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About Coconut Oil & the Microfiber Washcloth

About two weeks ago, I posted a Top Ten of my favorite things. One of the items, the Microfiber Washcloth, seemed to generate some questions especially in regards to keratosis pilaris. Unfortunately, I did not remember to take "before and after" pics but I can say in my experience that it has done wonderfully for smoothing my arms. I have been using the Microfiber washcloth for about five-six months now pretty regularly and it kind of helped smooth it out but it was not until I started using the coconut oil (and the Microfiber cloth) about a month ago that I started to notice the bumps slowly smooth down significantly and the redness go away. All I notice now is bump or two and some light brown spots where the old bumps were and I am hoping that those will heal and disappear in a matter of time as well! So my method? All I do is make sure to exfoliate daily (without cleanser on it) on the backs of my arms with firm pressure in a circular massage motion. I try not to do it

Blog Special: 7/20-7/24

Hey, all! I'm back with a Blog Special for this week! But before I share the links I need to explain that I'm going to be adding a new Limited Edition listing that I'll have "as needed" when good ideas arise: a Customer Request Set! I had a customer ask about having a special brush set that she wanted to give to a family member as a gift and she was hoping for some basic face brushes, specifically the ones listed in this set. Just go to our Limited Edition page and scroll down to the bottom to find it or simply click HERE to see the listing. These brushes are actually mentioned on my very last "Favorite Things" post as they are dupes of the MAC 187, 188, & 138. The price on these three brushes (plus the Blog Special) doesn't even cover the cost of one MAC brush! The sale on the LE Customer Request set will be over either when we run out of our current stock of brushes or July 29, whichever comes first. However, I *think* I will have enough for

My favorite things!

Before I take off for the weekend I thought I'd leave you all this post; I've been getting lots of emails from my customers asking me what brush or makeup product I like using best & would recommend (from my adorned with Grace TM store) so I thought it might be fun and perhaps informative to give you a Top Ten list of the things *I* love and can't live without. I did a Top Ten list of products my first month of blogging, but that was what is popular with my customers --these are my own personal loves! 1. Supreme Smoothing Powder : I use this as a primer underneath my foundation all over my face and then I go over it lightly around my more visible pores or areas I feel like need an extra smoothing. Gives a "Photoshopped" look to my face, lol! See a blog post here that I did about it: Supreme Smoothing Powder: Does it work? 2. Metal Eyelash Comb : I get asked a LOT about this item---like does it really work better than the regular brow brushes? Well, let m

A Clearance Sale!!!

I know some of you love the "Oops" Grab Bag Sample sets so I have got a bunch of those for you this round! I have one set that is devoted completely to colors that are best for cheek/lip colors; one of mostly neutrals; one that has a little bit more color (greens, grays, plum/purples); and then just a couple of a "Mixed Bag" set that has a little bit of each. Most of these grab baggies have at least 20 samples and most of the samples have about 1/2 teaspoon in them and a select few have 1/4. Some of them will also include some discontinued LE sample sized colors (my usual 1/8 teaspoon) and there might be a couple colors from the last Grab Bag set that may be in there as extras. I also have some "Oops" Foundation; I accidentally made an error in my measurement when making Grace 4.0 and it didn't *quite* match the previous batch but I think it might be forgiving enough that if you wear Grace, Faith, or Kindness 4.0, you might match this. One idea you ca