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Limited Stock Eyeshadow sets & FREE brushes

First of all, I am extending the Limited Edition colors until Monday, April 6. I intended on having my new Spring collection out by this week but lets just say I got carried away and ended up with more colors than I intended so I'm still getting those together but should have them ready to sell by next week. But make sure to grab any LE colors this week as they will no longer be available Tuesday, April 7 OR should they become "sold out" this week which is very possible . FYI, I am running really low on the sample baggies of Ambitious so if you plan on listing that as one of your choices, have a back up in case the samples baggies are all gone. The 6, 8, & 10 piece blush sets are still up so take advantage of those as well. You may also wait as I'll have three new blushes introduced next week--especially if you like matte blushes! But my favorite special this week is with my 10 piece Eyeshadow set. For a limited time, while supplies last, I'm offering this du

New Super Sampler kit, Blushes in "Bulk," & Today's Blog Special...

Today, I've added a PERMANENT addition to my online store for a "super" sampler kit: 30 baggie samples for $19.99 ! I don't know how popular this set will really be, but I've had a few customers asking for a special sale on samples but since we really don't plan on doing a whole lot of sales, I thought this would be a good permanent addition for those that want to buy in bulk. Speaking of buying in bulk, I've also had quite a few of you telling me you love ALL of the Shimmer Blushes and how you'd like to collect all ten of them so I have come up with a special price for those that want to purchase all ten. I've also added a six & eight piece Blush set just in case you didn't necessarily want every single one of them. (Of course, it is cheaper per jar the more jars you get.) **However I'll only have these sets are for a limited time only available until April 6th (Monday) . Check them out here at the Limited Edition section . After that

My first health & beauty article!

This has been a long time coming! When I first started out this blog, I mentioned that besides the sales and updates to my adorned with Grace Minerals store, I wanted to also have articles that helped promote health and healing as I think that is vital to being naturally beautiful so I apologize that its taken me so long to get these out. Well, here it goes... As some of you have noticed me comment here before, I am cold-natured so I am totally excited about the Springtime and having warmer weather. I especially can't wait to start seeing the flowers bloom and get going on my vegetable garden this year. But along with that comes the pollen that can give me the "snifflies" if I'm not too careful. And with this change in weather--esp. in the state of Mississippi where you never know what temperature its going to be--I can have a tendency to get sick with a cold or sinus infection much easier. I know I'm not alone in this. In fact, I'm sure many of you suffer f

Just a Small "Giveaway"....

After one of the busy weeks I had, I realized I was getting dangerously low my stock of brushes. So late at night I started to take down inventory and leaf through my catalogs and notes to make up a new order to send to the various suppliers I buy from. Well, in my fatigue and haste, I accidentally wrote down the wrong product number on my short-handled Round Contour Brush--and got the long-handled Round Contour instead! And I did not realize this until too late when I opened up my package the day it came. Since I admit that I am a little bit of a perfectionist and felt this long-handled version seemed out of place with the set I sell now, I thought that instead of selling this alongside my other Ingenue Eyeshadow brushes, I would just offer the small handful I have (about six of them to be exact) with anyone who places an order for my "5 for $19.99 Eyecolor Set" as a FREEBIE giveaway. You just have to be super quick and click on this link: "5 for $19.99 with one Fr

Supreme Smoothing Powder: Does it work?

So this is a question I have gotten from some of you so I thought I'd do a post about it with a photo just so you can see the difference: If you notice how the "After" picture looks so much smoother and "soft focus" than the Before picture! Because silica is spherical shaped, it fills in those pores and spaces very well and allows your foundation to have a much smoother finish, both to touch and appearance; especially if you find you wear a high coverage foundation that has a lot of titanium dioxide it it, it can "drag" as you buff it on but this will also help to apply it more evenly. Besides as a primer, you can also use our Smoothing Powder just as a very light finishing powder to kind of blur those pores or fine lines--most notably helpful any time you are getting your picture taken. Of course, it won't hide deep wrinkles or very large pores (it's "supreme" not "magical" lol...) but does diminish them enough so you may

A St. Patty's Day Eyeshadow Duo set: $7.49: Choose two greens!!!

To kick off a new month (yes, it is already March!!!) we wanted to start off with a special St. Patrick's "Choose Your Own" Green Eyeshadows Duo set for $7.49 . Here in the U.S. we have this funny (and somewhat painful, lol) tradition of pinching those who aren't wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. So to help you all prepare for this occassion, this set will allow you to choose any two of the following green eyecolors: Tranquility, Enduring, Benevolent, or Glorious . Because we still have a handful left in stock, you may also choose the following LE's that are no longer on our site but are bringing back just to give you all more choices for this Duo set: Exuberant, Jovial, and Altruistic . HOWEVER, because we have very few of these colors, please make sure to list your second and third choices should Exuberant, Jovial, & Altruistic become unavailable. *You also cannot choose Wondrous which is a Limited Edition Premium Eyecolor from this Winter collectio