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Explanation: Where did the sets go???

Because we are trying to keep track of the inventory so that you know for sure whether or not the item is in stock, we did readjust the way we have listed our products on the site. Instead of using the drop down menus or simply writing in your choices, you just go to the single listing for a full size item and add the product as many times as you need.  There will be adjustments made in price according to how many you buy and if there is a difference within the products (e.g. regular eyecolors vs. premium eyecolors). We did this for the foundation and powders, the eyecolors, the blushes, as well as the Ingenue/Premium Eyeshadow brush sets. Unfortunately, we could not keep up the single listing that had a specific description/photo for each item because the inventory check does not work that way. Basically, this is really set up for prior customers to adorned with Grace and we are assuming most of you know exactly what items you need. I think this would really only pose a problem for

Not the end...

So if you have stopped by the home page of our website at, you may have read the note at top that says we will be...MOVING! In fact, it may be happening rather quickly here and for that reason, we will have to close awG temporarily on September 8 to give us time to move and get settled in. As of this time, we have no idea exactly when this will be. I want to caution everyone that it may not be until January 2012 before we get things rolling again, depending on how well the move will go and the kind of place we will be living in. Since we will be trying to whittle down our inventory so that there will be less to move, it may take a while to make up more products to have ready for sale, especially foundations/powders/popular blush & eye colors that we may run out of before we shut it down. We also would like time to be able to revise our website and how the products are listed as well as make needed changes such as pricing (products and shipping). In addi

Upcoming Vacation & Explanations

So sorry for the very quiet absence everyone but this has been one full and very busy summer! And we believe our schedule is about to get busier... From August 16-28, we will be going out of town and temporarily closing the store; the first part is an Out-of-Town trip for my Birthday (Yipee!) and then the last part is for a VERY special mother-in-law's! Rather than fall behind as we usually do when we keep our store open, we are going to close it down. You may have noticed that the Samples & Foundation/Powder sets have been removed from our site? Right now, there are several factors (which we chose not to disclose at this time) that are preventing us from manufacturing more products so we are trying to keep a closer check of our Inventory. Because of that, we have to sell what items we do have and because it is difficult to track inventory for the sets/samples (our website is not equipped to track inventory when purchased in sets, unfortunately).