Monday, May 4, 2009

Still waiting...

I don't think the Ingenue brushes will be in this week either. :(

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they will be in by next week. ***EDIT: I got my Shipping Notice and the brushes should be back on my website by Monday night, May 11 or Tuesday morning, May 12! So in my optimistic hopes of that, I will likely not run a Blog Special again this week as I have a feeling most of you are waiting until the dual fibers are back in as well as the special "Blog Brush" (a different one from last time) and there are a couple other things I'm hoping to add into that mix so I'd like to have all these running at the same time so you all can just order all at once!

The delay with the dual fiber will likely also delay opening my new website since I don't want to leave Ecrater until I get this first big set of brushes out since those who are waiting for them to arrive are waiting for them at my Ecrater site. So maybe late May or even early June, depending on when the dual fibers get shipped, is when I'll have the new site ready for you all to order.

So while we all wait, this will give me more time to write up more beauty-related articles as I've had some topics I've wanted to share that came up last week so maybe in the next few days or so I'll have one for you!