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Update on upcoming accessories & new countries added

For those that were interested, we have set to arrive mid-to-late next week the Premium Chubby Blender (like a foundation brush with a shorter head), Small Pointed Face Brush, and Mascara Lash Guard. So if you were thinking of placing an order but were also interested in these items, you may want to hold off until these arrive. We will only be stocking a very limited amount this first time around, but we'll make sure to restock within a 7-10 days should they be as popular as our Jumbo Buffer & Flat Top. In addition, we wanted to let you know that we have also added Switzerland & the Philippines to our list of International countries we ship to. Because we have added quite a few new countries this last week, there is a chance we may run out of stock on some of the accessories (especially the Jumbo Buffer) so please be patient with us if it is Out of Stock when you order. Thank you everyone!

Norway, Sweden, Australia, Singapore & Germany...ADDED!

I am now slowly starting to add International countries and the ones named above in the title are the first ones! These are countries that I have had testers in and have shipped repeatedly to over the last year with an exception of Australia who I just recently tested out with an inquiring customer and everything went over well. Currently, I have test packages in progress right now going to France, Switzerland, Canada, & the Philippines and once I get word from those countries how long the ship time is and how easily it got to them, I can add them as well. FYI, shipping to Norway, Sweden, & Australia has been about 6-10 days, IIRC (fastest so far--faster than when I mail stuff to Iowa, lol!) and Germany, Singapore tend to take more time due to Customs holding them a little longer for whatever reason. Regardless of where you are at, PLEASE allow at least three-four weeks for your package to get to you. Once I have shipped it off, it really is out of my hands and cannot do anyth

Premium Eyecolors, Blushes, and more finally up at Ecrater!

After working pretty steadily the last few days, I have finally finished adding the items to my store! As mentioned in my previous post, I have added fifteen Premium eyecolors , three Limited Edition eyecolors , three new blushes , a foldable metal eyelash comb , untinted foundation (as well as a set that includes a jar/scoop ), and a "clearance" vegan lip balm (as I had messed up my first batch). As you'll see, the Premium eyecolors also come in specially discounted kits. The Premium line is slightly more expensive that our regular eyeshadows due to the ingredients as well as the packaging (a very elegant looking sqaure jar) but from what my Consumer Panel tells me, they are totally worth it! As noted in the Ecrater description, we cannot allow for substitutions of Premium colors in the *regular* sets (5 for $19.99, 10 for $29.99) but you may substitute one of the regular eyecolors in the Premium sets (2 for $8.99, 4 for $16.49) although you'll have to do the math to

Some "teaser" swatches...

As I mentioned in my last post, adorned with Grace Minerals will be releasing about 15 new eyecolors (will be from a brand new Premium collection which will be slighly more expensive due to the more expensive ingredients they are made from), 3 LE eyecolors, 3 cooler toned blushes, and an untinted, vegan lip balm. I don't have everything quite ready yet, but I did take some photos for you all of the upcoming colors so you can decide if you want to place an order for any of them when they become available. I do want to apologize because I am really not the best at taking arm swatches; it is part of the reason I don't put any up on my Ecrater site (or for my future site).But to promote these new colors, I thought it would be helpful since some of these will be a different finish (low shimmer & metallic) and you all can decide if it is something worth having in your collection. (I'll explain with their appropriate posts on which ones are fairly true to color and which ones

FYI: Columbus Day & Update on what I've been doing

I just wanted to give you all a "heads up" that Monday is Columbus Day; I checked with USPS and mail will NOT run that day. So any orders that are shipped out Friday Morning will likely not get to you until the Tuesday after (at the earliest) and orders placed over the weekend will not be shipped until Tuesday morning as well. Remember this when ordering from other companies, too! Also, I have been busy getting a new collection of eye shadows (18 new colors in more office friendly neutrals and about 1/2 to 1/3 of them low shimmer as requested by many customers) and several cooler-toned blushes as well as a vegan lip balm that I *hope* to have ready to put up on the store by the end of October/early November. For those that order anything early next week AND depending on the eyeshadow & blush samples that you actually purchase, you might just get to sample a few from my new collection. As some of you know, I like to give a couple freebies with each order and really try to