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A Sneak Peak at the Summer 2010 LE

We are still not quite done getting the new Summer 2010 LE out, but we thought you'd like to get a sneak peak of what's coming! In formulating these colors, I was yearning for the beach so you could say I had the "sea and the sand" as my inspiration for these colors, lol. Yeah, not too original for a Summer theme, but I really did want to add some more blues (especially FUN blues!) and I can never seem to get enough gold-toned eye shadows for myself! Flamboyant: A bright teal/sea blue that reminds me a an oasis paradise. My favorite blue of the three and MUCH prettier in person! Munificent: A light robin egg blue/sea foam green. Funny, they were just talking on the Today show this week about Beyonce's Robin Egg Blue Nail Polish being a makeup trend right now--you could mix this color in with some clear and possibly get something similar--maybe??? Emotive: A deep blue with light blue highlights. Similar to Inspiring, but more blue highlights than purple. Forthri

New Premium Brush: Refillable Powder!

Per request of our customers, we have brought in a new Premium Brush that works great for "on-the-go!" It is our new Premium Refillable Powder Dispensing Brush: As with our other Premium Brushes, this is 100% synthetic and made with the same super soft velvety bristles from the collection. But that is not the only reason to love this brush--it also has an adjustable dial so you can control the amount of powder flow. You may want to set it on 1 (I) for a lighter dusting light a touch up powder (our Heavenly Rice Powder?) or on 3 (III) to offer more product dispensing for foundations. The brush head is a medium density; nothing like a kabuki so don't expect to apply foundations that you prefer heavy coverage, but it is ideal for face powders, luminous all over face colors, and light foundation touch-ups. It is no doubt the softest refillable brush we've come across--and we've tried quite a few on the market! And with our coupon code ("IMBACK") that wil

Coupon Code!!!

For those of you that follow our Blog & Facebook page and have been patiently waiting on us to return from our out-of town trip, here is the coupon code: IMBACK This coupon code is good for 10% off any purchases $10 or more and the last day you can use it will be Sunday, July 25 . This coupon is good on in-stock items only but you may use it as many times as you like and are welcome to post it on your own blog or preferred social media. This will be a great time to stock up on our minerals but especially our brushes like our MAC 188 dupe, Premium Small Dual Fiber or our very brand new brush, the Premium Refillable Powder Dispensing Brush . (See upcoming post for more info.) As a side note, we are sad to note that our very popular Microfiber washcloths are being discontinued by our supplier and we have searched and searched for a suitable replacement, but cannot seem to find one even remotely similar. We will continue to keep our eyes open for it but for now, it will no longer be

Back to normal!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it has been over two weeks since I had to go on vacation from awG (though my trip was not a vacation exactly , but a conference I was hard at work at!) and I must say that I very much missed my time at work and getting to interact with all you wonderful customers! I've spent the last day and half catching up on rest (I think I slept 4-5 hours each night--a far cry from my usual and much healthier 7-8 hours) as well as catching up on the orders while I was gone and answering the emails I could not get to the latter part of my trip. I am thrilled to say I am caught up with both! All I have to do is update the tracking info (maybe later this p.m.) and get to any orders that were placed this morning. As promised, I will be putting up a new sale next week, likely Tuesday/Wednesday so check back either here or Facebook for updates on that! I hope to introduce a new brush (a 100% synthetic refillable dispensing brush) around then as well that many of you have been r