Sunday, March 1, 2009

A St. Patty's Day Eyeshadow Duo set: $7.49: Choose two greens!!!

To kick off a new month (yes, it is already March!!!) we wanted to start off with a special St. Patrick's "Choose Your Own" Green Eyeshadows Duo set for $7.49. Here in the U.S. we have this funny (and somewhat painful, lol) tradition of pinching those who aren't wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. So to help you all prepare for this occassion, this set will allow you to choose any two of the following green eyecolors: Tranquility, Enduring, Benevolent, or Glorious. Because we still have a handful left in stock, you may also choose the following LE's that are no longer on our site but are bringing back just to give you all more choices for this Duo set: Exuberant, Jovial, and Altruistic. HOWEVER, because we have very few of these colors, please make sure to list your second and third choices should Exuberant, Jovial, & Altruistic become unavailable. *You also cannot choose Wondrous which is a Limited Edition Premium Eyecolor from this Winter collection.

The St. Patricks Duo Eyeshadow set will be available until March 17.

of the Grab Bag Samples as of March 4. SORRY! *

And, as a treat to those of you who follow, subscribe, or simply check out our blog regularly, we have a special deal just for you until Thursday, March 5. If you happen to buy any TWO eyeshadow brushes (from our Ingenue or Premium line) you get a free full sized (5 gm jar) of eyeshadow! You just need to write in the Notes section when you comment what eyecolor you want.

Now if you happen to get our 8-piece Ingenue set or our 4-piece Premium set, you will get four eyecolors or two eyecolors respectively! Also, we will count the Mascara Guard and Metal Eyelash comb in this too--any of the brushes and accessories made specifically for using with your eyes! If you are unsure, feel free to email us at to inquire.

Now in case we become Out of Stock of the eye brushes you want before March 5, we'll take your name down as a backorder, but you have to either have placed an order or notified us by March 5 to qualify, no exceptions please. So if get an order or hear from you March 6 that you wanted in on this deal, we won't be able to honor your request. Sorry! We just have to draw the line somewhere...

Since this is a "Blog Only" special, you MUST mention this in the Notes section when you checkout. You'll have to list your eyeshadow colors anyway so it will be kind of hard to forget! I won't be mentioning this at my online store so this is truly an exclusive sale! It is just my way of showing my appreciation to those of you who have been wonderful supporters of awG!