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This has been a LONG time coming....

A little over nine years in fact! I first have to start out with my deepest apologies. When we packed up to move to another state, I had every intention of getting adorned with Grace up and going again, even choosing a house that would allow me to have the space & work area to do so. I even prepared new stock ready so all I had to do was package the items. I even filled out all the Business license, sales tax, and permit forms I needed. But life happened and it got me so sidetracked,that awG got left by the wayside.😢 To make a very long story short, we moved again rather unexpectedly two years later and then have been in jobs and other endeavors that continued to keep me occupied. But I NEVER lost my love for making makeup and, of course, all my loyal & beautiful customers! I knew I would somehow get back on track but never did I ever think that it would be in 2020 that I would begin to do so, when the whole world seemed to turn upside down! But for me personall