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Update on our Internet Issues & upcoming Blog Special

So it looks like our Internet issues are resolved! Our service was actually performing back to normal about Wednesday last week and we were very close to putting up a Blog Special but then we got notification that our website builder was upgrading our website this weekend and that our site might be unavailable for 10-30 minutes. Because a different website builder has said the same thing and actually taken 24 hours (why I am not with them now!), I decided not to take the chance and make sure the upgrades went well. After all, you never know how smoothly these things go and didn't want to find my website all in a jumble in the midst of a sale where there is usually an increase in order volume! Well, the good news is it truly is even more awesome than ever! More of it is on my end but one of the benefits for you all, my prized customers, is it is now Mobile friendly! So if you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre, or Android based device, you'll get a screen like you see on the l

BLOG ONLY Birthday Special!!!!

Until Sunday, August 22 (or while supplies last), awG is running a Birthday BLOG ONLY special kit of Franchesca's favorites ! Why, you may ask??? Well, today (the 18th) is her birthday! And like the Oil of Olay commercials say, she'd like to "grow old Gracefully" by offering you a special price on some of her top favorites. This is what she makes sure is packed before leaving on any overnight trip: Premium Small Dual Fiber brush ($16.99 value) - For the best blush/glow application! Premium Flat Top brush ($9.49 value) - For a super smooth foundation application! Ingenue Round Contour ($4.27 value) - For applying color to the crease with ease! Ingenue Fine Liner ($4.11 value) - The best brush for eyeliners, esp. if you love the "cat-eye" look! Ingenue Oval Shadow ($4.63 value) - For the best all over eye application! Blush / Shimmer Blush of your choice (7.99 value) - For all day color with the most natural colors! Premium Eyecolor of your choice ($5.4

Slight shipping delays this weekend and early next week!

Just a heads up that if you are getting low on any of your awG items, make sure to make your order by this Thursday night to guarantee that it will ship out before this weekend. We'll be unavailable to ship until Wednesday at the earliest, which is really not that long to wait BUT we just had to let you know if you were needing your order in a hurry or were expecting our usual super-fast turnaround. Tentatively,we *might* also be unavailable for the same days the week after, but we'll let you know ASAP when we know for sure. (If we don't post anything between now and then, assume all is "as usual," fyi.) Summertime seems like such a busy month for many of us and awG in not excluded in that! We are currently working on some more Clearance items to put up for sale so make sure to look out for those. If we work really hard, we're hoping to have those on the site for sale around the middle or later part of the week of August 22. Thanks all! P.S. Graceful Coach (a

Naturally beautiful skin

Perfect skin. It seems like that is one of those coveted things I've noticed many ladies want and one of the reasons the search for the perfect foundation continues for many. I'm so glad that many of you have found and love using adorned with Grace's mineral foundation to help achieve your goal of smooth and clear-looking skin. However, wouldn't it be great to just not wear makeup at all? To wake up in the morning and be like, "Wow, my skin sure glows! I think I could just skip the foundie and blush this morning!" when you look in the mirror? Well, there are a few things that I've found from personal experience and in my own search for perfect skin that I know definitely help. Here is my list: 1. Water: Surely you all knew that would be my first! Hydration is very important and they say to figure out your needed amount, take what you weigh (let's say its 150 pounds) and divide that in half (so 75) and to drink that amount in ounces. So seventy-five o

Starting a separate Health & Fitness Blog!

When I first started this Blog, I was wanting it to be an adjunct to my online store for announcements regarding our products/sales/etc. but also a place where I could write beauty and health-related articles to go with our theme of "defining true beauty" and that we see it from a holistic aspect. Sorry to say that I have not written as much as I would like but I've recently rediscovered my passion and determination to share what I know especially in regards to fitness/health so I have a new Blog that will focus on that HERE that I am calling Graceful Coach as I have recently signed up to become a Beachbody Coach of P90x & Insanity Workout DVDs fame. I would have just kept it all in one Blog but for those of you who follow and are Subscribers that only have awG in your interest, I did not want to Spam you with any fitness related posts should that not be your thing and vice-versa. I guess since hitting my mid-thirties, I've become rather focused on living at my