Friday, May 22, 2009

About the upcoming website switch

Hey, all! As I have mentioned, this Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day) I will be posting the link to my new website here! I really cannot wait as it will be much more functional and I think will be less confusing as far as Checkout AND there will be quite a few new brushes and accessories to choose from!

I plan on redirecting it sometime this weekend so if you type in the link, it may take you there earlier (like on Sunday) if it does not take as long as I think it will. (Last time I did this it took about 2-3 days to transfer.)

I've take a few orders there but I'm not 100% sure if *every* bug has been taken care of; hopefully, the changeover will be smooth. As mentioned, I will be closing the Erater site next Friday, May 29 because it will be too much work trying to keep up with inventory (as those brushes fly fast at times!) and managing all the different items. Even with the few orders I am processing from the new site, I find myself getting confused, LOL! Remember, I like to keep things as simple as possible!

I do need to correct myself by saying that I will actually be putting the Ecrater site "On Hold" so you'll still see the store--you just won't be able to order as the "Buy Now" buttons will be inactive-- and on ultra-popular items like the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber and a couple of the other brushes, I'll post the new link in the product text so people can still find it. I also want to keep it *just in case* my new site has issues and I can use it as a backup website.

Oh, and I do feel like to need to also comment that these last two weeks have been fairly busy since the reappearance of the beloved Ingenue Dual Fiber, and when things are busy, I get a lot of "dummy orders" meaning orders that register but don't have a payment confirmation? When things are a slower pace, I usually have time to email the person to ask if they want it; about 90% of the time they do not respond, but I like to check for those 10% that do as it is usually due to their computer freezing up OR thinking they cannot pay with a credit card (you can but this confusion is one of the reasons I have to get off of Ecrater!) OR did it accidentally in hopes to see what the shipping cost is.

However, I have not had time to email the customers with unpaid orders as there are MORE than I can handle to email everyone individually so if you hear of anyone complaining that they ordered but have not received any communication from me, that is why. I haven't had time to even delete them from the system, lol!

Just had to comment on that though as it is something that is a concern for me because, except on weekends, I am a bit OCD on getting out orders out whose payments have posted shipped out within 24-48 hours and I almost feel like I'm giving bad CS not getting back on the dummy orders although I imagine that same 90% didn't want it in the first place.

Well, everyone have a great weekend! Next time you "see" me, it will be at the unveiling of the new site! So just remember if you want to advertise for our company, make sure you post it as