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 Where have we been you may ask?

Yes, for a while there were were great at posting to our social media on Instagram & Facebook! However, the last few weeks have been super busy as we have been producing the new Foundations, Powders, Blush, and (starting today) our Eyeshadows.

And at the beginning of the month, Texas has its worst snowstorm in 20 years so needless to sale we were quite a bit distracted then!

However we have not forgotten about you all and hope you all have been able to Share and purchase some of this older stock on Clearance prices.😀

Remember, if there was a certain color you liked from our prior store, try to grab one now as we are not only repackaging our products but having to reformulate most of it! Being almost 10 years away, some colorants are no longer available OR have gone up considerably in price, causing us to find a substitute to make a color most similar to the prior. 

 And speaking of price, we desire to still price fairly but know that we will have to increase our prices on products partly due to inflation but mostly due to our Suppliers who have significantly increased theirs (as much as 3-5x as much on some items!!!😱 So grab what is available while you can. We have basically priced at their base price with little profit margin and mainly making them available for those that want it. 

Have you forgotten about the Testers?

Absolutely not! 😇 Since we have focused on current product production, we have had to put a hold on that for now, but do know it is still coming! Hoping to have some lip balms, lip glosses, and a new powder for older, more mature skin as well as some skincare products in the next couple months! I actually could still use a few more testers especially those with darker skin tones so feel free to refer anyone our way!

Anymore Coupon Codes?

Just for those that want it, YES!!! It is "Patient10" for 10% off your total order. We appreciate everyone's patience with us especially those of you who have been waiting almost ten years for this reopening!😍

Shop @:

Thanks again my wonderful Customers! We may go back into "stealth mode" but know we are working very hard to get things up and running again! Love you all!

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