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Clearance Store Officially Open!

It is official! We have reopened with our previous stock! Some important things to note: *For a “fuller” view of the website (as in picture below) you can choose the Desktop version vs. Mobile version if you are in your phone. *We have set our site to accept  USA orders only .  HOWEVER, if you are from another country that we used to ship to email us @ and we may be able to work something out. *There is a shipping charge for USA orders depending on weight. However, if your order totals over $35 we will manually refund your shipping charge! If you do not see it refunded, please email or message us so we can take care of it. *Unfortunately, although you may read in some of the separate Product Description to try our $1 samples, since this is the Clearance stock, we will not have samples you can try before you buy since we do not really have additional stock to make up any more samples. We also cannot take any refunds should you not be happy. Sorry!  😣   * Kn