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We're back and caught up!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we had a wonderful time at my sister's wedding and were able to get back into the swing of things and have mailed out all the orders made while we were gone. FYI, there are some of you that may have trouble getting out notices (Order Confirmation & Shipping Notices) especially those with a Yahoo email account (they have strangely strict privacy settings) so if you believe you placed an order from Feb. 9 - 23, and have not received ANY notices, you are welcome to email us to check. We apologize for that but some email servers don't always recognize our Automatic Response emails from out website. We had quite a few orders--much more than expected and even pleasantly overwhelming!--but we worked hard to make sure you all didn't have to wait too long as we like to follow the Golden Rule in that matter! ;) We had so many sample orders we are busily making more products to replace our stock as well as reordering other items (brushes,

A special Wedding Collection!

If you have been to our site in the last few days you may have seen the Notice at the bottom of our website right above the footer: We'll be unavailable to ship orders received from Feb. 9 - Feb. 21 because we will be out of town and that orders will likely not be shipped until Feb. 23 at the earliest. Why is this you may ask? Well, we have a very important wedding to go to in Florida and will be out of town and unable to take care of things as usual. My little sister is getting married (Congrats, Sis!) and being the maid of honor, we just could not miss such a special occasion! Since we are a small company, we do not have additional staff that can help with the processing while we are gone so we just hope you will either submit your order before the 9th or after the 21st or be willing to wait a little longer that our usual shipping time. However, in honor of her special day, we have a special Wedding LE Collection; there are two eye colors, Incomparable & Exceptional and then