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Discontinued colors, Clearance items

We are officially back online! We got most of the stock back up; however, we actually have quite a few more out of town trips this Summer that might get us behind again, but we'll deal with that when it actually happens. You'll also notice we have discontinued quite a few eye colors & blushes/Shimmer blushes as well; many of the colors included pigments our supplier no longer carries so we are unable to make up more of them. There will be a few we can try to recreate; however, we are very limited on time these days and not sure how quickly that will be able to happen. Also note the Clearance coupon on the Clearance page ; it will be good until June 12 and is only for items that are on Clearance. can buy $40 of total items (non-Clearance/Clearance) but it will only take the percentage off on the Clearance items. Thanks for your patience everyone!