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New Eyeshadow & Blush Names

**In case you didn't read the prior post, click here to understand the reason for the name changes. The old eyecolors names are listed alphabetically with their new name next to them in RED : Antique Gold - Wisdom Berry Purple- Elegance Black Raspberry- Extraordinary Blue Green Sparkle- Playful Bronzed Mahogany- Exquisite Brown Berry- Sophisticated Chestnut Brown- Captivating Chocolate Roses- Romantic Cool Grape- Adorable Cool Tan Shimmer- Trustworthy Coppered Taupe- Intuitive Creamy Pearl- Pure Dark Jewel Green- Enduring Dark Taupe -Genuine Deep Dark Brown- Tenacious Deep Sea Green- Tranquility Dutch Cocoa- Devoted Earthtone Pink- Virtuous French Almond- Brilliant Golden Copper- Noble Golden Olive- Benevolent Golden Beige -Honesty Indigo Shimmer- Inspiring Lime & Gold- Exuberant Nude Peach- Natural Pearl Latte- Simplicity Petal Pink- Beloved Plum Fudge Mint- Ingenius Rose Bronze- Compassion Soft Cocoa- Charming Sugared Mulberry- Stunning Super Sparkle Gray -Fearless Teal Gray

New Foundation names

**In case you didn't read the prior post, click here to understand the reason for the name changes. FYI, The lower the number (i.e. “1”), the lighter the shade. Currently, most of the colors fall in the Very Fair to Medium Tan range. Colors for darker yellow/olive tones will develop as they are needed. These are the old Foundation names listed alphabetically with their new names listed in red: Golden – Faith G1.0 4.2 G1.5 4.0 G2.0 3.5 G2.5 3.0 G3.0 2.5 G3.5 2.0 Neutral Olive Peach – Charity NOP – 1.7 4.0 NOP – 2.3 2.8 Olive – Peace O1.0 4.2 O1.5 4.0 O2.0 3.5 O2.5 3.0 O3.0 2.5 Peach – Kindness P1.0 4.5 P2.0 4.0 P2.5 3.5 P3.0 3.0 Peach Olive Golden – Grace POG1.0 4.5 POG1.5 4.2 POG2.0 4.0 POG2.5 3.5 POG3.0 3.0 POG3.5 2.5 Yellow – Hope Y1.0 4.5 Y2.0 4.2 Y2.4 3.8 Y2.6 3.5 Y3.0 3.0 Yellow Peachy – Love YP 2.0 4.0 YP 2.5 3.5 YP 3.0 3.0

The Change of Names...

When I was testing out my products on some of you I got some excellent feedback and really believe many of you helped me to narrow down the colors that are ending up to be some top favorites. :) I know one of the areas of feedback you all gave me was in regards to the name of the product. There are a few of you that may remember that I said not to worry too much about the name because I will likely change them anyway? Well, ALL of them are changing! In running with my theme of “defining true beauty” I really wanted to name ALL of my colors (foundation, blush, eyecolors) with a positive virtue, characteristic, or quality that defines how we are all so uniquely beautiful. The foundation colors are named after those basic virtues that “lay the foundation” of a beautiful sprit… such as faith, hope, love, peace, etc. Most of the blushes tend to name a mood or state of mind like sassy, passionate, or serene. The eyecolors are a little more general but still nouns/adjectives that describe bea

My first post!

Welcome! What a joy and privilege it is for me to bring you the adorned with Grace Minerals TM Blog. This Blog will obviously be a bulletin board of sorts to mostly supplement my website and products in regards to any changes, extra photos, and application tips, etc. However, in staying true to my theme of “Defining True Beauty TM ” I won’t just talk about the makeup that helps your physical appearance, but also natural health and beauty topics that also work from the inside out! I believe that true beauty is holistic. No, we don’t all have to look like those red-carpet celebrities but definitely enhance the beauty God gave you! At the same time, beauty doesn’t just stop at skin level. The same skin the cosmetics sit on needs to start from a base of a healthy body via nutrition, exercise, a peaceful mind, etc. Natural health and beauty has really been gaining popularity among many women (hence many of you switching to more products with simple ingredients like Mineral Makeup), and it h