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Earlier than usual...

Thought I'd get an early start this week on the Blog Special! From June 29 (Monday) to July 3, 12.00 p.m (Friday) ONLY we will have the following Blog Special: For EVERY Ingenue and/or Premium Custom Trio set you buy, you get four free baggie samples!!! So for example... If you buy one Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush set, you'll get four samples of your choice--- If you buy two Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush sets, you'll get eight samples of your choice--- If you buy two Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush sets and one Premium Trio Eyeshadow Brush set, you'll get twelve samples of your choice! (You get the picture!!!) Make sure to type in your color choices in the box near the "Add to Cart" button so we know what samples to send you. **As with our other sampling rule, no more than two of the same sample eyecolor allowed per customer. CLICK HERE to get to the hidden listing. :) Oh, and as an FYI, I may *not* have a Blog Special next week. If all g

Blog Special: June 23-26

From June 23 (Tuesday) to June 26, 12:30 p.m (Friday) we will have the following Blog Special: Orders $17.00 or more: Get one mini Spritzer bottle. This is perfect for applying your favorite hydrating facial spray, especially for traveling due to its petite size. You can also put body spray, cleansers, or whatever you can think of! Orders $33.00 or more: The Spritzer and your choice of one eyecolor (you'll choose in the drop down menu) WITH vegan lip balm OR a single Microfiber washcloth. Orders $50 or more: The above deals and a 10% off Coupon on your next order! We'll send you a postcard with your very own discount code (non-transferable) in your order. Just make sure to click HERE to add the Blog Special to your cart. Choose in the drop-down menu which eyecolor you want OR if you want the Microfiber washcloth. As a reminder for International customers, your Order total to qualify for the Blog Special does NOT include your shipping charges so please keep that in mind

Sneak Peak: Summer 2009 LE

Before I close up for the weekend, I wanted to leave you all with a quick pic of swatches I did of the upcoming Summer LE! These colors will likely be on the website for sale by Tuesday afternoon (along with a Blog Special!) unless I have Internet issues or similar emergencies. **Of course, these are much prettier in person--you see more of the "glow" which my pathetic camera just does not seem to capture. :P Descriptions: Auspicious: A rich metallic brownish red. A striking eyeliner and made to pair with Conscientious. Chivalrous: A neutral beige highlight or base color. Classy: A sheer neutral golden tan shimmer. Clever: A plummy taupe similar to our color Romantic but less pink and has more of a wet-sheen. Confident: Optimistic's shimmery sister--has lots pretty golden highlights! Conscientious: A beautiful metallic pink. Heroic: A shimmery copper brown. Intriguing: MY FAVORITE! It's like looking a a dark chocolate fudge with mint sparkles. I love wearing

No Blog Special, BUT...a Special Article!

Believe It or Not: Words & Their Effect When I was a child, there was a show that my family and I loved to watch called, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” where it showcased scientific marvels, interesting facts in history, and, sometimes, just fun, outrageous stories to excite and amaze its viewers. Well, I recently read an article that I thought would have fit right in with this show called, “Miraculous Messages from Water: How Water Reflects Our Consciousness.” It’s about an experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist where he tested to see the effect of words/thoughts on water. Sounding crazy already, lol? Well, read on as it gets even more interesting as he’s got pictures to prove it… To give a VERY general overview of his experiment ( *Click here to see the entire article ), he has done experiments on the effect of spoken AND written words on water as well as music. I’m just going to share with you some of the pictures of what I found most interesting of the resulting images

June 9-12 Blog Special

Sorry, this is up a little later than I wanted but I'm trying to finish up my Summer LE that will be available this June 22! I'd tell you more about them but I'd prefer to keep you all in suspense... First off, I wanted this week's special to be pretty good since I will NOT be having a special for the week of June 15 (next week). As with my special from last week, you will need to click HERE to get to it! So from June 9 (Tuesday) to 12:30 p.m. June 12 (Friday): Orders $14 or more get: ONE FREE Regular Eyecolor Orders $22 or more get: TWO Free Regular Eyecolors Orders $30 or more get: THREE Free Regular Eyec0lors Sorry, this is only for Regular Eyecolors , not any of our Premium Colors or LE's. (We are on the verge of going Out of Stock with a couple of the LE colors so that is one of the reasons we are holding off on those.) You must use this listing and "Add to Cart" to get the Special! You can always email us later *if* you forgot (as long as the o

This week's Blog Special

As I mentioned before, the new website has all sorts of new features that I didn't have on Ecrater but it is missing the "Notes" section when you checkout so you all don't have a place to write in "Blog Special" and/or colors of products when applicable. However, I did come up with something that I *think* will work: I added a Secret Listing entitled Blog Special where you simply "Add to Cart." The only downside is I had to add a one cent charge to it since it does not allow me to add items with a FREE price tag but I'm thinking one cent is still a pretty good deal? What is good about it is if you are borderline--like where you have $16.99 or $33.99, this penny will count toward your Blog Special total so you don't have to worry about adding a $1 item just to meet the requirements. So our Blog Special this week is: For orders $17.00 or more you get: One full-sized regular Blush/Shimmer Blush of your choice. For orders $34.00 or more you