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What's up with awG!

Though we have been rather silent via Blogging & Facebook posts, don't think we've forgotten all about you all! On the contrary, we have been busy getting some of the new items together such as some Clearance eye colors and photographing/editing some new accessory items (which we'll leave as a surprise since we like to do that, lol). In addition, we are running a low stock on certain shades of foundation, powder, eye colors/blushes that we are busily making/jarring/labeling so that there are no delays when processing your order. We are running behind schedule due to our out-of-town trips and other unexpected personal detours that have come up. In addition, we discovered non-makeup items out of stock upon our return and needed time to reorder from our suppliers. So when we are behind, we'd prefer to hold off on any Blog Specials to have plenty of time to get caught up. However, we *hope* we'll be caught up by the middle of next week so if you have a suggestio