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Finding a Foundation Match

Okay, you’re thinking how awesome it is that there is now a makeup company dedicated to those hard-to-match olive/yellow skintones…BUT after seeing the adorned with Grace Minerals TM foundation colors, you are wondering where in the world to even start! Well, one of the most basic ways is to hold a bright white sheet of paper next to your face as you look at a mirror in a well lit room and note what undertones you think you see: *If you see a lot of orange you likely have strong peachy undertones and may match the Kindness (Peach) or Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden) category. *If you see a lot of yellow, you likely have strong yellow/golden undertones and may match Love (Yellow with slight Peach) or Hope (Yellow/Olive). *If you see a green tone, you likely have olive undertones and may match Peace (Neutral Olive), Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden), or Hope (Yellow/Olive) *If you see mainly a neutral brown, you likely have neutral undertones and may match Faith (Golden Brown) or Pea

About our brushes

IngĂ©nue Series When I was first planning this business, I really didn’t think I wanted to add brushes to my line until much later on. However, because loose mineral makeup really needs the best tools for application, I thought that I at least needed to have available some brushes that would help beginners “get their feet wet” to using minerals. Especially in the case of eye brushes! Up until I started using minerals , I am ashamed to admit I used those awful foam applicators that most drugstore brands come with. Of course, ignorance is bliss, and I didn’t really know what I was missing…until I started experimenting with the eyeshadow brushes that came with my makeup kits. I was amazed at how well it packed on color, how it did not waste as much product, and how I was able to use them again and again with regular washings. I think the most fun thing for me to realize was getting to use different styles of brushes to get the effect I wanted! So for those of you that have yet to experienc

My Top Ten Products...

So to give you all a little idea of what items you might want to purchase, I’ve decided to do a “Top 10 Faves” from the adorned with Grace Minerals line. These are the products that have gotten the most raves and ones that I am afraid would cause a riot if I ever discontinued them! Let’s countdown backwards and start with…. 10. Celestial Silkening Powder: Would you believe this was kind of an “accidental” product? I only have one formula for my foundation which is a high coverage finish and when I was trying this out on my foundation testers, I sent this “just in case” they though it was too heavy and they could lighten it up. The idea was that they would share with me the ratios and I would adjust the final formula with the numbers they gave me. Well, the majority preferred the foundation as I had sent it, but there was a handful that loved the idea of having this powder to help add a dewy finish as well as decrease the coverage (those lucky girls with perfect skin!). There are also s

A Second Welcome!

I'd like to write a second WELCOME to the rest of you all who have just been invited to see the temporary online store and our blog! This has actually been up for about two weeks but I wanted to test everything out on a handful of people before going public. For those that are new to adorned with Grace Minerals TM, you can probably skip over some of the posts that deal with the products change of names--it might just confuse you more, lol! But do read the very first post as well as the explanation of the change of names. But if you did order anything at T123 (my "test store") and want to order a color that was out of stock or one you have used up, then definitely keep reading on down! I've come to some road blocks with getting the real website up but because I am ready to get these products out to the public, I thought I'd open an Ecrater store to get it started. I've gotten compliments on how nice the site looks but let me say I can't really take any cred