting it sometime this weekend so if you type in the link, it may take you there earlier (like on Sunday) if it does not take as long as I think it will. (Last time I did this it took about 2-3 days to transfer.)

I've take a few orders there but I'm not 100% sure if *every* bug has been taken care of; hopefully, the changeover will be smooth. As mentioned, I will be closing the Erater site next Friday, May 29 because it will be too much work trying to keep up with inventory (as those brushes fly fast at times!) and managing all the different items. Even with the few orders I am processing from the new site, I find myself getting confused, LOL! Remember, I like to keep things as simple as possible!

I do need to correct myself by saying that I will actually be putting the Ecrater site "On Hold" so you'll still see the store--you just won't be able to order as the "Buy Now" buttons will be inactive-- and on ultra-popular items like the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber and a couple of the other brushes, I'll post the new link in the product text so people can still find it. I also want to keep it *just in case* my new site has issues and I can use it as a backup website.

Oh, and I do feel like to need to also comment that these last two weeks have been fairly busy since the reappearance of the beloved Ingenue Dual Fiber, and when things are busy, I get a lot of "dummy orders" meaning orders that register but don't have a payment confirmation? When things are a slower pace, I usually have time to email the person to ask if they want it; about 90% of the time they do not respond, but I like to check for those 10% that do as it is usually due to their computer freezing up OR thinking they cannot pay with a credit card (you can but this confusion is one of the reasons I have to get off of Ecrater!) OR did it accidentally in hopes to see what the shipping cost is.

However, I have not had time to email the customers with unpaid orders as there are MORE than I can handle to email everyone individually so if you hear of anyone complaining that they ordered but have not received any communication from me, that is why. I haven't had time to even delete them from the system, lol!

Just had to comment on that though as it is something that is a concern for me because, except on weekends, I am a bit OCD on getting out orders out whose payments have posted shipped out within 24-48 hours and I almost feel like I'm giving bad CS not getting back on the dummy orders although I imagine that same 90% didn't want it in the first place.

Well, everyone have a great weekend! Next time you "see" me, it will be at the unveiling of the new site! So just remember if you want to advertise for our company, make sure you post it as

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All about the Blush

Okay, now that I have sold a ton of these dual fiber brushes, you all need something to try them out with, lol! So I catered these specials this week for Blushes!

My main Blog Special this week is:

Get two full-sized Blushes or Shimmer Blushes and GET ONE FREE! When you type in your two choices in the "Notes" section, just add on your third choice. So if you get our "2 for $13.49 Set" you'll get one extra or if you get our "4 for $22.99 Set" you'll get TWO FREE!

Now this next one is a "While Supplies Last" deal:

For orders $10 or more (remember this does NOT include your Shipping Charges!!!), you will get sample-sized baggies of these three Test Blushes:

*Colors are more pigmented in person. Much more beautiful in person!

Although I do have quite a collection of blushes already, I found myself "craving" some bright, vibrant, rosy shimmery blushes to wear for this coming Summer. I totally love these colors especially with my own golden olive skintone, but I just want to makes sure these aren't too crazy or unnatural looking to release as part of my permanent collection so I am letting you all try these out to test and give me feedback ( if you like them. If they aren't too popular but some of you decide you want full sizes, I can release them as LE Blushes.

FYI, Test Blush #1 is like a pearly, cool fuschia tone--imagine a love child of Zealous & Sassy! Test Blush #2 is a vibrant peachy shimmer. It is kind of similar to Passionate but I think this is a little brighter with not quite as much of a brown undertone. Since it is so close to Passionate (one of my faves), this might be more of an LE Blush. Test Blush #3 is my favorite of the three. It is kind of like Affectionate & Radiant but much brighter and pinker. I think all these will be winners for this summer when most of us darken up a little and are looking for something to complement your tan.

For both Blog Specials, simply type in "BLOG SPECIAL" in the notes section--and of course your third blush choice along with your two other blushes. I will try to post here when I've run out of the Test Blush samples but sometimes things go Out of Stock while I am away from the Internet and/or sleeping so if you put in a $10 order just to get the free samples, you can also write me a note to Refund the order should they run Out of Stock.

The "3 for 2 Blush Blog Special" runs out this Friday, May 22 at exactly 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time and the Test Blush Blog Special runs out this Sunday, May 24 OR when they go Out of Stock, whichever comes first.

Further notes: My new website link will be posted here this Monday, May 25 unless there is some unforeseen problem that comes up. You may notice that some of the brushes and accessories my go "Out of Stock" on my Ecrater site but they will be available again on my new site May 25. I'm just trying to organize my inventory and stay ahead of the game.

When you start shopping on the new site next week, you'll notice that I did have to increase the price on a few of the Ingenue brushes (eyeshadow brushes only, NOT the dual fibers!) for the simple reason that I have been getting a lot of orders (about 50-60% of orders) for only one brush and realized I was actually LOSING money selling them at their previous price since I do free shipping for my US/Canadian customers and fairly cheap shipping for Internationals as I did not count my PayPal fees (.30 per transaction + 3%) nor my packaging/cards when I came up with my prices.

HOWEVER, I will actually have Custom Sets for both the Ingenue and Premium eyeshadow line for those that want more than one brush that I think you all will love and find a great value! Even still, the prices for the Ingenue eyeshadow brushes are will not be over $4.99, fyi.

Thank you all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just preparing....

I am almost finished getting the new brushes stocked (still waiting on one more!) but I still wanted to get a tentative headcount on *how much* I need to be prepared. I know some of you may not have been quick enough to see the two Blog Brushes (BUT really wanted one!), and I just wanted to make sure I kept those well-stocked before I opened up the website officially so no one had to wait around as they did this last time with the Ingenue Petite Dual fiber.

So if you are planning an order for when the new website opens, please do take the time to participate in my most recent poll! Just look over to the right side of the page between "About Me" & "Blog Archive" and place your vote if applicable!

I can't guarantee this will ensure the brushes are well-stocked as one high-profile YouTuber/Blogger can literally wipe out my entire stock with their review (thanks to you all who do that, lol!) but I can at least add on if I have underestimated for the Grand Opening.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Petite Dual Fibers back in stock FINALLY!

Yes, you heard right! They are finally back in stock so check out their listings for the single for $6.29 & "2 for $11.25" set...

I have also added my Earth Day Eco-friendly travel brush with the interchangeable tips for sale for $3.99. Once I run out of stock on these I don't plan on restocking them since these were bought just for the Earth Day occasion. I'm checking out other ecofriendly brush lines before I decide on a set to add permanently.

The Ingenue Synthetic Kabuki will also not be restocked once I run out so if you've been eying one of these, now may be the time to get one. There is nothing wrong in particular with this brush (on contrary, it is actually one of my favorite kabukis ever as it is super soft and I like the size, although it does have some shedding initially but goes away with a few washes) but I am finding most of my customers prefer a long handled kabuki/buffer so I'll switch to that style once I run out of these.

*EDIT: THE DISCOUNTED $11.59 BLOG BRUSH #2 OFFICIALLY GONE! It will not be back until the Grand Opening of our new website which I'm tentatively setting for Monday, May 25 at its regular price of $13.59. Many, many of you have been asking for this as I know our Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber is really best for precise blush application and maybe stippling areas around the nose or eyes for foundation. I tried out quite a few 187 dupes and this seems to be the closest one. See these pics for reference:

This is a comparison pic between my new dual fiber and a MAC 187. The one on the left is the dupe and the right is the 187. I find that the bristles are comparable in density, size, and softness although I will confess the 187's white hairs are a tad bit softer/finer if I were to be extremely discriminating although I don't think it is a noticeable difference. The black bristles on the dupe are stiff enough to do the famous stippling technique for foundation which was the main reason I "flunked" the other dupes I considered selling.

*Our new 187 dupe is cruelty-free but NOT 100% synthetic for those who were wondering.

You can also see from the photo above that the dupe has a longer handle but the actual brush head is pretty similar. The ferrule is also black but other than that, I think it makes for a pretty decent dupe especially since the MAC is $42 and I plan on selling this one for $13.59 (S/H included for my US & Canadian customers!) once my new website is open to the public.

On that note, because of the less expensive price don't expect a perfect copy of the 187 brush. The dupe does shed a little bit initially but for almost 1/4-1/3 the price, I think it is actually a pretty great deal especially if you have a hard time shelling out over $40 for a MAC brush. But I wanted to offer a brush that was economically priced and of good quality to my customers.***Once again, the discounted BLOG BRUSH #2 is officially gone! It will be back at the Grand Opening of our new website (tentatively Monday, May 25) and will sell for $13.59. (S/H included for Canadian & U.S. Customers)

As far as my Blog Special, you will get both Exuberant & Playful, two LE colors from my Summer 2008 when you order our Spring LE 10 Eyecolor Set for $24.99.

This Blog Special will actually be in effect as long as I have my entire set of Spring 2009 LE colors in stock. So once you see the listing off the website, this Blog Special will be gone as well. These were actually colors I wanted to include with my Spring colors but didn't since I don't like to repeat colors similar to ones I've already made I just left them off.

As with all my other Blog Specials, just type in "BLOG SPECIAL" in the notes section if you want the colors. If you don't put it there, I will assume you don't want them.

Well, I think that is it! Thanks again for your patience everyone on the dual fiber brushes!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Still waiting...

I don't think the Ingenue brushes will be in this week either. :(

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they will be in by next week. ***EDIT: I got my Shipping Notice and the brushes should be back on my website by Monday night, May 11 or Tuesday morning, May 12! So in my optimistic hopes of that, I will likely not run a Blog Special again this week as I have a feeling most of you are waiting until the dual fibers are back in as well as the special "Blog Brush" (a different one from last time) and there are a couple other things I'm hoping to add into that mix so I'd like to have all these running at the same time so you all can just order all at once!

The delay with the dual fiber will likely also delay opening my new website since I don't want to leave Ecrater until I get this first big set of brushes out since those who are waiting for them to arrive are waiting for them at my Ecrater site. So maybe late May or even early June, depending on when the dual fibers get shipped, is when I'll have the new site ready for you all to order.

So while we all wait, this will give me more time to write up more beauty-related articles as I've had some topics I've wanted to share that came up last week so maybe in the next few days or so I'll have one for you!