Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All about the Blush

Okay, now that I have sold a ton of these dual fiber brushes, you all need something to try them out with, lol! So I catered these specials this week for Blushes!

My main Blog Special this week is:

Get two full-sized Blushes or Shimmer Blushes and GET ONE FREE! When you type in your two choices in the "Notes" section, just add on your third choice. So if you get our "2 for $13.49 Set" you'll get one extra or if you get our "4 for $22.99 Set" you'll get TWO FREE!

Now this next one is a "While Supplies Last" deal:

For orders $10 or more (remember this does NOT include your Shipping Charges!!!), you will get sample-sized baggies of these three Test Blushes:

*Colors are more pigmented in person. Much more beautiful in person!

Although I do have quite a collection of blushes already, I found myself "craving" some bright, vibrant, rosy shimmery blushes to wear for this coming Summer. I totally love these colors especially with my own golden olive skintone, but I just want to makes sure these aren't too crazy or unnatural looking to release as part of my permanent collection so I am letting you all try these out to test and give me feedback (adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com) if you like them. If they aren't too popular but some of you decide you want full sizes, I can release them as LE Blushes.

FYI, Test Blush #1 is like a pearly, cool fuschia tone--imagine a love child of Zealous & Sassy! Test Blush #2 is a vibrant peachy shimmer. It is kind of similar to Passionate but I think this is a little brighter with not quite as much of a brown undertone. Since it is so close to Passionate (one of my faves), this might be more of an LE Blush. Test Blush #3 is my favorite of the three. It is kind of like Affectionate & Radiant but much brighter and pinker. I think all these will be winners for this summer when most of us darken up a little and are looking for something to complement your tan.

For both Blog Specials, simply type in "BLOG SPECIAL" in the notes section--and of course your third blush choice along with your two other blushes. I will try to post here when I've run out of the Test Blush samples but sometimes things go Out of Stock while I am away from the Internet and/or sleeping so if you put in a $10 order just to get the free samples, you can also write me a note to Refund the order should they run Out of Stock.

The "3 for 2 Blush Blog Special" runs out this Friday, May 22 at exactly 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time and the Test Blush Blog Special runs out this Sunday, May 24 OR when they go Out of Stock, whichever comes first.

Further notes: My new website link will be posted here this Monday, May 25 unless there is some unforeseen problem that comes up. You may notice that some of the brushes and accessories my go "Out of Stock" on my Ecrater site but they will be available again on my new site May 25. I'm just trying to organize my inventory and stay ahead of the game.

When you start shopping on the new site next week, you'll notice that I did have to increase the price on a few of the Ingenue brushes (eyeshadow brushes only, NOT the dual fibers!) for the simple reason that I have been getting a lot of orders (about 50-60% of orders) for only one brush and realized I was actually LOSING money selling them at their previous price since I do free shipping for my US/Canadian customers and fairly cheap shipping for Internationals as I did not count my PayPal fees (.30 per transaction + 3%) nor my packaging/cards when I came up with my prices.

HOWEVER, I will actually have Custom Sets for both the Ingenue and Premium eyeshadow line for those that want more than one brush that I think you all will love and find a great value! Even still, the prices for the Ingenue eyeshadow brushes are will not be over $4.99, fyi.

Thank you all!