Monday, May 25, 2009

New website!

Before you get click happy and rush over to the new site, I do want to give you the "heads up" that this is not anything super fancy or loaded with all sorts of high-tech features, so forgive me ahead of time if it is not what you're hoping for. ;) I am not a professional by any means!I used a website builder and a basic template although I pretty much had to organize everything myself and figure out the tables (like in the "Shop By Color" page).

Yes, the colors are a bit tame (maybe even plain & boring, LOL!) and the layout is super basic but I had to create a website that reflected my love for simplicity and that understated elegance that I think adorned with Grace stands for.

I am also limited in what kind of features I can have. For example, I can't add Customer Reviews to each product OR more than three drop down menus per item OR have a "Notes" section at the end of checkout much like Erater had so this will kind of affect my Blog Special method. I'll think of something so don't anyone worry about the Blog Special issue, we'll still have them every 1-2 weeks!

BUT, the things I am excited about is the drop down menus I do have so for some of the smaller Custom Kits there will be a lot less typing! The checkout is always much less confusing in that you see exactly where to input your information for credit card orders. I can't tell you how many people emailed me, some angry, asking why I didn't take credit cards! (Although I do, you just have to do it through Pay Pal, but I am not allowed to add Text with directions on that; I just have to trust you read my FAQ section.)

Overall, I am glad that I can finally organize the site like I want it! I have the colors alphabetically and the brushes more in order of price (from least expensive to most). I can add tutorials and articles to help answer questions a little better. It is just more organized and easy to deal with, at least I think so!

I did stock the brushes fairly well BUT I never know how fast they will go especially when I am blogged or YT'd about so just bear with me in case I do run out of stock. You'll see old favorites like the Premium & Ingenue brushes BUT with a handful of ones not available before like the Large Pointed Face Brush & Multitasking which will be on sale until this current set goes out of stock.

I've also added the blog brushes and a new short-handled Synthetic Flat Top that is also on sale. I have what I think is a lot of the new Flat Top but once it sells out, it may not be available again for another 6-8 weeks, FYI. If you found our Premium Buffer and/or Flat Top nice but its handle too bulky and price too expensive, you might just LOVE this one! The head is about 2/3 the size of the Premium Flat top, fyi, but just as velvety soft!

So as far as Blog Special? Well, I won't have anything *too* spectacular, lol, since this is the first week and I want to make sure I have a handle on the system before I process loads of orders. But I will include my Eco friendly Interchangeable Eyeshadow Brush feature in my Earth Day special with each order of my 3 for $12.49 Eyecolor Set. Just type in Blog Special in the box that says "Special Notes" underneath the three drop down menus on that same page and I'll be sure to include it. I was going to add it to the site, but thought it would be much easier giving it away again, Lol! It really is more of a giveaway brush than a "buying" brush. This is good, though, only until supplies last so once that empty box disappears, it will be gone for good.

Well, you can now click on and go see! Be sure if you are pretty new to adorned with Grace to read out FAQ & Shipping/Terms sections so you know what to expect!

Thanks all!