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  Where have we been you may ask? Yes, for a while there were were great at posting to our social media on Instagram & Facebook ! However, the last few weeks have been super busy as we have been producing the new Foundations, Powders, Blush, and (starting today) our Eyeshadows. And at the beginning of the month, Texas has its worst snowstorm in 20 years so needless to sale we were quite a bit distracted then! However we have not forgotten about you all and hope you all have been able to Share and purchase some of this older stock on Clearance prices.😀 Remember, if there was a certain color you liked from our prior store, try to grab one now as we are not only repackaging our products but having to reformulate most of it! Being almost 10 years away, some colorants are no longer available OR have gone up considerably in price, causing us to find a substitute to make a color most similar to the prior.   And speaking of price, we desire to still price fairly but know that we will hav