Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just preparing....

I am almost finished getting the new brushes stocked (still waiting on one more!) but I still wanted to get a tentative headcount on *how much* I need to be prepared. I know some of you may not have been quick enough to see the two Blog Brushes (BUT really wanted one!), and I just wanted to make sure I kept those well-stocked before I opened up the website officially so no one had to wait around as they did this last time with the Ingenue Petite Dual fiber.

So if you are planning an order for when the new website opens, please do take the time to participate in my most recent poll! Just look over to the right side of the page between "About Me" & "Blog Archive" and place your vote if applicable!

I can't guarantee this will ensure the brushes are well-stocked as one high-profile YouTuber/Blogger can literally wipe out my entire stock with their review (thanks to you all who do that, lol!) but I can at least add on if I have underestimated for the Grand Opening.