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Notice: Shipping Delays Oct. 1-12 & BLOG SPECIAL!!!

Bad news first: I will be in a Leadership Conference in Atlanta in the first part of October and since it is still a "one woman" company, there will be no one available for me (who could do the job as perfect as I want it anyway, lol!) to take care of Orders and Shipping so if you find you are running low on some of your awG favorites, please order by Sept. 30 or your order may not ship out until Wednesday, Oct. 13. To clarify further, expect that if you place an order between Oct. 1 - 12, your order will likely not ship until Wednesday, Oct. 13 at the earliest!  So even if you don't place an order and you happen to be talking to someone in a forum about how they haven't gotten a Shipping Notice from awG yet, then let them know as not everyone follows our Blog. On that note, EVERYONE should follow our Blog! And "Why?" you may ask...because of our Blog Sales! In fact, we do have one more Blog Special before I go out of town. In an effort to make room for

FAQ: What's your makeup routine like? Do you use a lot of awG?

This will be a fun question to answer as I'll have to stop and analyze myself as it has become so "auto-pilot" I don't think I can just quickly type this out, lol... Well, the first thing I like to do is moisturize my face. I have some old lotions I am still using up but my preferred moisturizer is a mix I made for myself using shea & cocoa butter, then also coconut oil (my favorite) with a little bit of Edelweiss extract. I need literally a teeny smudge of it as it can get very greasy but find that it softens my skin so well and naturally. After testing it for a little longer, I may consider tweaking the recipe and selling it at awG, more than likely as an LE during the winter months since I am concerned about it melting during shipment in the warmer months. I'll also apply some of my Vegan Lipbalm because my lips tend to chap and this helps significantly with that and provides a smoother base to my lip liner. After that, I go straight to the eyes. Since usi

Extending Blog Special Sale!

Since I know many of you are still waiting on payday OR distracted by the Labor Day holiday due to family or other sales OR you just simply did not know about our Blog Special , we are extending it until next Sunday, Sept. 12! So click HERE and get to shopping at our secret sale!

Blog Special & Clearance Foundies & Shimmer!!!

Today's Blog Special Then, we also have more Clearance items up! Mostly Oops Foundation and some all purpose shimmers. The all purpose shimmers are made from a basic base similar to our foundation ingredients that we tweaked to make into popular colors you can use for glows/blushes, eyelid washes, or body shimmer (like mix in with your lotion or sunscreen for an extra special glow!) They aren't quite Limited Edition as we did not make them intentionally (as we have creatively planned our other LE Collections) but made colors with extras of what we had and suspected we weren't going to use up anytime soon and a couple were Oops Shimmer Blushes. (Reserved was an Oops for Tenderness Shimmer Blush which is why it isn't quite as sparkly as the rest of them). As with the previous Oops foundies, they will come in a baggie with about 8 grams of product. The Shimmers (not Shimmer Blush because they are made to really use as "all purpose") will be full sizes in our 10