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Don't forget!!!!!

Since we will be out of town from June 19-July 6, all orders received then will be taken, but not shipped until July 7 at the earliest. So if you want to make sure to get your order in before we leave please do it by Friday morning , June 18. (Central Standard time) If you happen to post a lot on a forum and notice anyone asking about turnaround time for shipping, do let them know our situation for those dates--we are known for our rather quick shipping times but this will be the exception as we do not have anyone to help us manage our store (at least the way I like it, LOL!) while we are gone. Also note that we may not have a lot of Internet access/time to answer any questions that come in so please also be aware of that as well. You know your questions and issues that arise our very important to us and try to get back with you as soon as we are able. Until then, enjoy the remainder of the time left on this Blog Special (over tomorrow, June 18) and when I come back we'll have an

Blog Special for 6-10 (Thurs) to 6-18 (Fri)

Check out our new Blog Specials at this link: Blog Special for 6-10 (Thurs) to 6-18 (Fri) You'll find some deeply discounted full-sized set deals with brushes. However, if you are NOT interested in any of those and plan on buying $30 or more AND want some Brushes/Accessories, use our Blog-only announced discount code "BLOGBRUSH15" and get 15% off all Brushes/Accessories. With this discount code, you will get 15% of any Brush/Accessory BUT you *must* spend $30 or more per order. Your $30 total does not have to come from just the Brushes/Accessories (so you can spend $25 on minerals and just $5 on a Brush) but it will ONLY discount Brushes/Accessories, not any makeup items or other products. Also, make sure to use the code at Checkout--otherwise, you will not get the discount! This will be our last Blog Special before we leave for our two week trip ** . Keep that in mind when placing an order--but also know that we will hopefully have some new items (definitely more Cleara

Reminder & some other news...

First off: just a reminder that the 10% Grand Opening Sale will be ending this weekend. June 6 (Sunday) will be the last day to place an order using the code "GRAND." Remember, you *MUST* use the code at checkout to be get the discount! But if you happen to forget, no worries. Our company will be gone at the end of June/early July (June 19-July 6) and orders will be taken, but not shipped until July 7 at the earliest . However, we WILL have another great Sale then and will be taking requests on our Facebook pages to see what items you all would like to see on Sale! Click here to add your request! What we put on sale will depend on what we have on stock at the time but the sooner you let us know what you like, we can beef up our Inventory before that time! We'll try to honor the most popular requests as well as ones we notice from the trends on our website. We also hope to post some new items (maybe some new & old LE's) as well as more Clearance Items that seco