Monday, May 11, 2009

Petite Dual Fibers back in stock FINALLY!

Yes, you heard right! They are finally back in stock so check out their listings for the single for $6.29 & "2 for $11.25" set...

I have also added my Earth Day Eco-friendly travel brush with the interchangeable tips for sale for $3.99. Once I run out of stock on these I don't plan on restocking them since these were bought just for the Earth Day occasion. I'm checking out other ecofriendly brush lines before I decide on a set to add permanently.

The Ingenue Synthetic Kabuki will also not be restocked once I run out so if you've been eying one of these, now may be the time to get one. There is nothing wrong in particular with this brush (on contrary, it is actually one of my favorite kabukis ever as it is super soft and I like the size, although it does have some shedding initially but goes away with a few washes) but I am finding most of my customers prefer a long handled kabuki/buffer so I'll switch to that style once I run out of these.

*EDIT: THE DISCOUNTED $11.59 BLOG BRUSH #2 OFFICIALLY GONE! It will not be back until the Grand Opening of our new website which I'm tentatively setting for Monday, May 25 at its regular price of $13.59. Many, many of you have been asking for this as I know our Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber is really best for precise blush application and maybe stippling areas around the nose or eyes for foundation. I tried out quite a few 187 dupes and this seems to be the closest one. See these pics for reference:

This is a comparison pic between my new dual fiber and a MAC 187. The one on the left is the dupe and the right is the 187. I find that the bristles are comparable in density, size, and softness although I will confess the 187's white hairs are a tad bit softer/finer if I were to be extremely discriminating although I don't think it is a noticeable difference. The black bristles on the dupe are stiff enough to do the famous stippling technique for foundation which was the main reason I "flunked" the other dupes I considered selling.

*Our new 187 dupe is cruelty-free but NOT 100% synthetic for those who were wondering.

You can also see from the photo above that the dupe has a longer handle but the actual brush head is pretty similar. The ferrule is also black but other than that, I think it makes for a pretty decent dupe especially since the MAC is $42 and I plan on selling this one for $13.59 (S/H included for my US & Canadian customers!) once my new website is open to the public.

On that note, because of the less expensive price don't expect a perfect copy of the 187 brush. The dupe does shed a little bit initially but for almost 1/4-1/3 the price, I think it is actually a pretty great deal especially if you have a hard time shelling out over $40 for a MAC brush. But I wanted to offer a brush that was economically priced and of good quality to my customers.***Once again, the discounted BLOG BRUSH #2 is officially gone! It will be back at the Grand Opening of our new website (tentatively Monday, May 25) and will sell for $13.59. (S/H included for Canadian & U.S. Customers)

As far as my Blog Special, you will get both Exuberant & Playful, two LE colors from my Summer 2008 when you order our Spring LE 10 Eyecolor Set for $24.99.

This Blog Special will actually be in effect as long as I have my entire set of Spring 2009 LE colors in stock. So once you see the listing off the website, this Blog Special will be gone as well. These were actually colors I wanted to include with my Spring colors but didn't since I don't like to repeat colors similar to ones I've already made I just left them off.

As with all my other Blog Specials, just type in "BLOG SPECIAL" in the notes section if you want the colors. If you don't put it there, I will assume you don't want them.

Well, I think that is it! Thanks again for your patience everyone on the dual fiber brushes!!!