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Clearance items/Coupon code up & a Dilemmas!

I've just put up some Clearance items on this page . There is also a special Coupon Code to use for ONLY Clearance items. If you order $20 or more, you will get 10% off those Clearance items . Remember, this will only be on Clearance items; if you put other regular priced items in your cart, there will be no discount off of that. We will run this coupon code until May 7.  Use: CLEARANCE10 I do apologize for the lack of photos on these new items. Most of the eyecolors do have a swatch photo from our Blog so you will at least be familiar with the general color. I recently switched to a Mac computer last year as our HP kept crashing on us despite being less than a year and a half old but my photo editing program that I usually use is not available on my Mac (???) and I think my HP finally crashed for good a few weeks ago. In addition to that, the label maker for our jars was also on that HP computer and the new one for Mac in not as readily customizable for our round labels. I

Sorry for disappearing!

I know this is way overdue! I believe I have some of the sweetest customers around as I have started getting emails the last few weeks asking if everything is okay since I haven't blogged very much or done many sales. If anything, things are actually pretty great! So great especially at awG that the pile of Clearance items I have yet to place on my website have been placed on the back burner so I could mix up more stock (specifically foundation and powder) and fill orders as they come in. It just seemed that every time I would get a free moment thinking I would have time to blog or get the Clearance stuff up, either a large block of orders needed to be filled or I would have something going on with my non-business life that would take up my time considerably that I could not attend to awG. In handling awG,  I always want to make sure orders are filled first above anything else so that is actually what is taking up my time. So just let me take this time to thank you all for co